When you wear a Chairman Mao badges by fdjerue7eeu


									When you wear a Chairman Mao badges
If you decided to become a Chairman Mao's soldiers, which means that a
pursuit, a kind of awakening, it will be your greatest glory in life.
When you wear a Chairman Mao badge, you are in many people's minds,
especially in the hearts of many leaders and elite, will be registered as undesirables. In
their hearts, you will be quite a character, a "trouble." You
might lose a lot of opportunities: Perhaps you are a very good talent, you had your
chance to become a member of the ruling class. These opportunities often means
promotion, money, pleasure, means "Great Expectations."
Whenever you can unconditionally give up the chance to ride in the heads of the
people? Master to give up the chance to become the exploiters?
Since the radical revolutionary proletariat to completely sever from the shackles of the
world to you, since "The Communists disdain to conceal their views and
intentions", since we are all laughing at the elite "banner of
lights turn right turn left", as in The cause of the above-board - then why
not confidently that attitude? Are you merely "it" keeping
everything? Always wearing a mask if you want to survive in this jungle? Position:
you lose the leadership of the "love" is the boss of
"love."         But     you     will     get     the    comrades      of
"love" the people "love." If you do not
want to take any risks, unwilling to accept any responsibility - then you put on our
sympathy, love for the President on the bottom of my heart. You still are our soul
mates. Revolutionary cause long and arduous, we need your blessings.
When you wear a Chairman Mao badge: to ask their position? Is not the same as
Chairman Mao's proletarian always stand, standing by the side of slavery,
the oppressed people. Perhaps you are a proletariat is deprived people. But that does
not mean you cross the border. Selfishness is not present in everyone's
heart What? When you are away, think to resist, would think of Chairman Mao. This
is very good. However, deprived of Shanxi coal bosses, when called by a few all
know it. Bring narrow selfish bring lack of foresight. Is a designer out reform and
opening up education, awareness of people who, probably more than educated by
Chairman Mao, more than it. Your class background can determine your vision, do
not represent the position. Chen Sheng Wu Guang of the uprising, the Taiping
uprising, vigorous, but not for myself when the last emperor. If the proletarian origin,
nature can stand on the position of the proletariat, will naturally become the most
revolutionary, most selfless, most fighting classes. The former Soviet Union and
China, the working class, will not be buying revisionism small favors that point, but
give up control of the state apparatus, the fruits of the revolution will not be easy to
steal people. The world would not have so many traitors, traitors, and scab.
On the same origin, and family origin ridiculous: it is constrained to move your fig
leaf is that you continue to study the obstacles in the struggle. You are a worker or
poor, will have favorable conditions for this position: this position can be strong, to
withstand the test then? Numerous corrupt officials, poor children had not also? Had
been forced into a blind alley, forced to embark on the revolutionary road, and later do
not they have betrayed the revolution Why? If you can not always maintain this
position, solve the "who" question. It will only free to
manipulate the revolution as a prop. The working class to wake up,
people's power to strengthen the final analysis, people need their own
awakening. And this awakening, the most important sign is the position change: we
are not bourgeois hypocrisy and love, this does not mean that we should be heartless.
But these feelings must be for the proletariat, for the people of the general public.
Appeasement of the traitors of the corrupt officials, but crimes against the people.
When you wear a badge of Chairman Mao: you is what kind of vision to see the world?
Do you do the same as Chairman Mao, Marxism-Leninism. We know that the most
important position. But how to consolidate and deepen the correct position?
Obviously to learn, struggle in practice exercises and learning. Should also be
consciously learn Marxist-Leninist theory. But how do we look at the ideas of Marx
and Mao Zedong thought some of the differences. Whether there is "more
than days, Ma" or "greater than the days of Mao?"
How to distinguish between the left internal left and right? Revisionist look at the
correct line and how the line? If that can stick to Marx, Lenin and other writers of the
original intent, and cited by the representative of a correct line, it was only the
vulgarization of the communist cause. To religion, to Marx and Mao Zedong, founder
and saint dwarf. Perhaps some of the Trotskyist theoretical level more than we
"high", they even think that we betrayed Marx's
"will." Right Xinzi Ling does not have all day selling some
"old age into a liberal Marxist" like paradoxical absurdity?
