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Corporate Communications Resume Example


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									                                             Jesse Kendall
         123 Elm Street Miami, FL 33183 H: 305-555-5555 C: 305-444-4444 jkendall@notmail.com

Results-driven marketing professional with expertise in planning, execution, and analysis of social media and
marketing measurement programs. Ensure efficacy of multimillion dollar programs and projects that drive
profitability/growth and positively impact major organizations through development of comprehensive metrics and
analysis that identify emerging trends, key issues, and potential impacts of coverage. Notable success in developing
frameworks and coordinating programs to assess operational effectiveness and outclass the competition.
Collaborative approach focused on innovative media measurement techniques to ensure maximum program values.

                                              AREAS OF E XCELLENCE

•   Report Generation/Presentations          •   Strategic Planning      •   Web Site Development
•   PR/Social Media Measurement              •   Dashboard Creation      •   Qualitative/Quantitative Analysis
•   Marketing Operations Management          •   Project Management      •   Database Development/Administration

                                            P ROFESSIONAL E XPERTISE
ABC NETWORKS – 20xx to Present
Global Media Measurement and Operations Manager, Corporate Communications – 20xx to Present
Set the strategic direction of the global media measurement program and ensure all aspects of media efforts are
supported by the industry’s best-in-class solutions. Conduct broad analysis of articles and metric reports to
determine trends, identify issues, and ascertain potential impacts; generate and present measurement reports
essential to assessing operational effectiveness against competitors. Devise new media measurement techniques to
maximize program value to strategic outreach programs. Effectively oversee the organization’s global news release
approval and distribution process; streamline processes, edit releases, and coordinate distribution to ensure
alignment to corporate standards and disclosure requirements.
•    Conducted complex trend and opportunity analysis that played an instrumental role in developing improvements
     in tone for two key business publications. Led to generation of a 66% increase in MediaSignal in one of the top
     business targets and over 10 million in MediaSignal for three key executives in target publications.
•    Analyzed traffic to feature articles on ABC.com to identify which activities provided the greatest opportunity.
     Revised scheduling based on key recommendations and generated a 12% increase in traffic to feature articles.
•    Identified and launched Market360 measurement tool, which supported eight foreign languages and enabled
     tracking of thousands of traditional media, social media, and broadcast sources. Effectively tracked coverage for
     ABC and competitors across all business units and products. Rolled this tool out to over 100 PR primes globally.
•    Saved the organization $25,000 in contract negotiations. After a thorough review of the third-party providers of
     print content globally, conserved another $155,000 by extensively researching and identifying a provider offering
     outstanding pricing in comparison with competitors.
•    Spearheaded development and management of the corporate communications metrics dashboard, which was
     recognized as best-in-class by ABC’s Global Marketing Operations Council. Measured progress to ensure
     meeting rigorous goals/objectives of media relations programs. Led meetings to assess team’s progress and in
     development of action plans.
•    Developed a 360 degree data-driven process for strategic planning. Presented the plan and gained support from
     the VP’s cabinet.
•    Earned the ABC This Is the Way Award in Q4 2005 for exemplary leadership by example.
           Jesse Kendall, Page 2           H: 305-555-5555 C: 305-444-4444 jkendall@notmail.com

Web Marketing and Electronic Media Manager, Corporate Communications – 20xx to 20xx
Played an instrumental role in the overall transformation of the organization’s Web site and strategic refocus of
100+ product pages as liaison between marketing primes and the Web team. Managed the eRoom online
collaboration tool to support news release approvals, event tracking, employee communications, and journalist
interaction. Developed/maintained databases and online work areas that drove the most time-efficient collaboration
for communications primes globally. Trained media primes on innovative new changes and offered operational
coaching support. Maintained site and posted releases, case studies, feature articles, and media events.
•   Collaborated as part of an integral team of IS and marketing communications primes to plan, develop, and
    launch a new and improved ABC.com Web site. Realized a 20% increase in customer satisfaction from site
    visitors upon completion of the project. Met rigorous objectives in development and executed the project on
    time and under budget.
•   Developed the Telecom 2003 microsite/press site in collaboration with communications primes. Devised
    project objectives, plans, schedules, and technical logistics, and led team in production of pages, graphics, and
    virtual tour. Generated 8,000 page views by show end.
•   Drove a 74% increase in traffic to media and news pages and a 27% increase to the main Media Center page
    after designing and launching a revised media section on ABC.com. Provided comprehensive information,
    news, and critical communications to the media and industry analysts.
Sr. Operations Specialist, Corporate Communications – 20xx to 20xx
Oversaw all aspects of approval and distribution of news releases, ensuring alignment to news release guidelines
and legal disclosure requirements. Spearheaded logistics of major webcasts and media events, including
multibillion dollar acquisitions/divestures, earnings, and major product launches. Created metrics reports and
delivered presentations on key marketing initiatives. Developed and maintained content of internal Web site.
•   Reduced news release error rate to less than 1% and streamlined operations by developing and implementing
    online tools and resources. Automated the approval process and developed an integrated calendar; generated
    annual savings of $369,000 and reduced the number of resources needed to support the news release process.
•   Managed 26 online media events with more than 12,000 participants, which included press conferences
    announcing multibillion and multimillion dollar mergers.
•   Customized an online collaboration environment in support of over 300 marketing communications primes
    across the organization.
•   Earned the ABC Communicator of the Year Awards: Best Global Operations Prime and the Pride Award for
    outstanding performance in 20xx.

        XYZ COMMUNITY COLLEGE, Miami, FL General Business and Applied Graphics Technology

                                             TECHNICAL SKILLS
                   Microsoft: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access Market360 Adobe Photoshop
                               TeamSite SharePoint eRoom HTML Omniture

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