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Vision: To be a leading figure in the pharmaceutical

“Winning our partner’s confidence by professional
  work and commitment to quality”
   – Maximize shareholder’s return on investment
   – Vast integrated distribution network of pharmaceutical
   – Obtain and retain ultimate customer loyalty

Values: fast:/ fa:st / a. firm, fixed, firmly attached

Motto: “Winning Your Confidence”

   Commitment to service excellence
   Customer Care
   Quality culture
   Integrity and honesty
   Determination
   Team Work
   Investment in human capital

It is dedicated to providing our partners both present and potential
with the best business relationship.

A healthy working relationship stems from mutual trust, work ethics
and commitment to quality service.

Our core values are based on respect for people, integrity and
customer care.

At Fast International we believe our most valuable asset is our
human capital.

By implementing our Continuous Training Program (CTP) we
consider ourselves pioneers in increasing and maintaining our
employee’s skills and knowledge by conducting regular training
sessions and workshops.

 Fast International was established in early 1982 in Port
  Sudan to work in the field of shipping, transport, custom
  clearance and to follow up the activities of international
  insurance companies working in Port Sudan such as Lloyd’s

 In 1991 It became as a branch of the National Inspection and
  Survey Office

 Then it moved to Khartoum, the capital, in the same year to
  start new activities in the capital, this expanded mainly due to
  Fast International’s longstanding relationship with non-
  government organizations (NGO’s) and other agencies

Dr. Tarig Mohy Aldin: Chairman
Captain Yassir Mohy Aldin: Vice Chairman
Dr. Osama Mohy Aldin: Members
Dr. Shihab Mohy Aldin : Members
Mr. Ammar Mohy Aldin : Members

1.   Pharmaceutical Division.
2.   Transport and Clearance.
3.   Agricultural Division.
4.   Medical Equipment Division.

Our major field of business is undoubtedly the import of
It was established in 1993 under the management of
Dr. Tarig Mohy Aldin, Chairman of the Board and
General Manager.
The Fast International board of directors allocated a
separate budget for this project amounting to the sum of
USD 700,000.

Today the Pharmaceutical Division has a budget of
approximately USD 7 million.
Initially, It commenced with the distribution of drugs
produced by Hikma Pharmaceuticals of Jordan and
disposable syringes from the Medical Jordanian
Corporation (MJC).
At present Fast International is the agent of the following
pharmaceutical companies:

Hikma - Jordan                        October Pharma – Egypt
Polichemi – Spain                     Micro Lab-India

Alcon Cusi – Switzerland              Rotex Medica-Germany
Biomet Merck-Germany                  MedoChemie-Cyprus
Liptis USA
                                      Beiersdorf (Nivea)- Germany
OM Pharma – Switzerland
SAJA – Saudia Arabia                  Ioltech-France
Novartis Egypt                        MANX- UK
(healthcar)SAE                        Shreya Life Sciences – India
                                      Pharmasol Limited - UK
 In 2008 alone, Fast International imported 7% of
  pharmaceuticals expended by the private sector ,
  During 2008 our imports exceed sum of

 It was the only private company to implement
  distribution channels in remote areas by outstation
  offices serve.

 Branch offices in:
   –    Red Sea State                (Port Sudan)
   –    Al Jazera State              (Medani)
   –    Kasala State                 (Kassala)
   –    Shamal Kordofan State        (State(El-Obeid)
       to facilitate payment and delivery.
   – Soon will be established a branch office in the southern
     city of Juba, the largest in the south.
 In 1994 Fast International transported approximately 50%
  of relief items for NGO’s like
   – UNICEF,
   – Sudanese Red Crescent and the Adventist Development
   – and Relief Agency (ADRA).

 As a result Fast International has acquired a reputation as
  a company with firm relations among transport companies.

 Established in 1994.

 It deals with the provision of different agricultural needs
  ranging from seeds to fertilizers and pesticides.

 These items are imported from Jordan to cater for the
  local market

 This division participates in all tenders supplying pioneer
  agricultural schemes in the Sudan.

 Most recently Fast International acquired spraying
  aircraft as part of expansion in the agricultural domain.
 Fast International is dedicated to providing the medical
  community and patients alike with the latest technology
  and highest quality medical devices.
 Prime Corp has been one of Fast International's oldest
 Prime Corporation is a leading company specializing in
  access rehabilitation, medical and personal care products.
Fast is the sole agent of:
   – Ioltech (France) which specializes in ophthalmologic surgical
     equipment and machines.
   – Biomet-Merck (Germany) which is a giant in the field of
   – DemeTech (U.S.A ) surgical suture.

  The Medical Equipment Division falls under the umbrella of
  El Massa Company for medical services, which is a sister
  company (affiliate) wholly owned by Fast International.

Fast International deals with and has
 current accounts (Local and Foreign) with
 the following banks:
  – Saudi Sudanese Bank (Center Station
  – Elneilen Bank (Main Branch).
  – Egypt Sudanese Bank.

 In addition to that Fast International is
 shareholder in the Saudi Sudanese Bank.

 Fast International streamlines
  pharmaceutical distribution for fast reliable
  service throughout Sudan.

 Our imports during 2008 amounted to USD
  12.4 million

 Our sales on 31 July 2009 is USD 8 million

Broad– Based Service and Supply, Now Fast
  International’s name is associated with a
  reputation for unmatched services.

