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									Yan wolf
Name: Yan An

English name: vinsion

Nickname: An An, An, Yan Xiao An, Yan wolf, wolf, young master ... ...

Birthday: February 8, 1987

Height: 178 cm

Weight: 60 kg

Blood type: O

Constellation: Aquarius

Motto: impossible is nothing

Hobbies: What all kind of hobby

Favorite Idol: even their own ~ hehe

Favorite music type: pop.hiphop.rock etc. like `nice to

Favorite Sports: Skate `(although not very slippery like)

Favorite color: Black

Most want to go: Vienna, Austria

Greatest wish: to do my own


Chifeng City, the first extraordinary cup of the best singer award Kara OK Contest

Central China Normal University, the first sounds of nature Cup first prize in
professional group Kara OK Contest

Wuhan City Campus Singer Competition runner-up sand Xuan

High state "I am a high color students" who collected Star
Competition ad before the top ten in central China

Xiangfan, China, the old mouth of the opening ceremony of the ninth Pear Festival
guest performer

Hubei Province, the first fan Festival guests

(Also has participated in various performances)
Growth process

Vocal music since childhood obsession for Yan security despite family opposition, to
pursue their own world, Yan An's parents are artistic personnel in the unit,
a child of Yan An, to show extraordinary intelligence and musical talent, Sandra , it
was already to sing several songs. Particularly strong from small imitation, imitation
Lausanne, Zhao Benshan vivid, often amused friends and relatives laugh. Especially
good at imitating cats, dogs and other small animal sounds, the age of five school
even put a puppy dog to scare. A meeting place for relatives and friends, small YAN
An often volunteered to give us will show, is a cute little guy. For the future of Yan An
road, but has a stubborn father Yan Army's "design."
Yan Army had grown up in Balinzuoqi a remote mountain village, was admitted by
their own institutions of higher learning working hard, Yan Army hopes that he can
feed their families took their knives in the future. He said the boy Yan An ingenuity,
both patience and love, they are more cautious, is a doctor of good ingredients and
children. And Yan An mothers are more easygoing, more supportive of his
son's choices, especially his son join the "My Hero"
competition up to today, when the mother is more firmly the conviction that
"the ideal of a child must be fully respected and supported," .
Yan An very little to take part in small classes, but learned the piano, the
"duties," move to the middle school by his father to
"waste" the. Yan An secretly like the guitar to the mother said,
gave her mother bought one.

An Shuxian, when the father is not at home, see Nicholas Tse Yan An song disc, play
the guitar singing the next song could get two days of potential. Later, I heard he was
in high school when organized bands, no wonder that after he entered the university
organized a "legitimate noise" and served as lead singer of the
band. Now, lyricist, composer, from the shells, since singing has become the Yan An
entirely familiar. High school participate in various singing competitions, was
interested in performing, applied for the Beijing Film Academy and received a
professional certificate.

After that performance was not his best strength, then came to Central China Normal
University Hankou Branch of the Music Department's knowledge,
systematic study, majoring in vocal music minor in dance. After the
teacher's vocal guidance campus participated in various singing
competitions and award-ranking, and served as the Chinese art of vocal music
teachers Campus Minister.

On one occasion, the parents at home, talking softly, his father said that the children
do not concentrate on their studies, bounce the thing that will get employment ah ye.
Did not expect this sentence to Yan An heard, and later, a mother in son's
diary to see such a case, "must be successful in their favorite literature and
art, to prove to people who do not believe me look." Entrance on the eve
of , Yan An want to test Beijing Film Academy, parents and consultation was
informed that every year tens of thousands of candidates nationwide taking only 30
people, imagine how intense the competition. Yan Jianjun with his wife, saying, Let
him try it, pass the test, also dead heart. Unexpectedly, Yan An overnight get back
Hunan University, Beijing Film Academy and two professional schools, admission
ticket, but for various reasons did not make the two post-graduate institution, but
admitted to the Central China Normal University's Department of Music
Main out to achieve, "to be a successful artist," the ideal solid

Yan An, or junior high school, when reading, once, to Keqi Ulan Buh Prairie Tourism
Commission, met his idol Yapeng, Yapeng is filming "Legend of the
Condor Heroes", Yan An devoting a series of setbacks last cable to Yapeng
of signature. The experience to Yan An exceedingly agitated and envy, back home, the
Yan An secretly designing his own signature, and constant practice, he said one day I
have to sign for others. This move certainly has been reprimanded by his father, the
mother or silently supporting her son. Yan An participate in the "My
Hero" Contest "Decimal 6" after a successful
promotion, a group of "fans" in several tiers to be signed around
the Yan Enzo, the mother standing heart really is sweeter than eating honey , after the
mother said with a laugh, my son was great, then the signature of training finally
come in handy today, friends.

