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This time the eyes You Teng, can not be read after work, and to sum up just entering
society, trivia now!
Have the entire 30 days to go to work today, and in this month I did not learn much
useful things, but let me know the capacity of interaction with others is more
important than professional skills.
Harvest: Do not care about too many things. Anything your heart to know on the line.
Can not make friends, but you can not offend too many people to be offended if I do
go to offend the little people like it!
Event 1. The second week of a 26 F morning I crawl to work, out of breath on the
stairs met the exit of the company just one man and two women walked down the
elevator, I was tired and would only glance at the rest turned around, then heard the
man say "what XX attitude, but also new it!" Later I learned
that they three are the only company over a million wage and salary. My fault, see my
colleagues should pay tribute to smile, though they did not any of that!
Event 2. I go late when on duty, a director of both the staff and sat laughing, I took the
mop go mop the floor, they have stood up to open, only 1 in that incident and another
man named not the name of the girl is still sitting there, legs tilted. I mop the floor
when she kicked pants back, I turned to look at her she still indifferent to repair the
hand nails, I picked up her mop spared to work ...... I heard she complained that
"affect my repair nail. " Every time I would be on duty after 20
minutes in advance to!
Event 3. The deleted word, not a small bit to offend people, but to help someone who
I should not have to help new people than I am! Chief-level struggle, accidentally
enter the volume..
Event 4. Competent privately told me that many people keep up the exchange,
especially one that a few more good. Only because I gave him the skills transfer of
Zhu Xian, so that he is more powerful killing some say he pleased, and staff from the
information given to me I picked up three in the QQ, a three than the one there I
reported two days later reception, she really could be like my friend, the kind of
character! I went home after the verification of information in Canada and lost his
name, one who refused a direct then that, I think of the morning when it is sharing
that money is very easy to earn if they have any difficulties and problems that can find
me I like AC ... two who I did not write the name, is found the next day refused to
open the computer information. Front that I report the name, how to say is also a new
people than I am now! Regrettably no news now .... Oh! I stayed for three weeks, and
do not have to offend them. Human Buzhi Yu cold so! Having said that, I is an
ordinary man only.
Event 5. Yesterday noon meal money, and the afternoon to see or customers, since
nearly passed on the walk! Not wanted that guy in such circumstances, on finished car
to take me to dinner with his girlfriend insisted, I have no money sorry for the rejected,
with only a bottle of water on the left he sent, and also refused to send! Then silly,
carries five cents, I started to go in the direction where I live ..... come to the Yellow
River Road, and stopped when the rest, though not tired, but wear leather shoes, feet
hurt, but this place also broke up the place and regular, he fill up here, get off our
streets for a while, and finally broke up stood the crossroads. Can not help but recall
the past filled with emotion, perhaps he is the only one I do not break off diplomatic
relations friends! But this life may never see the. 'm Standing here looking
up at the night sky dark without the slightest light, remember I'm here three
years ago lost a brother in distress, cranky feel tired after I went back well on its way
accommodation, definitely not more than ten steps, I saw front man came face, I
suddenly stared, looked at her face for a twist to the left for a twist to the right to
avoid the wind walked, then leaving for packages solitary figure with the wind and
line reminds me of Dan Zhixuan one gave me a full-blooded full of sadness and
disappointment words ..... when I stood daze at the time found that she had passed me,
just running god I do not know that she had not seen me, I turned around ready to
borrow some money she stopped a taxi back to what they thought in terms of QQ, so
he hesitated to follow her on a street, and finally turned to my home of Road ..... I
went back after the peer has been asked why he did not understand how I suddenly
care about other people. Now people do not want to be lazy, and still use my usual
practice, decided to ignore her on the line, direct disregard forget!