Towards our goal, we have installed a modern
  computer system throughout giving our
  clients two distinct advantages:
  1. Ordering, invoicing and dispatch are quick and
  2. Most importantly computerized warehousing
     assures that the products move efficiently
     through the pipeline for longest shelf-life and
     product efficiency.

 Our main warehouse is specially designed to withstand
  the rigors of the Sudanese climate to guarantee products

 Customized air conditioners maintain temperatures from
  15º – 25º degrees Centigrade.

 In addition to a cold room for products that need

 Our new warehouse has a current capacity of 1000sqm,
  designed to meet the updated International Storage
  Standard and we will move during September 2009

Hikma                52
Alcon       (Fast)    3
Medochemie (Fast)     5
Micro Labs. (Fast)   10
Liptis               11
October Pharma        1
Om Pharma             1
Total                83
Khartoum                         9
Medani                           2
Gadarif – Halfa - Kasala         1
Portsudan                        1
Atbara – Shendi - Dongola        1
Total                           14
Kosti            (Sub Agent)
Rabak             (Sub Agent)
Elobied           (Sub Agent)
Nyala & Alfashir (Sub Agent)
Employees:                       26
Total No. of Employees          123
No. of Pharmacies             4700
No. of Pharmacists            2150
No. of Doctors                7500
No. of Dentists               1900
No. of Private clinics        3000
No. of Public hospitals        70
No. of Private hospitals       35
No. of Local pharmaceutical    22
No. of Medical colleges        7
No. of Pharmacy colleges       6
No. of Dental colleges         6     20
 From 1997 to date, Sudan has been implementing IMF
  macroeconomic reforms.

 In 1999, Sudan began exporting crude oil and in the
  last quarter of 1999 recorded its first trade surplus,
  which, along with monetary policy, has stabilized the
  exchange rate.

 Increased oil production, revived light industry, and
  expanded export processing zones helped sustain GDP

 Agriculture production remains Sudan's most important
  sector, employing 80% of the work force and
  contributing 39% of GDP.
Oil - Production:
      500,000 bbl/day approx

Imports - Commodities:
   foodstuffs, manufactured goods, refinery and
  transport equipment, medicines and chemicals,
  textiles, wheat.
   Oil, cotton ginning, textiles, cement, edible oils,
  sugar, soap distilling, shoes, petroleum refining,
  pharmaceuticals, armaments, automobile/light
  truck assembly.
26 states (wilayat, singular –
wilayah); A'ali an Nil, Al Bahr al
Ahmar, Al Buhayrat, Al Jazirah, Al
Khartum, Al Qadarif, Al Wahdah,
An Nil al Abyad, An Nil al Azraq,
Ash Shamaliyah, Bahr al Jabal,
Gharb al Istiwa'iyah, Gharb Bahr al
Ghazal, Gharb Darfur, Gharb
Kurdufan, Janub Darfur, Janub
Kurdufan, Junqali, Kassala, Nahr
an Nil, Shamal Bahr al Ghazal,
Shamal Darfur, Shamal Kurdufan,
Sharq al Istiwa'iyah, Sinnar, Warab

The Sudanese pharmaceutical market is rapidly becoming
  a very important market due to the following facts:

 Sudan is The Largest country in Africa and in The Arab
  World as well. (1 million square mile)
 Regarding population it is second to Egypt in the Arab world
  and fifth in Africa 40,218,456 (July 2008 est.)
 Nine countries surround it, Sudan is the main door to other
  African countries.
 Basically Sudan is an agriculture oriented economy.
 In addition small reserves of iron ore, copper, chromium
  ore, zinc, tungsten, mica, silver, gold, hydropower, live
  stock, mining and more recently petroleum.

 Petroleum exports started to reflect positively in the improvement
  of basic services including health.

 The Pharmaceutical market amounted to USD 220 million.

 About 70 % of the country’s drug consumption is met through
  imports that range between USD 160-170 million.

 20 % Of which is imported by the Sudanese Medical Supplies
  Corporation (SMSC), a government agency under the Ministry of
  Health using different procurement methods, of which the tender
  system is the main. SMSC imports are annually equivalent to USD
  35 million.

 The remaining 80% is imported by the private sector, which
  amounts to USD 120-130 $ million per annum.

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 IT reports are different inquires in sales,
  customers, outstanding, stock … etc.
 Kindly fin examples on our website located

   Bank charges            %2.5
   Customs                 %15
   Clearance               %1.2
   Distributor Allowance   %15
   Retailer Margin         %20

 Total                     %53.7

•Dedicated to Medical and Pharmaceutical
business upgrade
•Strong & wide Public Relations
•Well trained staff (CTP)
•Excellent Financial & Technical capabilities
• Strong IT Department
•Optimum area coverage
•Optimum delivery system – 24hrs in Khartoum and 72hrs for
•Sale and Marketing coordination
•Stock availability all through the year
•Standard storage in our warehouse & dispatching room
1- Strong & Wide Public Relations
2- Well trained staff (CTP)
3- Excellent Financial and Technical capabilities.
4- IT Department.
5- Optimum area coverage through Resident sales and
   Medical Reps.
6- Optimum delivery system 24 hours in Khartoum
   area. Maximum 72 hours for remote in addition
   Domestic DHL delivery.
7- Sale and Marketing coordination in planning and
   case studies.

8- Keeping stock availability all over the year
  to avoid any stock rupture.

9- Standard storage in our warehouse and
  dispatching room.

Thank you….