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									Wang Luo Dan
Wang Luo Dan actor ★ ☆
Name: Wang Luo Dan
English Name: May
Birthday: January 30, 1984
Blood type: B type
Birthplace: Inner Mongolia Chifeng
Family members: parents, sister, Luo Dan
Height: 170cm
Weight: 46kg
Constellation: Aquarius
Features: piano, drums cello
Hobbies: reading, rock climbing, swimming pool skating
Personality: outspoken, straightforward, a bit Taidalielie
Education: Beijing Film Academy 2001 undergraduate performance
Personal preferences ★ ☆
Hobbies ---------- reading, rock climbing, swimming, playing the piano and quiet
---------- Sincere love like interpretation of a role
Usually like to watch cartoons ---------- incredible game
---------- Favorite stuffed bear
623 Animals like ---------- Fu (Fu Dan Luo dog is, but 08 at the end of wandered off.
623 is a cute puppy, Luo Dan's new favorite)
A lot of books like the type ----------
Favorite music ---------- feeling
Black and white like the color pink ----------
---------- Drinks like mineral water
---------- Favorite stuff on the folder chock!
Like a lot of snacks ---------- often changed recently like beef jerky mustard Peas
The most admired artists ---------- Shu Qi, Zhou Xun and me
The most annoying thing ---------- Walawala loud

★ ☆ Films
"That's the wrong tree," played by: Ching Ching
Director: Niu Yue
"Very Road" plays: Small New Director: Yang Wenjun
"Death car" plays: the United States and the United States
Director: Joshua

TV works ★ ☆
"Butterfly Feifei" Played by: Michael Le director; He Luo
(co-star: Tong Dawei Yang Xue Wei-Zhu Yuchen)
"My youth who call the shots" money demo Dingzhuang Zhao
"sunshine like a flower blooming," played by: Dan Juan
Director: Jun Wang (co-star: Mon Wai, Tong Lei)
"Mother river" plays: Big Peach Director: Gao Wei Ning
(co-star: Sarina, Yu Na)
"Hoh Xil / father and Xi" plays: Ding Wenjing Director: Xu
Geng (cooperation Cast: Li Xiaoran, Xuebing)
"War orphans" played: DU Wei Director: Self-Weed (co-star:
Chen Shali Chen Zhao Yan Wu Ma Angela Chang Huo Yan)
"Chinese women judges" play: Left Mui Director: Xu Geng
(co-star: Ju Xue Cheng Qian Zhao Jun)
"Struggle" played Mile Director: Zhao Baogang (co-star:
Xiao-Lu Mayi-li Tong Dawei Zhu Yuchen chenguang article)
"Hushan" played: Li Snow Director: Zhao Chun-Kai (co-star:
Yu Na Lian Yi names into Thai Son)
"My youth who call the shots," play: the money demo Director:
Zhao Baogang (co-star: Zhaozi Qi Zhu Yuchen Lu Yi Zhao Linlin Park, Zhang Duo)
"Shake the world's seven" play: off a small West,
Director: Zhao Jun Kai (co-star: Tang in Hong Xu Zi-Bo Jiaxiao Chen Bao-Guo Chen
Tong Lei Tsang Fan Wei)
"Loved Exile" also known as "Fragrance,"
Director: Yang Wenjun played: lau (co-star: Huang Xiaoming Jianileiluo Health Lixin
Tong Yang Mi) [1]
"And the flight attendants the day of cohabitation," played by:
Ran Jing
Drama works ★ Sartre's "wall"
"Love the mountains far away"
"Old fogy"
"Mother's Day,"

Songs ★ ☆
"Put My Love" and Pan Weibo chorus, taken from Will Pan
album, "reverse the Earth", a film MV.
The single "Tears of ice cream."
Hairun produced "Hushan" episode "I believe that
one day."

