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A Thursday night drop in 2005, even in the free-for Taiwan, the final freeze frame on
CCTV-3, because the screen on the three dancing girls, young vibrant sunshine, and
later learned that after the revision of the "challenge host" ,
before the show understood can have been none Shohachi Jing drops seen, which may
be very curious about new Di checkpoints, so I have been Kan, Zhi Dao Da boy
carrying a banner Chuxian, Dangshizhishi Pi Bisai drop Qifen attracted by no too
much attention to an individual, can be near the end of the game, Watson drops
conclusion is: ... ... but Leizhu only one that I, impeccable! In this sentence, so my
brain had the impression on Watson Lin Jia drop, after they have a program to see a
drop, gradually impressed on him - domineering and talent, until he left the stage
drops challenge.
1, 2004, 21 (June 1)
1, dear viewers, I want to die you have it!
2, my dream is to build a digital world's biggest male bath, the name of the
called Lin Jia - bath.
3, Zhang Shaogang: One, in the performance, you are not more or less have some
experience in front of the camera, with it, before?
Watson: I am a computer, I have experience in the face of the display.
4, I was born into a engineering student, said how painful idiom ah ... ...

2, 2004, 50 (Dec. 23) 1, Hello everybody, I'm romantic suave, handsome,
all-powerful God into the earth, sent the nickname Beautiful queen of a small dragon -
(the other three in unison : Watson Lin Jia!) commander to the dregs!
2, Zhang Shaogang: Watson, you are in college bar, senior, right? Your school like
your girls a lot?
Watson (very innocent look): Actually, I do not know, I really do not know.
Zhang Shaogang: installed, right?
Watson: I really do not have installed, in fact, my heart ... ... ... ... ... ... only challenge
3, connected to the text book. Words before and after New Year's
Day ,**** television studio that is 800 square meters of head ah. That high fat skinny
short of even the kind of thing in there, children on a word - beautiful! **** Look at
the audience sat two men, young men are present show brow romantic suave, woman
is Chunhongchibai Zhuyuanyurun. The words of people with you now, that is a full
Na! Yuehua Jian stir the audience, Woo la la la its not the matter, how matter decide?
Looked back on this stage to a post troops kill this mighty tall, thin spirit of the Na. It
starts with a young look, eight feet tall, waist circumference is eight feet, (replaced by
narration and Hing Wah Street West High feet: Hey, it would mean that party?!) As
rice feeds a hundred different people, and the triangle have it, stupid! Who is it that
this book, dark tables, is none other than the 1st - Watson Lin Jia. Ghosts are so-called
dark meet, behead event does not tremble. Face long down three thousand feet, he
suspected that Li Yong challenge! For more information on how this kid funeral, Just
read the old lady next time decomposition ~ ~!
4, to challenge the host before I do, my body the total number of **** president
pimple. But since East met Ma, I lump all gone **** body. I could not help but to
secretly look at me skin Oh, look here, look here, look here ~ ~

3, No. 3, 2005 (January 20)
1, ladies and gentlemen, we meet again!
2, "Introduction - Public Toilet"
Toilets, toilets, a few meters square, that secret place, that the quiet downtown of the
downtown. But not always do for that. Now, however, all this is no longer a problem,
you can rest assured rest assured that dinner drink, plus a banana and honey garlic.
Breadth of the world has witnessed a thief group's efforts to build a full
three-dimensional satellite navigation system has a toilet search engine, full-called
savory smell of the toilet Collection full version.
As long as there is, no matter you're in the car at the Link River, still
hovering at the crossroads; do not bother you too much to drink beverages, or are
viruses that your digestive system. Just enter your location, displayed in front of you
is within five kilometers radius of the location of large and small toilet and the
internal structure of the map. In short you want to know, you do not want to know,
you need to know, you do not know, they all have!
Why wait, order it quickly called the global free order hotline at 800 800 ... ... 800. If
you order now, then, it will be sent our extra winter horse **** bath according to a
hand, remember, is the "bath according to" ~ ~ Oh!
4, No. 4, 2005 (January 27)

1, it is a question of your race, it is none of my business!
2, Ma Dong: You have encountered unprecedented challenges, and now no dry ah
Khan. I leave you near, I'm with you I see you have a point of
uncontrollable feeling.
Watson: Actually, okay, I was able to settle down Taiwan. Believe me, nothing wrong