Of these, how should we look at? On the one hand, we certainly would like to clarify
the facts, to trace, to Marx, Engels, Lenin, Mao Zedong's theory of learning
through the school down. This will not be such a deliberately misled by rumors spread,
not to be taken out of context and distortions of Marxism led by the nose; the other
hand, we all know that Marx and Mao Zedong as such a great proletarian
revolutionary, they are not compromise to the reactionaries, in order to fight
communism to life the last second. But also there are some great Marxist theorists
have made significant contributions to the final but Wanjiebubao become the captive
of the capitalists. Such as Plekhanov and the like. Great men can make great cause,
but also committed foolish mistakes.
Marx's system does need to metabolism, need to continue to develop. To
correctly distinguish between right and wrong; distinguish what is the new
circumstances of the development of Marxism, what is the distortion of Marxism and
castration, we must return to the "stand" up to this red line of
life and death: "Ma is not more than days "," Mao is
not greater than the days! " Only "people more than
days", "proletariat than days!" Truth is absolute and
relative unity. Not in the current reality, the direct representative of the people, on
behalf of the interests of the proletariat as a whole doctrine and theory, even if it is
consistent with Marx's original intention, that is wrong and needs critical.
In today's China and the world, only Mao Zedong Thought is the most
radical position of standing people, the most revolutionary and fighting the rich, while
absorbing the Chinese nation and the world's outstanding traditional
culture. Therefore, we should confidently stated: "Chairman Mao, Marx
and many places beyond. Many places higher than Marxism-Leninism Mao Zedong
Thought." I also believe that the future we will in many places than
Chairman Mao, Mao Zedong Thought in many theoretically beyond. As Chairman
Mao's soldiers, Marxist believers, how can there is no such consciousness
and ambition?
When you wear a Chairman Mao badge: you will have to cool towards the Western
civilization, a sober look at the traditional Chinese. Often hear people say that
Chairman Mao liked to read bindings, read Chinese books more than reading the
books of Marx and Lenin. And thus asserted that Marxism-Leninism and Mao do not
understand the theory of ancient Chinese emperors understand only the saint of
statecraft. Other people, in turn, accused the Chinese Communist Party and Chairman
Mao, the idea of a foreigner as the guiding principle is to forget one's
ancestors. If you just take these two conflicting views, from two conflicting positions
to attack Mao. In this regard, not even worthy of refutation, we need only
contemptuous smile. But I view these two, but found some benefit for us is not
without inspiration: the guidance of Marxism, whether it's a sure must
daily read Marx and Lenin in the original. At least most of the time to read Marx and
Lenin's books? I think that this is not necessarily. Marx's system,
is profound. Really need to grasp the ruthless an effort to read most of the original
Caixing. But when we understand this system reached a certain level. Want to
continue to improve, do not have to limited to this range of. For the Chinese and
Western, for all mankind any good we have to take good care of heritage and
inheritance. At the same time never forget that: with Marxism-Leninism which the
scalpel, they were merciless criticism. After a long succession of such criticism, we
can put all kinds of good nutrients, absorbed into the Marxist system, and at the same
time to prevent it contains toxins. Reached this state, see any book to learn anything,
we will not follow blindly, not superstition, are useful for their own Marxist-Leninist
theory of complement. We should study avidly, learning and critique of the
contemporary world of philosophy, science and human thought. Of major events
throughout the world. The only way to keep the Marxist times, so always have a fresh
vitality. Even if something is wrong, we can study it wrong where and how to prevent
similar mistakes, how to deal with the impact of this error.