Children's song, "blowing bubbles"
★ ☆ experience
Inspirational youth drama "struggle" from the college campus
about a few young people out of the experience of struggle, shaped the distinctive
character of many people, of which Wang Luo Dan, played by
"Mile" the most popular, her emotional attachment to their own
love silly to pay so many people moving, many viewers sigh, "so, few
people now." Wang Luo Dan, said she and the "Mile"
like, are often the true interpretation of their own out of character and attitude of love
are very similar.
Wang Luo Dan is a "rock girl", according to Haiyan novel
"dark prison to prison," 28-episode adaptation of
"sun like a flower blooming," and finally on February 24, 2006
Channel premiere city in Jiangsu Province, and in early March Orient Movie Channel
at the Shanghai meeting and the general audience, and the drama played by Dan Juan
Wang Luo Dan corner, especially in its rebellious, wild and very eye-catching. In fact,
the crew picked Wang Luo Dan at first because of her "Butterfly Fly for
Fun," a play soft, quiet appearance, may Wang Luo Dan has chosen to pick
the film Danjuan this and their appearance and personality of a completely different
villain. For this role, Wang Luo Dan waist-long hair cut off for many years, and even
missed Wang Xiaoshuai's film "Dreams." After the
director, Haiyan and the producers of two three joint trials, Wang Luo Dan finally win
this role. All of this, only because she believes "the role of
challenging." Her efforts paid off, the director hit her performance score of
95 points.
With the flagship Haiyan, Haiyan play in the "Sea Lady," a
focus of attention, even new unknown can quickly speak out. From Xu Jinglei, Yuan
Li to Sun Li, Na Yu, Yan Hai heroine, can be called a red one. Video graduate just this
year, rookie of the North Luo Dan, also by this new rapid budding Yan Hai. However,
Wang Luo Dan, a young age but did not want to only when a popular "Sea
Lady," her goal is to play as a variety of roles over the
For the inexperienced it is "risky" starred opposite role, Wang
Luo Dan afraid the audience will shape her. She said: "The role of the
public does not like the aesthetic type, but I have shot debut four plays and a film are
different roles, the actors speak, after all, depends on work, making work better will
be able to reverse the the idea of the audience. "As for whether you want to
by as" Sea Lady, "the opportunity to Rounds, Wang Luo Dan
see lighter:" I look forward to all of my performances have recognized, the
other does not matter. "
Remember the "sunshine like a flower blooming," we asked the
director Jun Wang's idea of the image when Dan Juan said:
"Dan Juan Ganaiganhen, very lively, despite other criminal acts, but at
least her love and attachment, , this point is very pleasing. perseverance in love with
the charm of personality, the audience appreciate her more from the aesthetic sense,
and this is where the success of this role. the audience she would not have moral sense
Judgement. "
Wang Dan Wang Luo Dan Luo is the best person to meet this requirement, about the
"sunshine like a flower blooming" in Dan Juan's
style, she seems very happy and said that just took a new Danjuan red hair to give the
image of the photo I think, could see that she was like "sunshine like a
flower blooming" in modeling, before the amount of red hair, lo shi tight
little T-shirt, slim jeans a small package, she thinks her stylists design This shape is
appropriate to reflect both the personality, the same time look is cool! Oh, her appetite
Many people may not know, Wang Luo Dan, many of the students before her have
quickly become famous, including starred in TV series "Super
Girls" Gunai Liang, and is filming "Sword" and by
Huang. About these famous students, the youngest in the class is not quite the envy of
Wang Luo Dan: "I am expecting a slow precipitation of fame, rather than
an idol-like popularity. You want to be artistes who would of course take advantage of
their youth, may want to be real actors would need time. "
To sample the expense of "Hue"
Read the "struggle" of the audience almost did not like Mile,
and a bar for the love been hurt severely. Mile of actor Wang Luo Dan quickly
became the new generation idol. Director Zhao Baogang found the girl of plasticity,
then the "youth" Choupai the first time, contact Wang Luo Dan,
Wang Luo Dan himself is hesitant: "sample that role too busy,