5, No. 5, 2005 (February 3)
1, I put things, do you mind!
2, how do you not laugh ah ~ ~!
3, I want to **** here by television cameras to say that I have never said so to my
mother: Mom, I love you! You are the world's most beautiful woman!
However, we cooked and cooked return, you have to grab my snacks to eat, I still will
turn against Oh! I especially like the 2nd of these words: face length is not limited to
challenge ~ ~ everywhere!
4, Ma East: Why not say a few words what your dad? Watson: Because my dad than I
am handsome! (I call him big brother!)
6, No. 6, 2005 (February 10)

1, the "bad guy's confession," When I was born,
everyone in the hospital crying in the toilet inside, president of mouth from a pumping
from a child, only we'd take me to the love of money that worry business.
Motherhood is great, she did not hold anything against me, and I brought up. But she
was wearing in my face pictures of a skull to relieve pressure on her mental elderly.
The third grade when the class is curious what the most important, we have a class the
students nicknamed "Li bold", he said I do not pay attention a
snipped off my mask on. Since then, Lee boldly students suffering from a strange
disease, looking trance, eyes dull, not speak, that would only say: "ugly,
ugly Need!

Mom is no way, I was sent to the country's two Jiujia. I arrived in the
village, the village is not called a dog, and chicken is not slapstick, and crops have
also confiscated into the village is also the only one old wells to dry up. Grow up, I
returned to the city when I drive simply have not seen the red light on the way are all
green. Quiet life is too boring, so I enrolled in the challenge to host. Until I met just
after the presentations and the conscious, life is full of confidence again. Ma Dong
also no longer Naozhe to lose weight. You say, how people like us is it so difficult to
be understood? (Having come up with a bag over the head cover A)
Friends, goodbye!
2, succeeded successfully, and I all smiles, holding my left hand, right hand to Ma
Dong Lei Zhu flag pull. 1234, I spent four bar, 1234, I took four to Lei Zhu. Court is
to rely on my performance, under field depends on everyone's feeling.
3, my mother is my wife, my father, my brother, I have never been so called.
4, (Watson to lift the mother's tension, teasing her) look at the lens, 60
seconds, go!
7, 2005 7 (17 February)

1, Watson: Hello, niche Watson, nicknamed the bath house.
Qing Yuan: Hello, courtesy of the young girl!
Watson: Oh, then not live!
2, Qing Yuan: The last time your girl, not yet asked my love letter to you it?
Watson: That's impossible! You give me love letter is, Folk and that knife
you that I am pickled. You are the drum pants, I will be the belt. We also have our
science students and science students of the poem ah, "I is zero, you are all
real numbers. We multiply I, we add is you!"
3, when the sun rose, we know to go to work, when the sun went down, if not work,
we will be with the boss: the boss, this was processed Qiana!
4, Watson: Ma Dong, I would like to ask you a question, you are liberal arts or science
Ma Dong: I are engineers!
Watson: Yeah, ouch, you really ... ... so occasionally it!
5, this is my standing challenge to host the 7th stage, and connected the two before the
system Lei Zhu This is the first 7 times. So for me the number 7 has very important
meaning, we should not know, my birthday is 1982 July 7, I was born 7:00. I am 7
years old in primary school when I got my life the first prize is a primary school essay
prize is a pencil box. In my 17 years old, I got a speech contest winner, prize it is a
Walkman. Now, although not to the 27-year-old, but I think such an important figure
in this championship I'll put down. But 17 was 727 14, Oh ~ ~ do not
bother the 7 March 21, if we are willing to let me stop **** 49 of Lei Zhu, then I
thank you for it!
8, 2005 8 (24 February)
1, viewers, Hello everybody, welcome to today's "Half the
There was an old man said that such a passage: a man half woman, a woman of all it
is man, this woman is water, mud men, and one that what is it? Not cement, black
sesame paste! This also shows that the relationship between men and women really
helpless and chaotic. Well, today we will talk together men and women different.
First, choose a man sweat, tears, women choose. Men chose sweat too expensive
because of bleeding, anemia will flow more, and tears is too low, will be ridiculed: a
Man child was not so.
The woman tears it, it is much easier, and wronged, frustration, romance, is that this
woman's tears come and you are able to prevent blocking.
Second, the man chosen vehicle, a woman choose a house. This car is watching the
flow of goods, is also a symbol of identity and status of men, while it is also the first
choice for men to attract women props. The house it is a static view products, in most
cases, the women spent time in the house much more than men. Why? Because she
was in the room, pondering men.
As the saying goes: behind a successful man there is a strong woman behind a
successful woman must have a man to blame. Style 10 million kinds, Macho.
Our next good-bye!
2, Ma East: bike insurance you are selling it? Watson: I sold everything! :)
3 Why are you angry, you know, because you did not buy my car insurance ah! I have
car insurance you buy which is also used be angry, using his own car to play paddle,
I'm fine I **** all ~ ~
4, Watson: This body is the capital of the revolution, you think, you with no body, and
use now to drive ah. Besides, you should've been to the hospital it bought
drugs, but also remember that the long bill, please, remember that day, the number of
text you? ! But if if you have the words of our medical insurance, medicine, whatever
you buy, what your pick of Zan what to buy, and Zan have to buy two bottles, ate a
bottle down a bottle ~ ~
  Ma East: that to you if the drug you can buy health insurance the extent of how
much money you take me?
Watson: No you! Guess how much I charge you? : P
Ma East: It should not be higher than a car insurance, right?
Watson: It is cheaper than the half of it! We buy health insurance also take give you a
car insurance Na!