Event 6. Noon dinner companions want to walk the stairs to waiting for the elevator, I
found all the time into a human and two administrative department, and I do not want
to enter at the door body sideways to the inside. The result was the next layer under
the door before I Duzhuo down, people are still in some people rushing to go first, and
I quickly go up, but the elevator overload, normally if I am certainly not rushing to
replace the largest number of Man his smile went over the stairs, but do not want in a
performance in front of the "weak" on rushing up, and also
robbed in front of me on the person made a gesture, please: "Brother, go
now! "That guy is his dissatisfaction asked why I bother to turn around his
hands who ignores the pocket, would have been very good at do not like unreasonable
with someone! But when the elevator drops overload alarm has been broken when I
knew it all the next blame me, this is also not afraid of bad when I do not want people
in the face of a cowardly and change their practices, but now that person no less than I
do not explain how I deal with, I next? Noisy? My face began to cool down,
miscalculated! At this time companion said we were one level up, and that man is not
reluctant any longer. After the complaint was closed, I heard the front desk girl said
the man's weight is not down! I am embarrassed and feel like face was red,
also decided last night, just like her as a direct ignored! Maybe she just casually
remark character Shiran, but helped me anyway. I want to sit at the past, thanking her
and ask if it did not see the news last night is not see me. Forget it, I remember in the
heart on the line, do not care about other people's ideas, and since I have
difficulty trying to help it wants. Depressed, but also beside the point, some people
you see the sad! Write so much, not willing to delete .... lesson: Do not take your own
weaknesses and fight against other people, people who do not like to see as bypass or
stay away from! Elevator and a person in charge I never expect them to help me, if I
run into trouble as they will turn a blind eye! Yes, I think of it, ha ha, I know how I
offended her. Once in the elevator of my work, I did not hear the sound turned heels
until the person appears in the line of sight just looked at is the front that in the
garbage, when she came back and smile at me, I will take my That standard woodenly
at her smiling face, she has walked over twisted head still laugh, I did not care, but
what surprised her smile can laugh for so long, and how not inverted refuse to go near
the stairs but the first run to the second. Now that I think she is in the greeting. The
result is the same as against wood giggle. And she then took the package back quickly
out of the elevator, and that by 26 times I did not respond to repeated claims that he
was smart umbrella .... I always thought she was talking to himself! Really depressed,
and actually I left out the first enemies of the people. She called me the next day after
work I would have finished her trash on the bathroom door into the wash on the mop,
wash and found missing, I asked a few people said after the director of
"lost?" I said, "like!" So to sweep the
week! At noon the third day of dancing, she stood on the position I stood in front of
me to go, and I said do not go, she said, I said do not go, you go! Finally, she said,
pointing you in the past! I'll just twist my face to the window, she stared at
the old ...... I watched over them depressed, and had she not herself is not lazy do not
want to trash no. . But my attitude did not make her feel self-esteem! Well, that dance
through back I also asked the Department of older employees who are not executive
marketing department than a large one in charge of pressing director, the only staff
also so love ordering people, the Ministry of the brain than we residues 90 After also
annoying, but that after 90 I cried for a return air, ha ha, now will not reply to my
question. Plus her friends and found that day was, "not to tolerate as you
no sense of shame my capital!" Before is not because the individuals
affected his mood, like mad ... I do not feel I would say it! Too sensitive is not a good
thing ah! Oh, and gave written beside the point, so be it.
It seems a diary or good enough to allow reflection, the reason I did not fit into this
environment, there is no sense of responsibility can not relax because I hate the
people inside and enemies, and I had too much to these people! I have decided to
leave, and then to the new environment must bite the bullet to treat heart! Han Xin
was able to kneel climb someone else's crotch will have the opportunity to
millions of soldiers, I said can only retreat into, Fan Zeng Rage Xiang Yu impulsive,
cruel Xiang good kill though victorious, but in other ways as simple children, it also
decided he would become King and not the emperor. Although such a loser for him
Sima Qian wrote a column in the Emperor of the century. But I do not like, I set that
results from never thought about leaving a, I just want to do I want to do.
Availability of the re-learn two songs, singing and then someday it will not pull out
too face the unknown people who have to offend a little. Remember when he first
went to Kaifeng, the students pull me to sing, they play, I sit in the corner drinking a
bottle of the drink bottle then, the final table full of bottles, but I lay there asleep ... ..
think of high school, go out to play during the day and night I lay sleeping Xingjia
three of them crowded Zhang Queen's, mind, and Tao Wang of Zhengzhou
cooking during the holidays to eat white noodles the day, the grass in the stadium
overnight to guard the curtain-Xun Li Stealing down .... ha ha I covered, of my friends
ah, why do you so do not blame me one by one to give you!

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