Opportunities for patrons who are prepared, always, "Come on! My
Hero" for the Yan An display their talents to provide a platform for his
"dream artist," a high flying wings.

Yan An entering college, many talented people in music school as
"Students Art Troupe" vocal minister, and later participated in
the high state "I am a high-color students" who collected Star
Advertising Competition has made the top ten before the Central Division, Chifeng
City, the first "extraordinary cup "Kara OK Competition first
prize, the first Central China Normal University" Sounds Cup
"Kara OK Contest first prize professional groups, singers Wuhan sand
Xuan Campus Championship. The participating "Come on! My
Hero" the name game is secretly reported until the contest into the top 30
in Wuhan, only to the parents "report." Yan An is the
"Wuhan Morning News," recommended the player, in the
"decimal six" on the eve of the game, "Wuhan
Morning News" reporter Yan Ann's mother did contact the
phone interview, and repeatedly implied that the parents be able to refuel on site for
children cheer. Anshu Xian to Wuhan in the promise, the contest organization
departments of the secret to her carefully planned in order to match the site, Yan An a
surprise. In fact, in a few days before the game, Yan On a cold, of course, is the most
caring parents, and has repeatedly urged transfusion medicine, but still worried about,
not wait around to see the child once flew, care about, and also to the enjoy the
appreciation of a good son-site presence. April 25 morning, the mother and son on the
phone, the phone voice of a better son, parents worry a lot. 27, the mother had secretly
arrived in Wuhan, before the start of the race, An Shuxian also specially made a call to
his son, said his son in front of the television for the children cheered, and wished his
son luck. Anshu Xian went to flower shop to buy a big bouquet of flowers into the
scene, his mother from the steppes of Inner Mongolia was seated first row. Yan
Andehn Taiwan, and Anshu Xian blocked off the face with a flower basket for fear of
"Lou Xianer" When Yan safety to walk on stage to sing, the
host also followed to help block the move. Yan An over, and the first song, the host
said, "Yan An, you give us a surprise, I have to give you a surprise, guess
what?" Yan An guess the two have not guessed, when Mother holding
basket of flowers onto the stage, the Yan An really pleasantly surprised, suddenly
rushed to embrace her, tears involuntarily streaming down, and this is hard ass right
tenderness. Yan On the second concert the next song, the audience's
passion is more popular, warm. Yan An went backstage once again hugged her mother
cried, his mouth again and again repeated, "Mom, you're bad,
why lie to me Yeah ... ..." Mommy's coming, really bring good
luck to his son, Yan An Shunli into the "Six Strong."

"Six into five" game is in Shanghai, and her mother flew to
Shanghai with his son. Very hard training athletes every day, three meals a day is
lunch,     Anshu    Xian,      Wuhan      became    the    six   players    to    the
"mother" every day for the six children to buy fruit, drinks and
evening snacks meals. Many little girls are safe Yan's
"fans" made a special trip from Wuhan to Shanghai, Yan An oil
fly children, happens to live in the same hotel Anshu Xian, which makes An Shuxian
deeply moved, and requested the children eat several meals. Start of the race, and by
the media as "the power to sing will be" the Yan An, to an
explosive full, dynamic and strong, "Golden Flower" again to
conquer the scene and TV viewers, the direct promotion of "Six

With the Yan An in "My Hero" game step by step to succeed,
the father's attitude gradually changed to a 180-degree turn, the full support
of his son play. Yan An "Decimal Six," After the success of Yan
Jianjun send text messages to his son, said, "I was so excited, my
son's great ... ..." Yan Army said the children "Six
into five" game after the cut, stood on the stage crying , facing the scene of
the mother, said her mother, her son did not give you shame. I was suddenly in front
of the TV tears down, I knew that this sentence is not to his mother said, is to me.

