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          First, human rights
Human rights are the rights of human nature,
Respect for human rights is a consensus building a harmonious society.
United Kingdom 1689's "Bill of Rights" and
"Declaration of the Rights"
It is a milestone in British constitutional history of the world record people.
1789, France issued a "Declaration of Human Rights)),
Clearly state the meaning of existence and purpose;
Is to achieve the fundamental rights of citizens live,
"Popular sovereignty" of public power for the people is eternal
"UN Charter" provides that: address human welfare,
Is all the respect for human rights must not forget.
"Universal Declaration of Human Rights" states: the rights of
Share in scientific advancement and its welfare.
Marx and Engels in the "German Ideology" that:
"People order to make history, must be able to live
Living on basic necessities and other things. "
Man's human rights thinking proletarians have no doubts!
Our country has joined 21 international human rights conventions,
Solemnly declared to the world: China, protection of human rights and rights;
"11 Five-Year Plan" hold high the first time
"To promote comprehensive development of human rights
mandate" of the banner.
Constitution Article 33, paragraph 3, has also prescribed
"The State respects and protects human rights" should enjoy the
Widespread use of "Everybody get they deserve," the justice,
Can not let the poor city with the motherland free.
People-oriented scientific and technological development is the meaning of
People-oriented is to coordinate and balance the interests of all parties;
People-oriented is to show "human values above all else"
People-oriented government officials is a constitutional requirement to keep in mind!
Our country needs strong and thick foundation of
Our society needs effective management;
Our market needs to govern according to law,
Our people have natural rights.
       Second, sudden wealth by greed
China's real estate is the upstarts who plundered the wealth of the heaven,
Upstarts who may be a pauper or a former mason;
Riches buyers who use the funds and bank loans,
Use of national legal gaps and to corrupt officials "awards."
Two years to become suddenly rich by the wealth of billionaires on the list,
China's fastest growing real estate practice at the rich.
Riches by playing a thousand kinds of deceptive tactics,
10 minutes distance that is the speed of light in the fly.
Although it just opened, said have been sold overseas,
Demagogic advocacy of land scarcity prices going up.
Omnipresent advertising houses, filled with lies,
Good people to be introduced with three cheat fellow fire pit.
Riches were her mouth lamb will be weak given away wolves,
So that the poor can not escape a hopeless life of Housing prisoners.
"Workers and peasants in the building," as well as any financial
Charity no means bad trouble to discuss the poor.
You can not repay the loans will be cheese,
1 Road to the weak real estate auction laws driving afar.
Off his wife, children hospital, makes the situation of despair,
Do the poor can not afford housing always wandering?
Hack writer and so-called "experts" numerous chime in,
Savings of the elderly plus young people's wages and loans to buy a house;
Very correct decision-making and advance the enjoyment,
Wait homebuyers have to follow their example.
Ice Fishing Harbour would not help people out who struggle
What would you like people frozen ice fishing;
Ice Fishing Do not looking forward to the moon in water,
Ice fishing is a game of life and death in the swinging loops.
Also on the loans for around a month in the bustling,
Hard work from morning to night just to exchange for silver.
Work overtime at night during the day can not take into account health,
Can not sleep in the bed or sick can not worry about laid-off.
Funding for children's education into question, at home, migang empty,
Four elderly people's life savings of family property to be Taoguang
Age to become an empty worry flustered,
Mortgage the quality of life significantly decreased in.
The extraordinarily high prices, like a sword hanging his head in the poor,
The poor can only look into the distance far away to new homes.
Difficult for ordinary income Ninety million in deposits,
Savings of 900,000 yuan to buy 90 square meters of housing.
The poor live in hard to contemplate a few hundred dollars,
The poor to live 拆东墙补西墙;
Poor treatment will be valuable to pawn something,
The desire for housing the poor can only dream of.
Survival was poor knees
The sweat of the poor is constantly flowing;
They brought to the riches of gold and diamonds flashing gold,
Riches they will lock up tens of millions of CDs a private safe.
Riches their greed for wealth Ruchirukuang,
Riches were prepared with a shameless gold glory;
Riches are not to imagine the grief the poor,
Riches are completely forgotten their social responsibility.
Riches have money to buy modern materials for its exclusive,
Riches were built with private money alone to use the theater;
Riches their money to the half-comprehended art collection
Riches with money to the palace were built on soft foundations!
Riches were admitted to several thousand million luxury estate,
Three generations of the poor living in slums to live one;
They drink wine do riches sleeping in here to live in dreams
Poor, hungry life of hard going through frost.
Riches are three generations of poor wealth should be squeezed light,
Riches were plundered flesh and blood never had to negotiate;
Riches of the poor to sell their air and sunlight,
Riches they see the benefit of predatory forge ahead!
