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					Why do people like to go to Hong Kong, the Mainland insurance (transfer)
   With the increase of the free exercise of the city, more and more mainland residents
to Hong Kong to buy foreign security. According to the Hong Kong SAR Government
website of the Department of Insurance data released in the first three quarters of
2006, the Mainland visitors in Hong Kong, purchasers Xin insurance premiums
totaling 2.175 billion Hong Kong dollars, Zhan this period Gerenyewu new office
premiums (38.265 billion Hong Kong dollars) 5.7%. , And this proportion is steadily

Why the Mainland to Hong Kong residents eager to buy insurance?
Industry analysis, mainland residents to Hong Kong to buy insurance, mainly about
our stable rate of return the insurance company and perfect laws and regulations.
Meanwhile, the Hong Kong insurance and more insurance companies, service is
relatively good, this is Hong Kong, the Mainland insurance companies because
consumer choice.
The advantages of buying insurance in Hong Kong

Truly customer first
Hong Kong's insurance industry has a relatively long history, it is the
world's most open insurance market, its high efficiency, high transparency
and strict financial supervision system in the world renowned. Because insurance is
basically a long-term plan, at least 10 years, 20 years or for life. Throughout the
period of insurance contracts, the customer is always at a disadvantage, but the
insurance company is strong. The reason is that in theory, the insurance company in
the insurance contract, at any time have reason to refuse to customer claims. Hong
Kong policy terms of "non-controversy" clause, expressly
require insurance companies can not refuse more than two years of the life insurance
claims, thereby constraining the power of insurance companies, to maximize
protection of the interests of customers.

Low rates and high security
Buy additional life insurance in Hong Kong a major disease risk, rate and sometimes
just the Mainland 1 / 2 to 1 / 3, and some of Hong Kong life insurance Most insurance
companies offer savings of 10% to 20% (simple interest) rate of return, an additional
year Cash dividends or fund balances, dividend 0% ~ 30%, according to company
conditions. But the mainland's life is scheduled to set interest rate of 2.5%,
a domestic insurance subsidiaries of insurance agents in Guangzhou told the author:
"In return, our products can not compete with the foreign policy of our
highest expected rate of return 3% 5%, while overseas insurance are more than 10%,
even up to 20%. and in claims of mainland companies are not optimistic, for example
that the SARS period in 2001, domestic insurance companies to the sick person Odds
less than 50% management, and management of foreign insurance companies are
100% odds that this comparison clearly prevents potential customers to buy the
insurance. "

"Non-controversy" clause
As     for    protection,     the    Hong     Kong     insurance    policy     has  a
"non-controversy" provision that insurance companies can not
be any reason, declared effective by more than two years of the life insurance policy
"void." In short, the insurance company to the insured
concealed, omitted, falsely accused of other reasons to defend a two-year period,
more than two years, the insurance company may not invoke the non-payment of
compensation. Mr. Wang signed the policy in the following example, two years,
suddenly found themselves with a disease of the insured passed away, his family
wants to apply for claims, if in the Mainland insurance company is possible to
"hide the disease status of the insured at that time" rejected
claims, but in Hong Kong, once after a two-year contestability period,
"non-controversial clauses" can be dismissed the insurance
companies are such grounds, thereby protecting the interests of policyholders.
Buy foreign insurance claims hard to do
The reason why many foreign insurance, there are some concerns, mainly on account
of claims issues. After all, there is space between the mainland from Hong Kong on
par with those in the Mainland insurance claims so convenient. And Hong Kong, the
Mainland insurance companies to recognize the medical records is a problem. Such
worries are understandable.

Hong Kong's insurance company to adopt the "strict
underwriting, broad claims of" business philosophy, so claims the work
becomes simple, and has a high success rate of claims. Hong Kong's
insurance company on claims of paramount importance, because the claim to work
directly influences the company's image and reputation, and customer
confidence in the company.

To this end, an insurance company employee who told the author, due to the Mainland
insurance industry on the health care system is not completely at ease, so the Hong
Kong insurance industry is not the medical records of all hospitals on the mainland
have admitted that she cited to the author of several in Guangzhou doctor designated
hospitals, such as the Guangdong Provincial People's Hospital, Guangdong
Provincial Hospital, Nanfang Hospital, First Affiliated, the second hospital. All these
hospitals are the top three hospitals, both the level or distribution of the medical, the
doctor can solve the problem of Guangzhou residents.

According to the staff briefing, if the insured person is sick, can he give a call for
insurance intermediaries, or directly to the company's customer service call
center, and give your policy number on the line. To discharge, with subsequent
medical records, invoices, discharge summaries, claims one (above four needs the
original), and the laboratory (can photocopy), etc., to the insurance company, the
company will open a check to you.

"This time around 15 days, the most important is that as long as the insured
related to complete, we do not claim things not arise." Employee who told
the author.
Better approach is to use the existing Internet banking - the insured bank account in
Hong Kong, authorized insurance companies paid an annual premium from the
account automatically, even in the Mainland to Hong Kong account can play section.

Finally, as policyholders are concerned, if a dispute with the insurance company to
court, according to the Hong Kong insurance regulations, a lawsuit must go to Hong
Kong action. On this point, I sought the advice of a legal action Zhongshan University
Master of Law. "If the insured purchased the policy is lawful, and
legitimate means of measures, the insurance company is almost impossible for their
own image was referred to the court. And a Hong Kong court is just no way possible
human case, not to favor large insurance companies . "


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