In Yan An "Six into five" critical time SMS voting, Yan
An's grandfather, grandmother he would not send text messages, the two
anxious elderly people to peaceful Town Square and took out hundreds of dollars to
help send the pedestrian crossing demand SMS, so insiders are all touched by. Later,
the grandmother and grandmother were sent a yuan to support the Yan An, An
Shuxian to say, mind we receive, but can not let money ah. Yan Army in his home
village Sifang Cheng Taiwan Balinzuoqi indexes were calculated in a remote village
in the village, because the viewing of Shanghai Dragon TV, the villagers deliberately
bought a television signal receiver, whenever a game, the villagers voluntarily sitting
together watching TV, the whole village a few phone every few cast over 15 votes.

Yan Jian-jun, An Shuxian also became famous overnight because their son has a new
title, "My Hero's father," "My Hero of the
mother" in many occasions, when people know their status, they all have to
congratulate them, At this point, always full of pride wells up in their parents face.

Eight games into the six-nation suddenly turned into eight into seven, it is understood
that it is the result of "mutation" This situation is a good man
named several of their fuel from afar cheered the father and mother. Director Team
Leader, said: "In the original program schedule, the player's
family can only say a few words of the opportunity, but it may be too long and did not
see her own child, parents who refuse to pick up the microphone on down, and these
players actually are still big kids can not help feeling excited to see his family, the
past two to, programs of the time was accounted for much, but was interrupted and
very rude. Therefore, the provisions of the live time , the original 'the
ultimate showdown' has no chance to, we can not give players the
opportunity to display talent directly out, only to decide on pay for two players to be
determined and the Yan An simbo start the next game directly for FY confrontation.

Game from the Inner Mongolia steppe of "coyotes," Yan An
also has a moving story. Yan said her mother, Yan An early age like music, middle
school, when seeking his mother bought him the guitar, did not expect Yan father for
fear it would delay his son's studies, the guitar strings snapped them
altogether, and afraid of my father angry , Yan An only guitar on the students home
after school while secretly to bomb and then go home. Here, severe Yan father quietly
onto the stage, specially to buy their own electric guitar to give his son, expressing his
support. Yan An, said after the game, through his father's attitude changed
in the music, he thinks there is nothing in this world do not do.

Yan security forces with a small body into the oil well man named Big 8 in the
country. 6 5 games into the opening nationwide, Yan An to less than 1 million votes to
pay the difference between the loss of small dumplings simbo get "2007
Metersbonwe Come on! My Hero" the seventh country! And Yan An was a
2007 draft pick sound field one of the most touching voice!

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Yan An's

Official Release

July 23, 2007 Top 10 compilation album Good Man, 2007 "My Hero stand
up Ⅱ": from the song

April 28, 2008 debut EP album "security": security, time and
space of tears, accused of playing a pro-love

Unreleased track

Christmas Eve, pray to the sky, born again, bit by bit, love is hope

Good Men, as well as concert music game

Wuhan contest into the final 6 5: Golden Flower
Division Qualifying: tender (KIMI & Yan An), soybean (Wuhan Top 5)

Division vs. 8 in Shenyang, Wuhan into 4: Fearless, kiss, the first tear, end of the

Easter race 10 into 5: bragging, the Declaration (Qinyan Shi Dai & Yang
Tin & Yan An Shi Lei & Liang & Yan)

Battle Royale before the war: What is love rare

Battle Royale 19 into 10: from the song in the rain (Komatsu & Tan Xu
& Zhang Chao & Safety & Yi-Long Yan)

Elimination of 10 into 8: open up the prime time (pay simbo & Dian-Fei
& Zhang Chao & YAN An & Wang Rui), Rainbow (Rui
& Yan An)

Knockout 8 into 6: nothing, every day, so your mother twisted about (national
quarterfinals), forgotten time (national quarterfinals)

Knockout 6 into 5: I Do, Angle

My Hero Concert: HAPPY 2000 (Qiaoren Liang & Li Yi Feng &
Yan An), Eternal Summer

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