; Drift Buoy Component_ NORPAX Anomaly Dynamics Study
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Drift Buoy Component_ NORPAX Anomaly Dynamics Study


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Collection > NASA Author > Kirwan, A. D., Jr. NASA Center > NASA (non Center Specific) Publication Year > 1981-1990 > 1982 Subject > M-O > Meteorology And Climatology Availability Options > Online > PDF Item/Media Type > Technical Report

Previous Record | Next Record + Back to Results + Printer Friendly Drift buoy component, NORPAX anomaly dynamics study Kirwan, A. D., Jr. Drifting buoys were used to map large-scale circulation in the North Pacific Ocean for an anomaly dynamics study. Large-scale response of the general circulation of the North Pacific to autumn and winter storm activity was studied to predict the formation and evolution of largescale thermal anomalies. The temperature/time series for all the drifters showed the diurnal heating cycles as well as the long-term seasonal march from early summer through fall. Preliminary data showed wavelike features along with a number of eddy mesoscale structures. NASA (non Center Specific) Oct 1, 1982

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CASI View PDF File 19830006577 83N14848 NASA. Goddard Space Flight Center Nimbus 6 Random Access Meas. System Appl. Expt., p 42-44, Number of Pages = 3 A01 BAROCLINIC INSTABILITY; BUOYS; OCEAN CURRENTS; PACIFIC OCEAN; STORMS; TRACKING (POSITION); ANOMALIES; ATMOSPHERIC CIRCULATION; MAPPING; NIMBUS 6 SATELLITE; OCEANOGRAPHY; WIND (METEOROLOGY); In NASA. Goddard Space Flight Center Nimbus 6 Random Access Meas. System Appl. Expt. p 42-44 (SEE N83-14835 05-47) Unclassified; No Copyright; Unlimited; Publicly available; 2008-11-10 + Back to Top


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