5, every time I come, I make the failure to prepare, but I lost? No!
Every time I came I had to make preparations for Lei Zhu flag to others, but some
carry away Lei Zhu flag it? No!
I lost every time after doing the preparations for a good cry, but you've
seen my tears, or do not!
Having said that you may think I am proud of it? I tell you - absolutely not!
6, MA East: We make a prediction, if you fail today, you will go after and the first
person to see you say something?
Watson: (sigh of relief it) laugh ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ peace and quiet from the world!

7, Ma East: You have asked him to talk, we assume that he'll succeed when
Lei Zhu, do you come to him talk about the experience of Lei Zhu.
Watson: do Leizhu experience, first you have to remember that the narrow staircase,
be careful when going down stairs, I almost fell off three times! Lei Zhu and do it
really tired!
Ma Dong: "tired" Lord Well, you're not tired, who is
tired! :)
Watson: So you have to train well in a very good psychological quality!
9, No. 9, 2005 (March 3)
1, saying the Tigers stepped on your foot, that funeral ~ ~ ~ Let's hear how
do I get off decomposition.
2, I tell you, do not go too far, that Gou Ji had also bite it!
3, Hello, rabies, please press 1, veterinary, press 2.
4, hostess Well, this is good hostess Why, you ask Shao this just a teacher! :)
10, 2005 10 (10 March)
1, (see the beginning of the Challenger and Lei Zhu) Ma Jie: bad hair, I like!
Watson: I would say that your height is eight feet, waist circumference is also eight
feet of Watson ah ~ ~!
2, then one afternoon in a roadside encounter a 20-year-old young man, he squatted
on the roadside with drooping heads, before writing a line Fen Bizi: "too
hungry, jobless, did not eat for several days , well-meaning people to the food that eat.
"I think smart people should know it, this is another money making use of
good human compassion liar.
I was frowned, suddenly Upper Center account, and I stealing a bell of potential
lightning speed rushed next to a small restaurant, bought a five to lead the way in
Shandong great bread, a total of two half kilogram. Then I ran out in front of him and
said to him: "Brother, suffering, and years, I have some bread that you eat
it hot quickly." Crossing the road next to a few he kept the old aunt is also
echoed: "Oh, How wonderful to see this young heart! young man, and
quickly eat it, eat rice have kept on looking for job! "
Finally we encourage the same, he had to start eating. I just saw him eat the first time,
is relatively smooth. The second time was a little jerky. The third time, every one is
very painful.
Comrades and friends, the most exciting time to come, as he began to eat a fourth of
the. Saw him one, two, three ... ... wow crash, he and ground to a close contact. Then
with a trembling hand the four phrases: "I come to ****, I did not lie to
you, jin great bread, almost I soon died." See the poem I have fired off
letters, call him six characters: " challenges everywhere! "
3, then I would imitate the posture of a few singers to sing it. (Bath, body language is
First of all, first it is a Parkinson's type of singer: tell the truth, I have a
home ~ ~
The second is the type of singer serving: individuals Bing Gege to death last year, you
soldiers to post ~ ~ ~ President, Let your food was.
The third type of singer it is Finger Guessing Game: Star bright ~ ~ ~
The fourth is the clown of the playing: the Northeast are beautiful will our people that
ga ~ ~
Fourth five most exaggerated, are extremely painful type: You soon come back! I can
not afford one ~ ~
4, ... ... I am the person suffering from severe insomnia since childhood, I played two
years of age slept no play now, I can master the 24-hour waiting service. ... ... To talk
about child care than he could me, I used to have to teach too many good boy, I went
to the first, children admitted to their home in Tianjin University, the second entering
the University of Oxford, the first three were admitted to the "Trailing the
University", "Trailing the University" You may not
know their slogan is: After a rubber band out, make a slingshot to attack others
sub-glass. ... ... We say something real, than doing housework well ah. I wipe the floor,
you do not have to buy a mirror at home, I wipe the table, it flies off had to do the
splits up! ... ... This is not the Chinese do not eat, I is the top one Chinese cooking, I
make rice, you eat it after the bowls do not have to wash dishes, ensure that you have
to lick from a clean ... ... We are health food, power is not only long-flesh! ... ... You
see of me, I was swords and spears, axes, forks hook the sway of my swordsmen ah, I
have to go to your home as a caregiver, within a hundred miles radius of the absolute
can not have thieves, robbers appeared two days Juwei you will have to get a piece of
a large plaque - called "A World Without Thieves"! ... ... My
body conical form, poetry, Chuiladanchang everything that's unique skills
Son, you want your meals each day, I blow you to sing a section of a missile over the
U.S. ah ~ ~ it. Spring Festival Party You do not have to see, I play every day to your
New Year party. (Ma Dong: I often ask my friend Zhang Shao arrived two people
inside our house drink, but even to a accompaniment, we have a woman Yeah, you
say you sit down next to the two of us drink it? ) Watson: Actually, you do not think I
look very delicate it? (Please note Please note that bath of orchid fingers) ... ... You
listen to me a poem ah, you want me to work out, you rest assured; You put me at
home, you worry; you to chat with you to go an 'suck me; you are looking
at I heart you were. (Ma Dong: So, you can be my nanny do?!) Watson: Can ah, for
the challenges everywhere!