I'm afraid the audience could not accept, then the director said, rest assured,
looking back, samples not as crazy as you say. "
Zhao Baogang not ask for much, but he's a "take the role of
spiritual performance in", so Wang Luo Dan 1:00 guilty of cheating:
"What is spiritual level, not that play a man?" Thought to want
to go to Wang Luo Dan gradually he found sense of : "Everyone
exterior's heart is different. Mile graduate, is a modern human, rich, and
open big Ben, her lung power and others do not speak, she's not the money
to the spirit. But the sample is not, her middle school, at home no money, no seen the
world, the pursuit of material nature is very strong. Mile and sample treatment are not
the same emotional way, Mile passive and active sample, when the collision to love
the person, the money will sample students pounced to go. "
Ready to shoot before, Zhao Wang Luo Dan lead suddenly found wrong shape
children, especially, and Zhao Qing Chu Zhao Ziqi station played together, then
realized that Wang Luo Dan's short hair and money to sample the lively
girl of 21 years of age does not match temperament. "We want a small for
gestational age, Xiaomao children, must be long hair." Wang Luo Dan was
then made to find make-up artist, model, the Wang Luo Dan quickly find people state.
"Although the first episode playing style was quite hard to see, big Ben
children first, comb the two Xiao Bian, also red with green, especially soil, but I was
quite grateful to the director let me sacrifice 'hue', look into his
new role on." Xiao Wang Luo Dan said.
Lively and cheerful VS sad despair
Because       the   continuous     star   in    "struggle"         and
"youth" treason two lively and cheerful girl, Wang Luo Dan
early to face the problem of duplication of roles. Frequent publicity in the interview,
she met the most journalists launched an attack is "how to
transcend." In fact, in the "struggle" before the play
Haiyan Wang Luo Dan (see professional theater reviews) drama "Deep in
prison to prison," the single-Juan, is a frosty, sad and desperate woman.
Finished last year's art film "death car", Wang Luo
Dan is not a line, looking melancholy, is a completely non-mainstream. Wang Luo
Dan was blunt: "There are a lot of friends turned back to see"
deep      prison    to    prison,     "In     fact,   you'd          say
'beyond' the. Haha, if the" dark prison to prison
"on the back of broadcast, you will see me different, especially cold,
especially wild, special pull. "
That year, Zhao Baogang Wang Luo Dan, because that's cold and drag, it
requested "deep prison to prison," the director Jun Wang to help
pull strings. "Struggle" in Zhao Baogang Wang Luo Dan
prepare for the two roles, the rich girl Mile worry about eating and drinking, and
second, working hard for working women in Beijing, Lulu. According to the original
vision, Mile rich states should be rosy and plump girls, so it appears to have surplus
grain generous family. Wang Luo Dan lean one, nothing like. So, in two roles, Zhao
Baogang prefer her to play Lulu. Later Zhao Baogang has not found a white and fat
and pretty girl, and decided to play Fu Wang Luo Dan II. It is said that in line with the
image of Wang Luo Dan, the script will be Mile deliberately changed the identity of
the father, the wealthy special knowledge of the rich soil into construction materials
business tycoons.
As hard as the sample
"Youth" in the sample, reckless impulse, attracted me, quick
success, but she has never given up the pursuit and effort. Wang Luo Dan ourselves?
To Beijing from Inner Mongolia Chifeng battles alone entertainment, is not easy.
"I do not Mile excellent family background, so I worked hard in Beijing
still needs work." The first film had received, Wang Luo Dan's
pay is pitifully low. "Out of the money spent eating and drinking far more
than my paycheck. When teachers do not agree that the film school out of the lowest
cost 3,000 yuan a set ah, they do so to bully people. But then think, anyway, drama
graduate row over, overhauled to go. I also learned a lot. "and all the
business for the newcomer, Wang Luo Dan have four months to get any play time,
pocket money when the parents want. "Fortunately, I have a skill, like
sample, what are sloppy, but fortunately, this time advocating individuality, so too
Arthur, as I have the opportunity to display their own people."
