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   University of Pennsylvania Wharton School in Philadelphia, is the
world's leading business schools. Wharton was founded in 1881, is the first
university in the United States business school. By summing up the
school's mission is to disseminate business knowledge and leadership
talents to promote the development of the world. Wharton in all areas of business
practices has far-reaching effects, including the global strategy, finance, risk and
insurance, health care, law and ethics, real estate and public policy. It's
business education is in teaching, research, publishing and services everywhere
emphasized leadership, entrepreneurship, innovation. College is not simply the
business elite of the future, while working for business in depth. And it is the
world's leading business knowledge innovation institutions. To achieve this
goal requires an interdisciplinary approach with a master in close contact with
research and business. 18 Wharton Research Center has played such a role, these
research centers include: leadership and change management, business management,
e-commerce and business reform. The Research Center for professors, students and
members of the business research and analysis of common business problems.
Concept of globalization
   With the emphasis on research, Wharton has long formed a global concept. In the
past few years, Walton pioneered many new international business courses. It
established the Joseph H. Lauder Institute of Management and Languages, and
opened the first School of Business and Master of Business Administration dual
degree programs. He founded the International Forum, which is the first global
curriculum of senior managers, as well as the first complete undergraduate
international business program - Huntsman International Studies and Business courses.
In addition, the Wharton and INSEAD alliance is also common to graduate students
and senior management personnel to providing high quality business courses, these
courses are four places in the world: the Wharton campus in Philadelphia and San
Francisco campuses, INSEAD in France Fontaine White Dew and Singapore
campuses. Wharton San Francisco campus, which the West Wharton School, is for the
convenience of the western United States students, alumni and employers specifically
created. From early fall 2001, the Academy will open training courses for senior
management, MBA courses, provide internships, management and staff retraining
course research projects. Wharton made a lot of the recommendations of globalization,
including in Asia, Europe, Latin America, the establishment of the Executive Board,
which from 28 countries, composed of more than 80 senior managers and to help set
up in India and Singapore Business School.
Alumni Network
   Wharton 131 countries around the world more than 75,000 alumni form the largest
business school alumni network. All of the Wharton Alumni Wharton students after
graduation to become a member. Wharton 73 regions around the world to establish an
alumni association in the United States outside the 47, for the alumni to provide
professional and personal development opportunities. Wharton graduates in various
government departments or businesses in key posts, some of which have established
and developed his own company. Famous alumni include: General Electric Chairman
Emeritus Reginald Jones; U.S. Huntsman (Huntsman) founder, Chairman and CEO
Jon Huntsman; Estee Lauder (Estee Lauder), Chairman and CEO Leonard Lauder;
Morgan Chase (JPMorgan Chase) Company Geoffrey Boisi; Fidelity (Fidelity)
Investment Company Vice Chairman Peter Lynch; Schwab Securities (Charles
Schwab) and vice president of executive David Pottruck; Philippine Long Distance
Telephone Company President and Chief Executive Officer Manual V. Pangilinan;
Deutsche Post AG (Deutsche Post AG) Chief Executive Klaus Zumwinkel; Allianz
Insurance Company (Allianz AG), chairman Henning Schulte-Nloelle; Fuji Xerox
chairman Yotaro Kobayashi, etc..
President Medal and Distinguished Alumni Award
   Wharton Dean Medal began in 1983, specifically for the recognition of those
outstanding enterprises, public service and academics. So far, four Chinese honor,
they are universal furniture founder Laurence Moh; Jakarta Salim Group chairman It
bases; Honorary Chairman Koo Chen- fu of Taiwan Cement Co., Ltd. Dr. Wang and
the former mayor of Shanghai. Wharton Outstanding Contribution Award was
established in 1988, is in recognition of outstanding alumni in the professional field of
leadership and the University of Pennsylvania Wharton School of Business for his
outstanding contribution. Winners on behalf of the highest standards of teaching and
Wharton and College Achievement high hopes on the graduates. Four Chinese won
the prize: Universal Furniture founder Laurence Moh; Singapore Lee Foundation, Mr
Li Chengyi; General Re former vice president and chief representative of Shanghai
Wang Xi; Taiwan Mobile Co., Ltd. Managing Director, Mr Cheung.
   The story of the world's first business school began in Philadelphia
entrepreneur Joseph Wharton (Joseph Wharton), was born in Philadelphia, a 18th
century wealthy business family, through the operation of Bethlehem Steel
Corporation and the United States Nickel company has accumulated a handsome
fortune. In 1881 he was 55 years old, no sons to follow, because his family name and
business intelligence, we use part of its assets donated to the University of
Pennsylvania Wharton School of Business established. His original intention is to
train senior who inherited the wealth of young people become the country's
new business leaders. Since the Wharton school, the two-term president of its director
and 11 to create the Wharton rigorous, pragmatic, innovative, enterprising ethos.
Since 1881, after school, Wharton has created a number of European Business School,
Wharton, the first :1881-1910 published the first textbook in this business; 1921
founded the first business school industrial research centers, and established the same
year MBA degree; 1970 established the first MBA degree in health and health
management; 1973 established the first SME Innovation Center; 1978 set up the first
double degree in management and science and technology. Wharton is a total
undergraduate, MBA, EMBA, and doctoral nearly 4,600. Total of 250 full-time and
part-time faculty, 11 departments. Each year more than 8,000 participants in Wharton
set up for senior management training courses. Major business publications at home
and abroad will be awarded for several years at Wharton Business School one of the
best in the world. University of Pennsylvania University of Pennsylvania hospital a
total of four undergraduate and 12 graduate schools. It is located in Philadelphia,
Pennsylvania. Penn as eight to enjoy one of Wal ivy College, founded in 1740, he was
the founder of Benjamin. Franklin and the Philadelphia Quakers, is the
nation's first non-religious university.
University department
Accounting (Accounting)
Business and Public Policy (Business and Public Policy)
Finance (Finance)
Health care system (Health Care Systems)
Insurance and Risk Management (Insurance and Risk Management)
Legal Research (Legal Studies)
Management (Management)
Marketing (Marketing)
Operations and information management (Operations and Information Management)
Real Estate (Real Estate)
Statistics (Statistics)
Course categories
Accounting (Accounting)
Actuarial calculation of Science (Actuarial Science)
Business and Public Policy (Business and Public Policy)
Venture Management (Entrepreneurial Management)
Environmental Management (Environmental Management)
Finance (Finance)
Health care system (Health Care Systems)
Human Resources and Organizational Management (Human Resource and
Organizational Management)
Insurance and Risk Management (Insurance and Risk Management)
Legal studies and business ethics (Legal Studies and Business Ethics)
Management (Management)
Marketing (Marketing)
Transnational business (Multinational Management)
Operations and information management (Operations and Information Management)
Real Estate (Real Estate)
Retail Trade (Retailing)
Statistics (Statistics)
Strategic Management (Strategic Management)

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