 5 Speaking of which Watson Lin Jia Yeah, in the past that he is a power on shaking,
but since when has this Leizhu after that, it is not sore back, back hurt, and legs do not
cramp up ~ ~ Oh, the back also then insert a large flag. Yes, now Yes, my friends
really comfortable, I keep 10 one breath, not strenuous ~ ~! Thank you:)
6, to be honest before I came out today, my heart is only one word child - cool, this
game will definitely be cool! But today I want to complain about a person - is the
Ding Dong teacher. Today, I was also a fever, you do not care to me. Lei Zhu is very
sad, very serious consequences! (Ma East: Watson Lin Jia, no more entertainment
with these people who generally care about juan, you take the ring on it.) Well, we see
next week ~ ~!

11, 2005 11 (17 March)
1 Ma East: Watson, to be honest I saw you in the ring watching the ninth, I have a
little bit ... ... (Watson himself over by the words) - Shenmeipilao!
2, Hua Wang: Your name precedes you, today was finally able to meet, Nice to meet
Watson: Honestly, your singing is awesome. But I sing better than that! :)
3, ladies and gentlemen, Hello, everybody! Welcome to the bath house brought to you
by creating wealth. We each program it will start to tell you a few ideas to get rich, it
brought to everyone today, this rich line of business is to sell beans. If the beans to
sell well, then you will directly be rich. If the beans are no longer marketable, then
there are three kinds of situation can be dealt with:
First, the beans soak into watercress children, selling watercress children; watercress
are no longer marketable if so, then it is tantamount to selling salted fermented
soybean; if the bean is also no longer marketable on, we add water, soy sauce
fermentation can also be sold.
Second, the beans tofu, if you do not care to do hard, Nazan will sell tofu; rare if not
carefully done, and let's Mai Doufu flowers; if too thin, and will simply
sell milk; if This tofu is also no longer marketable, then, let's put it a few
days, changing stinky tofu; If the tofu is also no longer marketable, then let it rot hairy
completely on, we sell fermented bean curd.
The third case, that is, let beans sprout on, we sell bean sprouts; If the sprouts are no
longer marketable, then another long days on, we switch to selling approach has been
adopted, this thing is now fashionable.
In fact, life is not short of wealth, only to discover the wealth of the lack of eyes. If
you have any good ideas for getting rich, then it would get the program together with
us to share it. Well, today's show on here, and beans to the eternal Tao,
creating wealth! Next time then Road ~ ~ Thank you!
4, my friends, the name of a movie last year called "20, 30, 40,"
I do not know do not read. If I have to say that this two-year-old girl to introduce the
object, she would ask: "He is handsome it?" If we are to
introduce the three-year-old woman, the object, she will ask: "His career at
all? "If a 4-year-old woman describes the object, she will ask:"
Where is he then? "Thank you!
5, ... ... the king of China, that I would not quite approval. Liquor strong heroic one ah,
you think, if not those three bowl of liquor under Jingyang Gang, how can that Wu
Song tigers ah! ... ... This is not right, he really knows who drink moderate, and the
time to send a friend can not go without wine, there is such a song to sing: a friend
you really had to go, did this wine! ... ... Bai Doujiu hundred poems, you can not
forget, no wine, but where's the Shixian Li Bai ah! ... ... (Wang Hua: Well,
then I ask you, Watson Do you drink?) Watson: A little. (Wang China: Why do not
you write it out of the hundred poems?) Watson: Because drinking too little! ... ... A
little ... ... you guess! ... ... Day 22! ... ... Drinking it, will you, think about how many
bags of rice wine Nang all day dream life, and his commonplace life, the last
depressed and finally ... ... the body drink drinking bad bad stomach, drink couples