My youth I call the shots
"Youth" is the performance of the collision between elders and
children and communication. Wang Luo Dan lives with their parents frequently some
minor friction between the mother used the tone of education can not be questioned
her: "I am your mother, so what you what an adult says, not harm
you." Temper looks somewhat like a play that Cong Shan Ma performed.
Wang Luo Dan's father is a nice guy, except not very poor character like
her father the money demo. Wang Luo Dan said: "Most parents want for
their children's youth and future interests and hope to children tied to the
waist of trousers belt, which is no big, it will not get a big mistake. Fortunately, my
parents did so too." Wang Luo Dan, thank parents When your dreams do
not stop, "They took me to Beijing to test Beijing Normal University as a
teacher, but I insist that test film school, and finally they calmly accepted."
In most eyes, after 80 own material, the game of life, and the sample's
attitude towards the opposite of love. Successful sample stood ready to ignore
high-homogeneous, non-housing did not keep up no money, no car will also back up a
debt they break put in jail for Fang Yu, feels unrealistic. Wang Luo Dan immediately
countered: "do not matter a bit after 80, 80 In fact, after the child-specific
aggressive, because they have been beaten, has not been calculated before, the same
sample as money, as always, forging ahead, confident that I can create a new day 80
after the same ideals of a generation. "
Wang Luo Dan said that Qi is auntie killer high drama, is like my parents generation,
but is now advocating the age of individuality, Fang Yu Fang Yu's special
and admit defeat the spirit moved sample, and the two have lived through too many
things will not give up easily.

"Struggle" broadcast, "Mile" was a
number of men as the ideal lover. Beijing Film Academy as an undergraduate 01
performances Wang Luo Dan, also known a time greatly increased their emotional life
together was our concern.
Recently, an insider who told reporters, Wang Luo Dan is very long suffered a period
of "office romance", the object is easy to Hairun 1000 Music
Director, is also a guy looks refined. Their relationship has developed to the point
where gonna get married, have been out of school and has been unable to Wang Luo
Dan was once popular because of discouraged and intend to get married, but
"struggle" of the hit suddenly pushed her to the sight of all. In
this regard, the law of well-known circle boyfriend willing to sacrifice for her, then
abandoned in the wedding preparations, efforts to build Wang Luo Dan again, and
give the company under a strict gagging, will this "office
romance" closed up.
Since the "struggle" has been hit across the country, the play
that Ganaiganhen the "Mile" by the majority of the audience,
but also by virtue of Wang Luo Dan, "Mile," the role of
overnight popular in country and become the 80 After the young idol.
Name "Mile", people first think of is her health and lively
personality. Wang Luo Dan gave a great show the true nature of the audience to
remember her lively, cheerful, and also attracted the attention of many media, she has
thus become a major fashion, health, media, eager to invite the Reds.
Wang Luo Dan by major fashion, health, media, popular, many accept the
"Fashion COSMO Bride," "girlfriend",
"Man'sUno",                  "New             Wave
Electronics",               "New                  Weekly",
"1626",          "Modern         Health"       and
"Health House" and other invited health magazine fashion,
shooting magazine covers and the inside pages of Interview magazine accepted. In
addition, the major fashion events also have Chinese and Wang Luo Dan, youth,
health, temperament, she was trotted out to the olive branch, a fashion brand, fashion
conference, Wang Luo Dan attended dressed in the latest fashion dresses, elegant
appearance, murder a lot of film journalists.
Fight in the end for White
"I was young, my beautiful, my family money, I am talented, I am not
confident on what basis."
In the hit series "struggle", the Mile of the phrase lines touted
by many young people. Mile there will be even bothering.
