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									Vancouver, Canada Area Real Estate Description

West Vancouver
? West Vancouver from downtown Vancouver, about 20 minutes, overlooking a
beautiful, safe residential area, there are many leisure facilities, parks, tennis courts
and shopping centers.
? West Vancouver also is a gathering place for successful people in Canada is known
for. From here you can connect downtown Vancouver overlooking the Lions Gate
Bridge, an overview of the beautiful night view of Vancouver.
Wen West
? Greater Vancouver is an important city of Vancouver, its mostly doctors, lawyers,
university professors and other residents
? temperature than the West in terms of natural scenic north shore of a little lost the
edge; its sea views, breathtaking mountain views, and the Pacific
? Spirit of Forest Park and other parks, botanical gardens also make people reluctant
to leave
? temperature westward transportation, living, work very convenient, easily accessible
to anywhere in Greater Vancouver. More than the middle class is undoubtedly the best
people home park.
? cultural environment here in the Greater Vancouver should be first-class, not only
the famous UBC Canadian universities, and the number of the top ten public and
private schools, has attracted many Chinese families hopeful
Wen Dong
? It contains many different styles of multi-cultural communities, such as Little Italy,
Little India, Little Seoul and from China, Hong Kong and Taiwan Chinese people
(there is no place better than the fusion temperature and east sides of the three
additional conditions ). Grandview-Wookland community of Commercial Drive area
is a paradise for musicians and artists, but also a variety of ethnic cuisine restaurants
and food stores of the pool of alternative clothing store with all kinds of weird little
pubs, coffee shops and graffiti everywhere will civilian culture portrayed in this area
was warm and vivid.
? temperature than the temperature and the West East house prices have always been
cheaper, but since last year, its price rose magnitude of astonishing, especially in the
Renfrew Heights Killarney and the two communities most buyers favor. Generally
speaking, where the average middle-independent housing sales price is 30 million
people, because location of traffic will be much better than other regions of the
estimated future prices will continue higher
North Vancouver
? North Vancouver where there's top cross-country ski trails and excellent
downhill ramp, attract local residents and tourists round the clock in this play, but the
main charm is the summer hiking route network, because there also has a dense
evergreen trees and bold animal feeding everywhere.
? housing is more common and ordinary, the same quality of house in the West if the
temperature is 800 thousand, then there may be only worth 600,000. Generally
affordable for the middle class should have.
? number of community parks and open space, rivers, valleys, forests, so that the heart
of almost living in Vancouver's urban look so richly varied, charming, fit
the different needs of the people here live and work.
? In addition the city has a high-tech industrial parks, office buildings and has
developed a broad, undeveloped agricultural land (including floriculture and
vegetable growing industry), the most noteworthy is its four main business district,
not only attracted people in their surrounding habitat, but also residents of other cities
in Greater Vancouver also attracted to this shop.
Richmond Richmond
? It was translated into wealth and doors, by definition, should the city of Fu Ren
Suoju. Since the mid-eighties, mainly from Hong Kong Chinese immigrants to the
relatively deserted beach had built one of the most suitable for Chinese people living
in the modern metropolis.
? Whether the supermarket where goods, vegetables, or restaurants, snack food
restaurant, are in accordance with the Chinese, especially Hong Kong
people's lifestyle and eating habits to run, so the city's busiest
streets on the 3rd Road, there are new Chinatown is known as

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