back to back ah! ... ...
6, to now, this program was about to come to an end. The road in my life then, the
addition of a comma, and I hope I leave you with today's performance is a
exclamation point! After waiting for you back then, a series of ellipses ... ... the
attribution of this Leizhu I would like to have your mind is not a question mark? So
pick up your keys in the hands of device, give me a sign that - (bath than a sign of
victory). Thank you!
12, 2005, 12 (March 24)
1, "foreign words West"
I do have a friend of mine recently to China, just beginning to learn Chinese, Cheng
Si also would a 89 100 word children right, the result one day he actually told me that
he one of the four classic "West Travels, "read, and also Feng
Renjiu talk with people, book review, he says: The story of a Chinese monk traveling
through the West, which in essence is an adventure. He rode a white horse, with a
servant called Drifting. To pass the lonely journey, what he also brought a pet monkey
and a pet pig road. Along the way they passed a lot of river Okawa, also turned over a
lot of high ranges, subject to a lot of shock. It is said the monk with the monkeys Yeah
great skills along the way clear for the monk a lot of obstacles. It seems that little pet
pig role, but as a tool for Bale travel boredom. What is the use that the servants would
not, all lug a broken luggage, listening manipulated. My foreign friends watched
"Journey to the West" the greatest feeling is: Chinese people a
thousand years ago, the pet pig likes it! Thank you!

2, "mutual praise nor criticize"

Crown described the United States: I want to start talking about details, saying the
crown of the eyebrows right, there is a song that praises the brow the crown: (singing)
your eyebrows are thin and long, ah, if that tree bends the moon. ... ... Besides her
eyes, her eyes big ah, big and to what extent, contact lenses are not on the band, put
on could not stay, fall. ... ... Say that God made man the process had five, and you
have 50! ... ... Some people intercede conquest, casino frustrated. If Bill Gates is today,
presumably to see you, he will become a pauper late at night ... ...
Described the crown of the inner beauty: that she's good, and I would like
to quote a famous phrase Zhang Shaogang teachers: a blank! ... ... Kind may have
gaps in it! ... ... That the characteristics of the crown would not have said, first of all
she is beautiful, then I have listened to her first two links, I really find her a lot of
talent, I believe that if she continued to stand on this stage , then we will have more
talent to be seen ... ...
Described the ugly crown: how do you say, the crown on the modern man is hardly a
beauty, but on the Yuanmou Man era, the number one big beauty! ... ... I have a few
days before it went to an abstract of the exhibition, I took a fancy to a picture, wow, I
really like it, very abstract, a painting, then I say buy it, the result of staff said: No
This is the crown of the photo. Do not sell! ... ... The crown of your beautiful!
I'm especially close look at, ah, like Stefanie Sun, a distance, especially
when it as Su Hsiao, because the face is very long. Not nearly far short, is a female
version of Li Yong ... ... (Ma Dong said: This is not to say people ugly, people say that
a person so ugly people say: that Watson ugly to the view Like Zhang Shaogang, a
distance, like Doraemon.)
3, the audience and friends, at this moment, I hope to vote for her ~ ~ ~ because I was
too tired to really take a rest. Thank you for a long time for my love for you, I can at
this stage station for so long. Is you, I feel the stage as a presenter should be felt by all.
I'm just a school computer, so my host is a dream. However, your applause,
cheering, criticizing the sound of my dream fulfilled. Here, let me give you a deep
bow on the Yi Gong!

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