Wang Luo Dan, skip meals, hiding in a hotel room with all kinds of cosmetics
launched a fierce fight. Due to travel fatigue and lack of sleep caused the eye, the
natural partial black color, some scattered hair, are the root of her troubles. After
nearly two hours, while Wang Luo Dan muttered, "do not usually have a
bit of makeup," while reluctantly open to all kinds of pie thing they painted
their faces and scrub. Wang Luo Dan, the most troublesome for her skin color, as
people in Inner Mongolia, Wang Luo Dan, although not seen grasslands, has chosen
to grassland were partial genetic health of black skin color. In this regard, Wang Luo
Dan had to jokes: "Every time I gotta make-up artist that can play my
white spots, whitening has become my life's biggest dreams and
Married friends do not envy
"Struggle" in play in the Mile Wang Luo Dan played on Tong
Dawei Lu Tao fond, life and Tong Dawei Wang Luo Dan are good friends, however,
surprising is that for Tong Dawei Wang Luo Dan, regarding the birth of his father
knew nothing.
Let slip once said: "not you get pregnant 10 months, which so early
ah?" After a few seconds to react before Wang Luo Dan laughed:
"Tomorrow we must call to congratulate him." Loved the
original "Lu Tao," now man Father, even the
"rival" Vivid will be upgraded to the mother, was hanging under
the no envy Wang Luo Dan, "I would much ah, you are so ask, I feel like I
have not go out the same old to marry."
Wang Luo Dan Zhao Baogang recently concluded series "My youth who
call the shots" of the film, she played the escape from the Yinchuan Beijing
working hard for the money demo, and Mile different, Wang Luo Dan joked that role
is complete, "bumpkin", appearance is not re-fashion, but full of
comedy, Wang Luo Dan said: "It's like a big clown, often where
I play with, Zhao pathway in the lens crazy laugh, causing me to often
As for the ability to use the "Mile" Aspen, Wang Luo Dan is
take it lightly, "" struggle "years, I only play a role
will the few women on the 3rd, allowing the audience to like me, I think is
enough," " Mile also need to undergo a longer life experiences.

TV ★ ☆
2009.4.28 Japanese guest Hunan Satellite TV to "tell the story";
Zhejiang Satellite TV "I love to remember the lyrics"
"Date with Lu Yu" Wang Luo Dan
2009.4.30 on Tianjin TV, "Hu may feel Star": "Date
with Lu Yu: Wang Luo Dan youth I call the shots"
2009.5.17 on TV in Anhui, "Sunday I am the greatest"
2009.5.18 Day is Road Phoenix
2009.6.13 ~ 6.19 guest movie channels on "light star podcast"

Wang Luo Dan Zhu Yuchen ☆ ★ young photo
From the tear-jerking "butterfly Fei Fei" to get Joseph playing
the poor "struggle" ups and downs and then to "My
youth who call the shots", with increasingly sophisticated acting and
soaring popularity Zhuyu Chen and Wang Luo Dan, both elected "a new
four-niche" and "The new four small rising star", as
well as 90 after 80 after many dream lover.
After a 80 icon youth, their fullest youth, interpretation of their understanding of life.
Zhu Yuchen said: "As a 80, I think we have a sense of mission, when a
small, always feel that there is one major thing to be done, although we have not find
the lodge had light, but always ready." [ 3]
On a recent program, two people said in unison that it is "youth"
propaganda of the hope that a good job. Wang Luo Dan most recently the ideal is to
sleep, she was a wry smile out of three finger gestures at me: "Yesterday I
went to bed for 3 hours." Zhu Yuchen very busy working to enjoy the
status, as if a working madman. He said: "I experienced a year, but the
taste of the game is beat, torment ah! As long as Me and shoot, regardless of the role
of size, would feel very good. The near future if there is time, I hope to go on a trip,
patted photos, writing writing songs . "During the interview, Wang Luo
Dan on too much for some of the recent work of busy, increasingly thin, and
frequently told reporters that has been a long time without adequate sleep, not good
when the star, while the red star is more terrible.

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