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Wishing _2_


									Wishing (2)
Back to the topic, return to the topic.
Although previously knew very pampered Atobe, voluptuous, young master habits.
Tezuka in advance to do a certain amount of mental construction. But really when
they share a room, almost day and night relative when Tezuka is clear that the great
differences between them.
For example, law schools and business schools are part of the basic course is the same.
Tezuka inherited the fine style of high school, all graduates to attend every class.
Every morning when he washed out when properly prepared, often helpless Piexiang
quarters of another corner - the Ministry of beds in a trace. Where Atobe often still
sleeping, the closed eyes and stretch of sleep Yan, quiet tears mole and slightly open
lips, did not want to fight signs of whether the class together.
10 morning's class, there are eight tracks are all done get up to.
Until the time after ten, or even the afternoon, the Department will track late,
depending on the mood.
And Tezuka know that his roommate is very shallow sleep. Just stay in the dormitory
of the first few days, as long as Tezuka get up, you will find traces Department also
opened his eyes. But then Atobe's eyes usually do not focus, hazy
psychedelic and soon the owner will bring their eyes shut, turn a body to continue to
So, later, will be considerate of Tezuka up softly, all things gently, like a ghost
wandering in the morning, skill almost equal to Atobe family servant.
Even if Atobe such unsatisfactory attendance, but he still maintained a good
performance, quizzes also did not miss one. This is thanks to Tezuka.
As we all know Tezuka is a rare and reliable partner, he can selflessly to detailed
notes and to lend him all the PPT with the teaching assignments to convey to him that
this lesson will be in Classroom Test inform him when the first time. Even in the
individual time trace of the Department do not want to come test, so long as Atobe
Ruanmoyingpao say a good word, serious Tezuka also reluctant to help him write an
answer to the name of the Department of the Ministry on the track it in..
Who says ice unreasonable, Atobe felt it was hard not to eat soft food tip, as long as
he Kenlough next face to seek Tezuka, there would not hit a snag. Although Tezuka
Atobe always say not enough fun, but learning, Atobe Tezuka really picked that have
a baby.
Another example, while at night, Tezuka 11 o'clock will go to bed on time.
Atobe sleep very irregular, and sometimes slept until 20:00 the next day from dawn;
sometimes it came time to get up the next day, when Tezuka, Atobe found him last
night before going to sleep or look as if the night did not sleep a wink.
Fortunately, conservation is a very good track department, as long as Tezuka asleep
also automatically track the specter of the Department of State: bedside lighting can
not be opened without opening the computer screen's brightness is also
transferred to the most dark, and even the keyboard is try not to, so as not to disturb
Thus, although the two vastly different living habits, but mutual understanding, they
do live in peace.
Another example, Tezuka like tea, like coffee Atobe, especially Italian coffee, in
theory, to trace the Department has always been hand clothes, food to mouth, ready to
drink coffee should. But the track is clearly versed in the Ministry to produce their
own variety of coffee.
He enjoyed the smoked tally of coffee beans grinding into powder, into the water,
slowly stirring a cup of freshly brewed strong mellow brown liquid. All of a sudden,
the whole room will be filled with the aroma of coffee.
Accompanied by a white cup and saucer and silver spoon, through the mixing of
steam delicate, slowly stirring coffee, cup of liquid will not stop the mo vement and
rotation with the spoon.
Drinking coffee, he may take on a favorite book, busy reading a few pages, quite
If Tezuka is also the quarters, then Atobe Tezuka will also produce a glass. Different
from their own drinking black coffee, the Department will be to trace the black-brown
liquid poured inside a small cup milk, plus one of the small tube Baisha Tang, the cup
will have a rich color, creamy white, weak tea, cocoa color. Like this
summer's rain, was full of secret organizations in the air, you want to
immerse all the general, Brown sneaked into the bottomless black, brown has become
the people said, look for "bottomless pit", has become one tea
muddy left. Sip to the large family, Mozi decreasing, as the aircraft across the blue sky,
by the narrow width of the road, and as a watershed in Yuanyang hotpot. To drank the
end, the bottom of the cup half foam is also printed on the teeth, where historic sites
remain there as there had been verified aromatic flavor.
