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									Wang Xiao
China's first hybrid Wang Xiao teacher tutor group do for you
?Huanggang Middle School has a strong faculty and a unique teaching method, is
truly the elite schools, for 20 years, nearly 100% rate of college entrance examination,
focusing on university places, more than 80%, won 16 international school Olympiad
medals, the National level competition awards more than 900 items on more than
3,300 provincial-level awards, ranked as the first national schools by the party and
state leaders and community acclaim. To "achieve equality of education for
every student to enjoy the best education" for the purpose, so that every
family, every secondary school students a strong desire on the Huanggang with reality.
Whether students to someone without Internet access can be anywhere as long as you
can accept the guidance of East Middle School teacher, students equal access to the
country's first high school - Huanggang secondary school, to ensure the
successful realization of the ideal life! Pay more attention to learning the coaching,
problem solving techniques, and examination skills introduced. Child's
situation different, tailored to their learning and learning to set a good plan. At the
same time, through great psychological consultant to address you and your child
about the psychological barriers to education, education for your children easy; let the
children happily learning knowledge.
Ad hoc, the entrance column: How to achieve a breakthrough in the college entrance
exams and, questions of experts, focused on multi-year study in the College Entrance
Examination essence, analysis, key college entrance examination, difficulty, test
centers, error-prone points, accurately, the college entrance examination, pulse,
familiar with the College Entrance Examination test standard, explains, the college
entrance examination score of secret papers, analysis, how college entrance exam,
how to score. So that you handle things effectively twice the time. Admitted to the
ideal institution to help you! For your dream wings!
Wang Xiao advantage of East Middle School
● advanced technology platform:
Huanggang successfully developed a national high school Wangxiao first composite
Wang Xiao: the exchange through discussions, contests Da Lei, learning points, points
endowed, talent and motivation to take part in PK function to transfer students
enthusiasm for learning, through online design classes, integral Award punishment,
learning program management, records management and other functions to learn, to
fill the traditional Wang Xiao lack of student management. By parents, schools and
parents online, SMS communication so that parents also become the main body of
Wang Xiao learning.
Strong faculty ●:
Huanggang grade teachers, 21 secondary schools, 85 senior teachers, two foreign
teachers, 10 more than the State Department and the Hubei provincial government
enjoy special allowance; participate in the work of teachers, Wang Xiao encompasses
almost all of the super Huanggang secondary, senior enjoy the benefits of teachers and
experts in the State Department
● enrich the teaching content:
Huanggang teaching classes online high school can be summarized as is practical,
effective three "real." Teaching classes online is that it covers
all the national curriculum and syllabus of knowledge points, basically around the
version with the synchronization of various tonight exemplifies this is the only. Utility
Watch is teaching classes online, said the main and difficult, all the essence of
teaching, students generally will not solve the problem summarized save study time.
Effectiveness is easy to understand that teaching classes online, giving top priority,
enlightening, can allow students to enlightened, very effective in improving
● valuable learning materials:
Huanggang actual subject in secondary schools is strong, divided into: the
consolidation of knowledge of issues, deepening to improve the problems, to adapt to
the college entrance examination questions, you can pit one against ten to one
hundred when, on the mastery of knowledge, meet the test is very helpful. Huanggang
schools each year have hit on the exact situation of Entrance Examination. Wang Jiao
of East Middle School will provide students information on these valuable glance.
Huanggang secondary Wang Jiao of learning (four-step learning method): The first
step: Knowledge Strengthening: Strengthening the knowledge week, a knowledge
system; Step two: teacher face to face: There are doubts about breaking the key,
difficult knowledge; the third step: Synchronous Test: Understanding the use of the
knowledge, leak filled; the fourth step: teacher Q: FAQ, full absorption of the
网校 common sense
1, some media said that the negative impact of Internet on children, how to avoid this?
The 21st century is called the information age, the computer has gradually become an
indispensable part of social life. In such an era, not the Internet, will not use the
computer, almost the equivalent of illiteracy. The child's access problem
can not be blind to the "blocking" can guide the child toward a
healthy way of the Internet, the Wang Xiao is on the health of students in the most
favorable of broadband services.
2, Wang Xiao and the relationship between school education
Wang Xiao is for schools to add, increase. Secondary school curricula to meet the
requirements and achieved excellent results, 45-minute class alone is not enough,
there must be a lot of hard lessons. Select a good School, the classroom will help you
fully digest the knowledge to make a substantial performance increase.
Honours: Beijing in the college entrance examination scores higher than 100
multisection circumstances, of East Middle School for 20 years, nearly 100% rate of
college entrance examination, access to 16 international Olympiad medals, more than
900 times by the national awards. Only 2002 to 2003, there were 108 national contest
prize. Wang Jiao of East Middle School students will get this training, ability of
examination was invincible.
The end of 2004, in Sohu, China's computer education and so on more than
20 media-sponsored national network of educational institutions named in the Top
Ten, Huanggang secondary Wang Jiao wins the "national network of
educational institutions Ten Best" title.
December 2006, the central Ministry of Education organized by UNESCO and other
units by the "2006 China Education and Training institutions Brand
General Comments," Beijing is too odd Educational Technology (Holdings)
Ltd, Huanggang secondary Wang Xiao, chairman, president Ran East by as: leading
China - China Outstanding Manager of education and training sector.
Select Huanggang Secondary School, the is to choose success!

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