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Who Moved My Cheese - Download as DOC


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									Who Moved My Cheese
   Many years ago, best-selling book "Who Moved My Cheese",
I saw long after publication, few days ago, happened to see a long class book corner
in the figure it appears, can not help but make me think a lot of books details, but
think of too many comments about it, of course, in which nothing less than the
metaphor of the "crisis" as if it is a mobilization order.
   Speaking of these, in my last posted an article on curriculum reform, today
continued the feelings of a renewal of recent days, share them on from the weekend, a
flood of telephone or SMS talk about it.
   This weekend, particularly the multi-phone or text message, more to what extent? A
telephone, two text messages right.
   Haha, I do not use too many to describe, because all parents have the understanding,
the total work of the weekend left me leisure, like the phone said the do not want to
bother, as I understand the hearts of gratitude for a long time course. Phone or text
messages that start with the reform of the various ideas that support, oppose, have
suggested that there was discontent, there is hope, there are worries that too much
taste, I read a long, long time ... products ...
   I especially like this "outspoken", stated that this is the trust
were wonderful, I like this kind of "freedom of speech,"
summed up in the question and continue to progress, I also like this
"express their views," because we are also so deep love
   There are always concerns about performance issues, there is always
"soldiers to teach soldiers," the concerns of students are more
serious questions yesterday, "the teacher what is the use?"
   Haha, I like long class children such speculation, especially when the decisions
represented in the peer-Du tomorrow Xutian Yue Lang occasion I visit schools,
consult the children's many questions, I also see that they are so thoughtful
and insightful. Students asked if the "others show how to carry out the
classroom?" "Preview of their work much more?"
"They last a few classes a day, you have sports?"
"How to allocate their study group?" "Their team
members If not united how to do? "" They are specifically
responsible for the team long What? "" They are learning how
to help poor students? how to do without help? "" They should
be on the content of a class of several classes ? "" They show
the work assigned in advance or class are allocated? "" The
same is true of their seat and sit down? "" chat to discuss the
question how to do? "" their classroom learning high?
"etc., etc. and so on.
   Read above, I am pleased, especially the children to think however that the method
of progress, although these days they seem very "depressing!"
Although these days some of them "know what to do!"
Although these days they always complained to me, "We do not
   Is this not an understanding of what the teacher more than a
"roaring" sound? ? ~ ~ ~
   "In the head, if we lecture class, it is not still give us wage
   "In the head, if we self-study, and you still do?"
   "At first, I really quite depressed, criticized me several times, also cried
twice, incredibly sad ~ ~"
   ?Question whether the students are also parents problem?
   ?I think, which will no lack of those little bar.
   ?Although would like to hear from different voices, but when I really listen, the
heart had been heavy in the ... ...
   ?Especially when the children see the "melancholy," it
seemed as if more could not tell the taste, always want to share, perhaps the kind of
responsibility, hoping to share the joy, really want them to be happy, in the hope
"the sun" mentality, to make a thing put it well!
   Scheduled time of going to night classes, language, mathematics, English
sub-curriculum self-study, study subjects to ensure the rights of the child and made
careful study of the obligations of the child.
   Gradually improved classroom teaching, not just feel the "soldiers to
teach soldiers" of the show, more teachers to learn the classic comment,
and regulation.
   What else?
   That is a long course of the debate next week.
   The "new teaching model to improve student achievement and the
impact of capacity" as the discussion points "more good than
harm" and "more harm than good" in both positive
and negative, and this is the class leadership as Yang Sihao group last week of rotation
Course topics will be the task, they are very carefully the preparation.
   Magic of it, we have to start "Debate" was.
   Tuesday afternoon, came back to share some video mingling and separation of the
draw in the evening on behalf of both positive and negative groups.
   This afternoon, the whole class to do the first debate of the training.
   Haha, the children say is Da Zui frame the debate is not it? ! ! I sweat in the ... ...
   Have to do a debate tomorrow afternoon's class training, on Thursday
night, the best choice out of the pros and cons of various representatives of the four.
Of course, just as personal feelings that some students like to
"reform" have opposed the idea and have had to square the
debate, perhaps I would like to use this to tell the child, but the kind of debate is not to
vent responsibility, professional ethics as a lawyer, like professional ethics magician,
it requires substantial knowledge, but also requires careful preparation, perhaps I
would like to tell children, reform of the advantages and disadvantages, speculative
motives can be found two sides to everything, maybe I also want her to know that we
have In the effort to do it, why not try to happy to do it.
  ?The players should play next week on the training Rights thin, think of it is always
exciting, because they had a productive session! Since the debate team always bigger
way, is not it? Or the old saying goes, do it Well. Since the debate competition, with a
total of distinguishing a victory, I do not care the result is a new mode of teaching
more harm than good, I am more willing to take the kids to enjoy and explore the true
meaning of education reform, but would like to see is a real Debate on the high-level
debate on the race!
   Well, here I was secretly invited to look at the matter, parents who are willing to
apply Yo, but you must not criticize our performance, ha ha, all manifestations of the
child must be "good" word often talked Yo ~ ~ ~ Who is Our
first it! !
   Although of course the glorious month of sister to exchange with the problem, and
can not easily Yeah that responsibility back to cross, how are the thousands of words
of Congress, ha ha, just a pity that places few, if any, palm and the back of my
difficult decision I heard we still have frequent exchanges, Kazakhstan, then OK,
I'll have the opportunity to Zan classes to people to push a push, this is not
training people to speak in class skill, later also to the outside away and try to say
really to see many students in class show great, language is increasingly in place,
more and more good ideas, the day the swallows sister, powerful Yeah, the title made
it quite clear, more so in so many many students ... ...
   More experience is more change, education reform we do, living check to
experience our first, class leadership rotation of our efforts, we have learned to
improve the debate, listen to recorded information we summarize ... ...
   In short, we refuel gig, junior high school life is very short, in the long class, we
tour worthwhile for three years, learning to use pull its weight, activity set a precedent,
colorful campus life, walking in front of us got a great view! ! !
   I believe long class tomorrow!
   In the head ~ ~ ~ ~ Come on! ! !
   Children ~ ~ ~ ~ Come on! !

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