Beginning is not very used to, but later, Tezuka also gradually accepted this bitter
Suppose, for example, clothing. Tezuka has been very focused since that instrument,
and daily meticulous Tiqu beard, put on clean clothes. Tezuka makes his unique cool
temperament, even ordinary white shirt to wear on him, but also brutally to people
think he is so extraordinary refined, just like riding a lotus from the ancient gods
clothing Que dancing, sacred and inviolable.
Compared with Tezuka's Kiyotoshi, trace a number of Department of the
bells and whistles. Such as the Department of the closet track the number of
jaw-dropping luxury, a mostly Gucci, Dior Homme, and Amani. Gucci and Amani
always makes Atobe free and noble, classic yet still sexy.
But the most eye inhalation is Dior Homme, it has a hint of darkness belongs only to
the charm, romantic pale, slender elegance, not to say strange words noble. And trace
the Department of handsome face and slender body complement each other,
particularly noticeable.
Atobe had his proud capital, but he will use this capital to maximize the advantages of
high-profile gorgeous.
Suppose, for example, eating problems. Tezuka is very strange,'ve never
seen the track in the school cafeteria to the Department of trace, guess young master is
not used to food from civilians. But the servants saw him home to his meal over, he
has not called off take-away things that did not nutrition, but have not seen signs that
the Department of the University of Waterloo in those days, boys quarters unusual
So, does he have where to eat?
Finally one day, by chance, Tezuka revealed the mystery.
Day, Tezuka is the street looking for part-time work. See an alley not far from the
school, there is one called "Rainbow" French restaurant.
Scattered in front of plane trees sway gently in the breeze. The courtyard outside the
shop, strip wood floor, 3322 side by side white carved Liang Yi, a few feet round
table established engraving in the center, in the days of fine days the sun is excellent,
but the open ground.
I do not know what's driven, Tezuka opened the heavy wooden door and
went inside.
Continuation of the shop inside and outside the Mediterranean style, white with a light
blue fabric sofa cushions, close to the entrance where guests are not many. Orange
lights illuminate the side corner of the bar, only the bartender at the polished glass.
More from the store place inside the piano beautifully floated, as if
Chopin's "Serenade", Wanzhuan melodious, such as
dumping of such complaints.
Looking back on that graceful Pieces, Tezuka deeper into the store. After an archway,
before the project will become clear, the original there is also a hall, dozens of tables
and chairs around a white grand piano, a white man back to his playing, iambic
rhythm, such as spring means from his general under emission.
Sitting in the seats around a lot of guests, no one talking, just listening in quiet, as if
those who are immersed in the beautiful sound of the piano playing, the girls who is
already intoxicated.
Background to the familiar purple and gray hair, let Tezuka Heart surprised, can not
help but walked a few steps, players that perfect shot from the side lines and bright it
came into my eyes tear mole.
Atobe, unexpected encounters outside.
Atobe the stage eyes closed, a narcissistic enjoyment of expression, distribution of the
bright light, it is difficult to ignore.
Tezuka in the audience looked at him intoxicated face, nimble fingers, do not feel too
silly a.
"How Tezuka, basking in the beauty of this technology under Grandpa
now?" Until the song finished, applause rang around and some girls
screaming, Atobe found next to Tezuka. Tezuka also collect myself.
Oh, a long absence, signs of words.
"Atobe, what are you?" Tezuka some do not understand the
immediate situation. Why does not need to worry the young master got to play the
piano for the guests of the situation.
As if to understand each other's doubts, Atobe explained: "ah
Well, come here to eat, interest actions, woven on Dan Yiqu. To say the boss is very
nice here," spoke another look around the next four weeks, followed by
Road: "There are a lot of admirers, and occasionally being issued under the
Black. Tezuka to think of it just to those obsessed girls, Atobe really enjoyed just
being bathed in the eyes of love.
Tezuka also looked at the next four weeks, said: "usually you have to eat
"Yes ah, taste and the environment fairly satisfactory. Daoshi you come
"Looking for a part-time, came in to see if there is no need."
"Hard to say. This is where Uncle VIP, familiar with the boss, to help
introduce you free."
"... ... Thank you."
Thus, a coincidence, Tezuka became the Department of this track frequented by
Western shop part-time waiter.
Needless to say, from Western store sales soar to unprecedented heights, the French
owner of a pleasant surprise and replied, and sent for a burn incense and worship of
Guan Gong. Does not take into account cultural differences, he may be available for a
Jesus Christ ... ...

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