Very touching by fdjerue7eeu


									Very touching

One day the boy the courage of the girl crush on for years, said: "I love
you, will you be my girlfriend?" The girl smiled on the boy said:
"Sure! But you have to wait for me two years." Boys agreed
very happy (really happy, I believe that crush over the boys and girls should
understand the feeling), but because he did not ask her because he believed that if he
did not point to anything on the match for girls, but also Girls do not want to suffer
with her. Since then his work very hard every day, and soon passed a year to forge
ahead with his spirit and outstanding expertise has been appreciated by the boss,
promote him to do the marketing manager's seat, a monthly salary of the
10000. He was happy because he has the ability to let the girl can live a better life. His
first time to the good news to tell the girl, are not even called home to tell their
parents because he wants girls to share their happiest moments. A month later, he got
his first salary after promotion. The next day is a weekend, he got up early to, because
he made an appointment the girls out to play! He put herself up before going out,
driving a rented car came to pick girls girls school gate. (Girls are college students)
that day to play with them very happy, especially boys, because girls do earlier
promised her girlfriend. Since then they have been very happy until one year after the
girl graduated from college, the work assigned to other cities, the night before
departure is very sad girl crying, because they must split up! This is the first time the
boy saw her cry, because she is a very stronger girl, she's vulnerable side
are themselves hidden, only time will vent against boys out, because the boy would
bar her laughter is very patient, She likes the way she looked at the boy coax. The boy
sad to see her cry so sad, today he could not coax her, but let her go to bed earlier and
left! The girl was puzzled, thinking that the boy did not attach importance to her, so
she cried even more sad, and slowly tears tired to sleep! Looked at the boy woke up
the next morning to help her buy a train ticket is two in the afternoon, the toilet was a
good bow ready to leave the rental house, he did not call the boy because she thought
the boy abandoned her. She cried a taxi to the station. Took out his mobile to see the
time, found a text message is sent the boy, and: "girl, and I feel good now?
Do not blame me hurry to go yesterday, so I'll give you a
surprise." Girls did not understand to the station. The boy saw the girl at
first sight, ran past, laughing girl tapped on the shoulder. Girls saw him immediately
after the very serious and asked him: "Why." "I just
told you, I will give you a surprise, and now you say it!!! I apply for transfer to the
leadership, I want them transferred to your work in my city, so we can be together! Oh,
if yesterday night, then go to Lai Buji, and today there is no way to accompany you
for a ride! Oh, "girl time they covered, how she can not think of boys will
work hard for her to give up out here, all that she Leng Leng's asked:
"Then you go over there or the original position?"
"manager or managers, but wages are only less than half the original!
"girl slumped over asked:" worth it? "the boy
laughed very happy" girl, I do not regret it! "the girl cried! Cry
very happy, because she found a man worthy of his love life. Two days later, boys and
girls to this strange city, and rented a house, but the boys behaved. Gradually into the
life of the track, occasionally arguing that they would fight, but each time the boys are
the first admit, whether or not his fault. Time flies, are gonna get married to each
other's time! Parents of both men and women are in favor with them. In
this way, they are engaged. But ... ... just before they are ready to get married, the girl
had a car accident, only to buy a watch to the boy. Medical diagnosis may be a
lifetime to stand up girls, and girls lose their fertility. The boy's parents on
the spot should cancel the marriage contract, but only to force the boy to death threats
he and his girl with parental consent. Since then, the boy during the day time and
asked a nanny to take care of middle-aged girls in the evening back on yourself, take
care of the boy on the girls almost every possible way, but the girls from that day did
not laugh in it! One day, a weekend, the boy pushed the girl out shopping with a
wheelchair, they went to a mall, bought a lot of things boys to girls, and girls are the
most favorite brand before. But the girl or her eyes glazed. At that time suddenly felt
the earth shaking, shopping malls in the shaking, people are shaking, girls and boys at
once threw himself into the ground, and then surrounded by girls with their own
bodies. H ... H ... only to hear the voice sounded, an earthquake! No one could react,
but reaction to it boys, girls With Superman in the body under pressure to protect the
girls from harm. Girl cry! Girl has finally revealed the fragility of her side of it!
"Cough ... cough ..." "Woo ... Woo ... husband, are
you okay? Ooo, ooo," "silly girl, do not cry, I'm fine!
You all right?" "Husband, I'm fine, you must not
something ah!" "girl ah! future you want to smile more ah! not
always champagne! so beautiful not know?" "Well, as long as
we can safely go out what I heard you all right?" "You Xianshui
about, so wake up on the outside of you? "" Well! husband you
really all right? "" Nothing, my life is very hard, all right, you
Xianshui on! "soon girl asleep boy smiled difficult pocket phone, open the
record open: "The silly girl, then I is not around to take good care of
yourself, although we did not get married after played happily together, but I do not
regret Because I love you, ah! Eh-hem, cough ... I'm back in the pre-board
has been pressing me for two hours! I think I was to die, I hope your future can be
even more happy, do not want me, do not cry for me, I love your smile! The only pity
is that I do not see your last smile, really really miss ah! Oh, goodbye wife, my next
life, if possible I would also like to be your husband, will you? Remember that year
you promised to do when my girlfriend how much I happy? Oh my days straight no
sleep, I die happy, Oh! wife asked me before you always worthwhile, I have only one
thing to with you, girl, I do not regret it! I will never regret it done for you! worship of
the wife, I walk first! "" Hurry up, Kuai Diana! here also Kuai
Diana! this guy The following are a woman alive, quick! hey, this guy is not mad!
woman still air, Hurry up this man and this woman pulled out of the man's
body do not get do not make should be what this woman man! "the girl
survived, and it also miraculously stood up, the doctor said that because of the
earthquake is probably down to the nervous system to correct the sake of it! Girl
holding a boy's mobile phone, stood before the tomb of the boy recordings
come to sit down and kiss the saying: "My husband, I love you, I
remember your words, I'll take good care of their own, will be happy to
laugh, do not worry, there is, if my next life, then I also willing to do your silly girl,
girl I,

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