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Would you like to sleep in it? (06 new classic Jicui) ~!

  1, Moonlight, suspected ground frost, I raise my eyes to the moon, my name is Guo
Degang. (Guo Degang quotations)

  2, sentence sergeants called: "put down stinky tofu! Release of the
hostages! Surrender! This is your only chance to ... ... (" My Own
Swordsman "quotations)

  3,1644 on June 6, Manchus invaded Beijing, China for the future and made
outstanding contribution to television. (1 Shanghai poet clearly show that nowadays
the proliferation of evaluation.)

   4, I am very attractively, but also a single man can not interest me! Others dare not
wear my Ganchuan, others dare not say, I dare say, other people I do not dare! I like a
teeth peach, and Wong Kar-wai is the juicer. (Zhang Ziyi quotations)

  9, which do not never asked his wife, Foreign Affairs is not never ask Google!
(User quotations. Why not ask Baidu? I was first asked Baidu, ask Google.)

  10, for the recently launched by China Unicom to do the image of Jay's
grandfather spokesman, called the "grandson was playing
M-Zone" campaign, China Mobile immediate response, they claimed that
the father has signed Yao Ming, will soon launch a large-scale publicity,
"the son of the new time and space, I pass the world "slogan.

   Then, China Unicom to hire 82-year-old newlywed Prof Yang spokesperson for the
new image, the slogan was: "I can!" China Mobile to fight back,
immediately asked Yang's wife Weng Fan spokesperson for the new image,
slogan: "You can not, I rivers and lakes can call you !~ rumors)

  11, a university campus with a pointed iron bars are, the above warning signs
banners are as follows: boys accidentally turn, will become a girl ... ... girls
accidentally turn, will become a woman ... ...

   12, women should not read much, because the minds of men: college students is the
Little Dragon Girl, Huang Rong undergraduates, graduate students Zhao, PhD is a
Limo Chou, a postdoctoral extinction Shi Tai, Shuoboliandu more terrible - - is the
legendary "The East is Red"! ! !

  Read more than men not because women in mind: college students are Wei
Xiaobao, is Duan Yu undergraduates, graduate students are Dingdian, Ph.D. is the
Chan Ka Lok, postdoctoral Ouyang Feng, Shuoboliandu it - he is terrible The
"Yue Buqun" again! ! !

  13, the three of us in time MBA. (Introduction of tuition Shanghai 2 years and 2
million children MBA education programs, more than 700 children compete time, a
white-collar workers have the pride of language.)

  14, iron rice bowl is not the true meaning of life in a place to eat rice, but a life
where to have food to eat.

  16, "before the remains of Chairman Mao, I feel very small, can have
the opportunity to visit the Memorial Hall is a great honor for me."
(Boxing champion Mike Tyson to the Chairman Mao Memorial Hall visited the great
man worship the remains of his life. Over the years Tyson has not hide his love for
Chairman Mao, he said: "Chairman Mao is the great man has
power." Tyson Mao also stabbed in his head right arm, he had read the
"Selected Works of Mao Zedong.")

  18, to interview me, and I must go to bed; in bed can be used long, how long I will
give you an interview. (A Beijing news media and a man made to Muzi Mei interview
requests have been answered.)

  19, Would you like to sleep in it? (A company's mattress ad.)

  23, as the mayor should try to provide public services, but I am sorry, without
including this one. (Andy girlfriend Yu Kexin claimed the former Taipei Mayor Ma
Ying-jeou is an ideal artificial insemination of his object, Ma Ying-jeou for comment.)

   24, cross-strait cooperation, make the world of money, what's wrong?
(Lien Chan's Peking University speech one that resonates most reflections
   ?25. Clawed pants to see the bottom before, and now to see the underpants to be
clawed ass

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