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									Sea Buckthorn – helps to Fight
  against Rosacea and Acne
           Sea buckthorn

Is a natural resource and comes from great
              Himalayan Regions
            Sea buckthorn

Has Numerous benefits with regards to HEALTH
           Sea buckthorn

Sea buckthorn has been designated as super
  Sea buckthorn – A Super Fruit

That helps Fight against Acne and Rosacea – A
     problem that needs Natural Defense.
Sea buckthorn – A Super Fruit

    100% Natural & Himalayan.
             Sea buckthorn

Rare Source of Omegas 3, 6, 7 & 9 together that
                too vegetarian.
       Sea buckthorn

Rich in Vitamins including A, C & E
        Sea buckthorn

Contains Flavonoids and Carotemoids.
          Sea buckthorn

Over 190 additional Bio-active Elements
 including Anti-oxidants, Beta-carotine,
    11Essential Oils, 18 Amino-Acids.
              Sea buckthorn
In a nutshell SBT is the dependable Fruit or
  Berry in many terms.
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