Chinese traditional culture is often in the ancient feudal autocracy, the ruler of
services. It is also what, if to transform and reconstruction, can also be yes right
people will benefit, and some places even and Marxist doctrine takes things in
common: such as Confucian can Yong, "lost her way, do not on
others" to Xietiao class Neibu contradiction. "Hell is not empty,
refusing to become a Buddha," not exactly "the liberation of the
world proletariat can only liberate themselves," What a vivid portrayal? To
study traditional Chinese culture, the main research how they seize people. Because
"the theory of revolution, only to seize the masses, it can become a real
force." The success of Mao Zedong Thought is Marxism-Leninism is used
the kernel to re-elaborate classical Chinese thought, to thus obtain a new life . We now
can also use the shell of traditional Chinese culture, Marxism for transplantation, for
more time?
When you wear a badge of Chairman Mao: Do not ask countries to ask what people
can do for you. First ask yourself what can be done. Many comrades see the dark side
of social reality and feel pessimistic, I feel disappointed, can not find the motivation.
"Serve the People" seems only to belong to that era red. Now if
you are not for RMB services, then you are not "rational" is a
fool. We condemned all times selfish, but it also had in operation along this trend. It is
well understood: after all they talk about dedication, without asking, that the
requirements of the saint. Mao era we can have that kind of ownership and energy, but
also to believe in the future, I believe there will be return to pay, I believe that
developed countries will not forget their contribution. However, a decade now, is it
not also need people to unite and sacrifice for the common class interests? Class of
individuals within the spirit of selflessness and dedication, not exactly a strength of
this class? As the power of ordinary people dispersed, as the vanguard of the
proletariat has been able to represent, we can only succumb to reality. But when we
have begun to wake up, have been determined to get rid of slavery, we should
continue to go numb What? If you love the proletariat, the people's love is
unconditional, in fact, your heart just thinking of the first to liberate ourselves, liberate
the world go right.
As the class a little early awakening of the people, as Chairman Mao's
soldiers: we should do more than others, paid too less. But also talk about the class
nature of this contribution, it is only to the people, to the proletariat. Is definitely not
to the capitalists and corrupt officials - in front of them, we give an inch for their own
interests, the struggle in the end, take concrete actions to others in the community
send a strong signal! Let them see, believe the people of Mao Zedong thought, how
like a spirit! We also need to make all kinds of sacrifices, as long as the sacrifice for
the people is beneficial. Perhaps this sacrifice is a small point: such sacrifice a little
bit of time to writing, to educate the people around; such as the countryside down to
factory labor and research; such as to criticism of social evils to the exposure;
example of the advanced class to encourage people to support. . . We can do a lot
actually, and we must also think of many ways of serving the people: as long as a
force to make, we will be able to see tangible results.
You wear a Chairman Mao badges: not waiting for a savior come, and will not believe
what the lord of the heartless. Chairman Mao expressed countless times: real power in
the people, the real wisdom is also on the people. "Inferior were the most
intelligent, noble and the most stupid person." Is it just the elderly, those
words of humility? I do not think so. Looking back at the life of Chairman Mao, I
believe people let go and mobilize the masses to do everything he most important
prerequisite. Chairman Mao himself is from the people, on behalf of the people. His
wisdom and courage, not a mysterious genius, too, from his always side with the
people's firm stance. Great man will leave us, but as long as people are still,
as long as the great source of strength is also, we have little reason to pessimism?
Left some people, feelings and love for Chairman Mao is from the heart and sincere,
but many people are always eager to save their own suffering by Chairman Mao, that
only by Helmsman, Chairman Mao only rely on such a great man so that we can get
rid of deprivation state. And to all the suffering of the blame now a designer of history.
This view is we want a serious critique: the development of anything, internal causes
are the main areas. China to step today, the credit are great leaders? Sins are
reactionary capitalist roaders? If so, that also relate to the what? Are the people and
the proletariat will never correct, will not make a mistake? For the Cultural
Revolution and Mao's some history, we are not quite clear. But what is
certain is that the people as a whole and the class itself, is the need for the current
responsible for this situation. President to hand power to us, want us to care about
politics, I hope we learn to manage their own. But it in. What is a respondent?
