Xiao-wen is a big love

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					Xiao-wen is a big love
Xiao-wen is a big love

This afternoon, I read Lee Siu teachers Bowen - "The First Meeting of Dr.
Sun Aiwu." Dr. Sun Aiwu returned from the United States, the work did
not materialize, difficulties in life, Master Li news from the Internet that offered her a
helping hand, please meet in the office to help arrange rental, etc.. It reminds me of
something that happened this spring.
This spring, I have a blog in Web of Science issued a document called
(http://www.sciencenet.cn/m/user_content.aspx?id=231314), please help Qiang
woman named Dong Hongchun find a job She lost in the 5.12 earthquake beloved
husband and 9- year-old daughter. Her brother and her daughter are victims of the
earthquake. Her husband's sister and two brother also died, leaving a
generation of kids raised by her. Her husband, 86- year-old grandmother, 64-year-old
father and a serious intellectual disabilities also need to care for her older sister. She
had been hired, but still did not wait until banks start work on an earthquake, the
banks collapsed, and she did not work, no income. In order to take care of the family,
she needed a stable job.
Bowen issued shortly after, Li Xiaowen teacher once gave me a message and
promised to help him make his part of the Chengdu University of Electronic Science
and Technology of remote sensing research institutions He Binbin teachers and
contact me through the school personnel department at the Institute arranged a
secretarial job. This makes me and my friend Kelin (Bureau of Geological Survey of
Canada Pacific Research Fellow) are very grateful. Work very hard to find in the
current domestic situation, Li passion to help the teacher to the earthquake victims of
a stranger, shows that he is a great love of the scientists, have compassion on the weak
community of scholars.
Later, Miss Dong is inseparable from the Beichuan County, she was to take care of
people in the North River. Finally, Ms is reflected to the State Seismological Bureau
and there, they asked the provincial seismological bureau will arrange to do the
earthquake in Beichuan County, to work, things get a more satisfactory solution to
this. Wang Kelin and I are pleased. Xiaodong not to go to work despite UESTC, we
are very grateful to Xiao-wen teacher.
This summer, I met Lee in Beijing, the teacher and his wife, also had a cup of white
wine. He arranged for me to Sichuan after the visit to the University of Electronic
Science and Technology and an academic report. Geological investigation in the
Longmen Shan, I unfortunately have been hospitalized, University of Electronic
Science and Technology of remote sensing research institutions also send two
graduate students to the hospital to visit, they sent a basket of flowers for the disease,
I added lot of joy.
Main Building, Chengdu University of Electronic Science and Technology

Miss Dong and her daughter (according to early May 2008), little girls were killed in
the earthquake, like a flower of life gone.
Last year, after the earthquake, Ms Ho Leung Ho Lee to their prize money donated 1
million hit, but also from inside their own homes out of 200,000 savings. In a few
years ago, he donated all his Cheung Kong Scholar Achievement Award of the prize.
(See Miao Yuan Hua, http://www.sciencenet.cn/m/user_content.aspx?id=272311)