Waterproof Sealing Guide: A Brief History of Chemical grouting by fdjerue7eeu


									Waterproof Sealing Guide: A Brief History of Chemical grouting
China's chemical grouting technology and research started late, but
developed rapidly and have their own original. If the 1953 use of sodium silicate in
Jiamusi and other chemical grouting counting, it was only 50 years of history, see next
page table. My five years of research and development of chemical grouting grout
Summary of the use or development of varieties in 1953's Pulp and 1960, a
condensate water glass epoxy 60s, urea-formaldehyde resin contact Lignin 1964 C
1964 pour 1974, 1973, Cyanide soluble Polyurethane (HW) 1974 年 water-soluble
polyurethane (LW), 80 flexible polyurethane acrylate, acid water glass, high
permeability epoxy (Sinochem 798) 90 series of the late CW and a series of modified
epoxy grout In 1959, the countries are ready to be launched to promote the Three
Gorges Water Control Project. According to the project based on fault broken granite
processing needs, the state project for chemical grouting technology and the
development of pulp wood. The unit participated in the Yangtze River Water
Resources Commission, Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences Beijing,
Guangzhou Institute of Chemistry and other units. The initial study is epoxy grout and
grout methyl methacrylate (a condensate, one of my original). The early sixties,
according to Dan Dam Project and other projects against seepage needs, Chinese
Academy of Sciences Guangzhou Institute of Chemistry, has developed acrylamide
grout (C condensate). At the same time, mining and other departments have also
developed a urea-formaldehyde resin and lignin slurry contact. Guangzhou Institute of
Chemistry in 1968, developed by furfural - acetone diluent epoxy grouting material,
the initial viscosity of only 6mPa. s. Tianjin University in 1973, the five units
developed plugging of polyurethane grouting material (Cyanide). East China
Hydropower Survey and Design Institute, 1974 Research Institute of developed
water-soluble polyurethane grouting material. 1979 Yangtze River Academy of
Sciences, Guangzhou Institute of Chemistry and other units of the thin Gezhouba
Dam Project apron sealing closed, developed a flexible polyurethane grouting
material (one of my original). The early eighties, Fukuoka event Acrylamide disabled,
the Yangtze River Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Sciences and other
units of water has developed acrylate grouting material, its performance and
Acrylamide quite, but the actual non-toxic type. At the same time, Beijing Corps of
Engineers and other units of acidic water glass appeared. Later, a large number of
modified epoxy grouting material have been developed, such as China Resources
Academy of Sciences SK-E, based on Water Resources and Hydropower Engineering
Bureau of China Research Institute of the JX and Guangzhou Institute of Chemistry,
developed the high permeability of epoxy slurry of -798 material. Nineties, Nanjing
Hydraulic Research Institute of the MU acrylic - polyurethane solvent-free filling
material, the Chinese Academy of Sciences developed hydropower PU / EP-IPN of
polyurethane - epoxy underwater grouting material; Yangtze River Academy of
Sciences developed a high-affinity Run, CW epoxy grout with high permeability and,
in the Three Gorges Project handling Fault Zone and success in the clay interlayer. Of
the century, China the chemical grouting material in research and development of the
countries have caught up with the pace of development, foreign major chemical pulp
wood species have been developed in China, also have developed our own new
varieties. Chemical grouting technology in engineering applications, we have a lot of
successful examples, such as the construction of large hydropower Danjiangkou of
Acrylamide grouting, grouting Qingtongxia of a condensate, the flexibility of
polyurethane grouting Gezhouba, Longyangxia of the epoxy grouting of -798 , 10000
An acrylic salt filling and epoxy grouting the Three Gorges of the CW, chemical
grouting in the area of the world, regardless of the size and skill level have the best
reputation. In the chemical grouting equipment, apparatus, research and development
also have a lot of results, the chemical grouting pump, for example, 60 years using a
hand pump, following pressure developed after the pump, gear pumps, diaphragm
pumps and pump ratio, 7 years on behalf of the automatic speed regulator developed
chemical grouting pump, developed to nine decades of the development of the
automatic speed regulator variable chemical grouting pumps, irrigation equipment in
all kinds of series equipment, complete sets of technology, environmental protection,
and has with product quality and abroad there is a gap. In the filling process on the
country there are many innovations, such as composite filling process, in order to
exhaust the Water slurry process and so needs to sum up a lot of new techniques to
improve and perfect. In the chemical grouting theory there are some achievements of
China, such as the radius of grout spread the theory of slurry in the wet surface or
underwater bonding theory, slurry suction theory, slurry composition antagonistic
theory, but After all, is low.

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