Founding of new China, and Chinese people have stood up, but China is really on the
consciousness of the proletariat What? If the rising power of class, if the people not
only expect a wise king, but let go to class-based struggle for power. Why the wrong
line and policies can freely? In the eyes of most people, it would prefer to go in times
of peace, in the care of Wise King patriarchs mainly as a slave, not to become their
own masters? Lost a class struggle weapon of the working class, of course, even a
paper tiger can not match, how to get the respect of those in power to ensure their
interests are not sacrificed? We do not want charity, dignity and power of charity is by
no means come by!
When you wear a Chairman Mao badge: You must understand that all imperialists are
paper tigers. Chairman Mao was a nationalist, but more is a complete communist. In
today's complex background, is to sort out clues of the time. We
Marxist-Leninist Maoists, of course, are patriots. But this can mean that nationalists
indiscriminately out? In theory, as long as the proletariat's interests and
national interests, then we would not much difference and nationalists.
Therefore, in the Sino-Japanese War and the liberation war, a nationalist, is also
bound to unite the Communist Party, unite under the banner of communism. Can to
this day and age, national interests and the interests of the proletariat have been great
difference. We maintained the country's overall GDP growth nearly three
decades, but the majority of the people and the proletariat share what? That
environmental pollution is coalmines bonded labor is the indifference and contempt!
Afford to go to learn to live of coverage is not on the house! Nominal wage increases,
the standard of living of workers has changed? Is not to be housing, health care,
education reform and so deprived of everything? In this case, economic development,
just as the capitalists and the capital re-casting of the capital. Help them greedy days
of power, as their reason for further exploitation of the people. This growth, so strong,
what is? In the context of economic crisis, the US-led Western countries to trade
protectionism us what should go? Blockade of the Chinese people are really afraid of
them Why? I think fear is that they and the comprador elite bar. Not sustained
economic growth, selling out the country are selling is not going down, their shell
over time. Anyway, the proletariat has nothing: If the life need to be taken away,
so ... ... If such an economic system so that can not be recovered by the rulers live, so
that rulers can not rule still continue. This system and the policy is wrong. Only to this
day, the proletariat will wake up again. Only representatives of the people's
government was fearless, can truly safeguard the long-term interests, even by the
enemy's respect; comprador capitalists and the government, not even their
own eyes the mu-third of land are no longer operating. From this point of view, at this
stage of communism and nationalism still has a lot of difference, but still there are
many similarities. Nationalists still can be used as the object of our unity and
When you wear a Chairman Mao badge: means the person in front of you insulting
President, spreading rumors. He is not just talking about history, but you insult,
blasphemy against our faith. Of course, you can choose a calm, rational choice and
the other debates. But if you lost for so many major principles, I will not oppose the
other way. We are not afraid of being accused of engaging in cult of personality.
Communists from the beginning there would never be smeared out over the fate of
being abused. But the earth stopped rotating, and humans have to stop improving?
Repeated movement of right rational explanation, as if constantly doing in court
innocence. Anyway, they can endlessly rumors, find endless topics to attack. You and
devout Christians to discuss human evolved from Australopithecus, meaning Why?
Another point of view, rather than to argue about right and wrong, than to divide the
enemy as a standard: "As long as personal attacks against Chairman Mao,
who is our enemy." Let your friends close and your every the human body
that insulting Chairman Mao, it will pay the price. In addition, I think that at this time,
to be convincing, to expand its influence, to really Chuodao hurts right. Can not be
satisfied merely get to the root of history. It will need to have clear positions, with the
eyes of Mao Zedong Thought to observe our country's problems large and
small, to observe the world's political and economic developments. Put
forward our views and perspectives. Information to more people as possible. In other
words: We do not regard the defendant, but to attack. To capture traditionally
right-wing positions. In the literature, art, history, political and economic fields need
to have offensive gesture. Instead of passively waiting for the other to science, to
modern, to the universal name of the trial itself to us. Can not always be
Wear Mao badges, just a simple action only. But it means a lot a lot; we all need to do
this, but also many, many. Carefully to understand its weight now! When you wear a
badge of Chairman Mao, when tens of thousands of people who wear badges of
Chairman Mao, adding that an torrent of social movements. Our country will move
towards a right direction. Each of us will have a bright future. So comrades, you really
ready for it

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