        Third, housing prices
According to a number of engineers engaged in the construction budget, say,
Three multi-storey building materials, plus pipeline discharge ';
As long as 600 yuan per square cost, high-rise 900 yuan,
Have to sell 10,000 yuan, but also to higher prices.
The extraordinarily high prices working-class can not afford,
The extraordinarily high prices of housing deprivation natural right of human rights;
The extraordinarily high prices to the poor free city, the
The extraordinarily high prices drained poor plasma.
Life savings of hard work can not be large sum of 900,000 yuan,
No choice but to continue the family line have to forge ahead;
Also will pick knees shoulder the burden.
The poor light eyes filling with Anger.
Should be developed as quickly as possible, "Housing Act"
Born citizens to enjoy the protection of land use rights;
Should not be born in order to obtain the rights,
The life of this life, floating feeling uneasy.
Purchase of first homes, house prices only slightly higher than the cost of
Only in this way wage-earners to afford housing.
People can share the reform and opening up the sun,
People can live in peace and radiate boundless strength!
The law must require the construction of residential developers,
100 housing units must be the number of sets of low-rent housing;
100 the number of housing units must be set in the economic room
100 the number of housing units must be set in the room cost.
On the construction cost of housing, economic, housing, low-rent housing,
Government to provide land to enjoy the preferential benefits to developers.
Governmental organizations, private funding to speed up construction of housing,
Little slow on some of the projects on construction of a safe haven for the people.
State Council 90 square meters small apartment houses,
In the lower income people have a dream of hope.
Government to provide cheap housing, poverty,
Feel of winter to the warmth of the weak are not afraid of Xueshuang.
Requirements must be released according to the cost of housing price
This is not a trade secret, no reason to stop.
Do not deprive the people's right to know the right to choose
The practice of unscrupulous merchants huyou God must be thoroughly shovel light.
Construction areas corrupt officials red coat camouflage,
Corrupt officials and unscrupulous merchants doing the oppressing trade.
In the black hide the dirt behind the transaction,
Ghost in the constantly wandering, the black hole every day in the expansion.
State Council issued a document to suppress the seven ministries prices soared and
many times,
National house prices still rising, but not discussed.
Is this the real estate market economy in China?
Speculators with legal sanctions must be drastic.
Heavy penalty violations to profiteers not have evil desires,
Rules of the game with the legal norms are not allowed to juggle.
Allowed to develop real estate Maibu Wan on the next estate,
The dream of all the plundered wealth of the people completely buried!
Can not let the weak in the distant dream of wandering the battlefield,
Not be allowed to address the weak housing on the mouth to talk.
Half a century of waiting to lose the inherent direction
Eventful years sent the sun to give the weak.
Looked at one another a poor high-rise scaffolding
Pretty busy site house a long time they stand up.
I am afraid they are not afraid of hardship can not afford marriage junior room
Old granddaughter when the grandmother was a little nervous.
Totally disheartened, sad than grief,
Mo disaster risk in sexual corruption, chaos and even in Germany Mo funeral.
Gu Qing big thinkers say:
"There is the biggest hidden trouble than the poor."
Wolf and the lamb can not live with a thatched cottage,
Wuhu and hens can not sing the same song;
All riches have to remember a simple truth
Brought down the poor cottage will lift riches down the paradise!
          4, Germany will
Ancestral lands by no means riches their heritage,
Riches their motherland is not a private garden.
Harmonious society is not because of the wealth and riches are wonderful,
Rely on people to promote a harmonious society wheel forward.
Construction of the city 1000 10 000 people to leave the blood and sweat,
People for the construction of the motherland in the quiet dedication.
Mother city because of thousands of people,
Will have a quiet starry night.
Though pockets of the poor have no money,
But the poor mind even than the sky wide.
Motherland they always have the most sincere best wishes,
Only the prosperity of the motherland have happy homes.
Skyscrapers, villas and low shantytown accompanied
The face of natural arrangement, the poor change in thinking.
The poor will one day fly like the eagle blue sky,
The poor of tomorrow will be sunny!
Then the people have 90 square meters living room,
Then social stability, a strong country, people's happiness;
Then the motherland will be changing to progress
Wealth instead of poverty, laughter instead of crying.
Civilization instead of ignorance, health instead of disease,
Harmonious society - is full of joy of spring.
Motherland has become a stand in the forefront of the world's peoples,
To this day when public servants should not hesitate to pieces!
Remember Long is the tragic journey of the Chinese revolution,
Because of the victory march leaders and soldiers to take a road;
Remember Yan'an cave's decoration is just how simple,
Yan'an spirit lives on because people happy.
Martyrs spirit ever be remembered through the ages, shining future generations of
Faithful implementation of the party's aim "to serve the
Follow the rule of law, a service government, democratic government of the road
Moving and inspiring people will remain as ever!
                  February 26, 2007

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