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									☆ ☆ Personals

   I still habitually Hunzhe day, weekends and wages only know those days are more
happy days. Home this weekend, parents still give me money to meet the many
delicious, the same as in the past sent me to send me to school, they are very happy
happy. Dim feels that the actual I always feel this way: We have not changed the age.
My mother has been gradually accepted as long as you getting does not have to flow
in the secular mode of argument married, that she advised: "The so and so,
as Wu Yi, and do not have no get married? Who dares to despise her?" She
said: " Everyone has a different life, as long as you getting on, enjoying
life off my mind! "she would show her my" incorrigible
"has been abandoned, and gradually I do not have to face the reality of
marriage. Time equally across as smooth writing, even the traditional people have
given up, they accepted me to justify a "reason", it makes me
sad, in fact, I never felt she had lost the opportunity, but wait for the revival and proud
of it One day indeed already waited too long. I want to speed up the pace, not to waste
time, this is true.
Personals ★ ★: to rely on when tired / confused when the antidote / bodyguard
when they go out

LG looks like the future (for entertainment):

   In one's horoscope, Juno is the only way to see the other half look like.
Juno is the asteroid does exist, its location on Mars with the asteroid belt between
Jupiter, its size in the tens of millions of asteroids inside the fourth-largest, diameter
240 km long. Westerners call it juno. From a person's Juno, you can see
him and his understanding of how the other half, and he chose the other half of what
the conditions, as well as how her husband's helping my husband. Juno is
the female stars of God, a very strong influence on the girls, very strong on the men,
in addition to himself, you can also see the other half.
   Two dollars spent in Sina, calculate the future husband's appearance, or
at least makes sense:
   Dear vv: birth, heaven's Juno in Taurus a degree, fall on your plate the
first 7 star Palace (Marriage Palace) this phase, the impact of your marriage is as
   * You have a long with a good husband, good condition, temperament similar to
each other is a combination of Beauty, appearance looks a match.
   * Your husband's conditions require high they need to look pleasing to
the eye (the best long Shuai), had to ability, will make money, career prospects, life
protection. Of course, you are not bad on their own terms.
   * Compared to your mother on the enthusiasm, will greet people, your father looks
more decent, serious and not so easy to get the mother.
   * Your husband met with some twists and turns the process, the situation may be
outlined as follows:
   * Another boy was also in pursuit of you; or
   * Another girl was also liked him; or
   * Some people from obstructions, or someone must take into account the idea of
the early exchanges must be low-key points
      Regardless of the circumstances are, your husband fell in love with, go through
some ups and downs.
   * Your husband is with the emphasis on enjoyment of life, like to eat tasty people.
   * Your husband likes pretty girls, great importance on the appearance of a girl; ugly,
ugly girls, even if other conditions were any better, he not interested!
   * Your mother is a soft-hearted person, always told her to take that with a soft tone,
compared to that of the pass. She is a man who is, like look for a job to do, if tasks are
put to work. Your father dedication heavy, strong ambition, intent on engaging in
Chuming Tang for their cause.
   * When your parents then met with the relationship between proximity, possibly as
   ?* Each of the students, with school, colleagues, contacts with industry, with the
community, neighbors.
   ?* Participate in an activity to each other at the same time understanding.
   ?* Each other because of close acquaintances (friends, relatives) and knowledge
   * Your husband met with the processes that have this kind of
"proximity" relationship. You know the first day of each other
have a good impression, through the pursuit of each other, courting, and then fell in
   * In a relationship, you always take the leading position, you are more powerful.
Your emotions, temper, do not ignore the other side, you always get along; daily life
in many of the chores, the other party will respect what you mean, from your master.
   * You are a very select people on the boyfriend, in particular, is very concerned
about appearance. Your boyfriend must be handsome, to look good, no matter how
useless or other conditions!
   * In addition to long to be handsome, you ask for better temperament, not tantrums,
human kind, smiling, good popularity. In short, your idea of Prince Charming, is very
good external condition, can bring people out to show off.
External conditions are good for your husband, a woman brought up to Tai is a good
man edge. He is also quite hear the words of a woman, a girl who will be courteous.
   * Your husband, good condition, may be appearance, knowledge, may be family
background, economic capacity, you will not marry with a humble person.
   * Your husband gives the impression at first glance, is gentle, with courtly
   * Your husband some romantic habits, like music, wine, art paper side of things.
   * Your husband a little bit nice personality, good speaking habits a bit loose.

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