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					University of Wisconsin-Madison
School Description:
University of Wisconsin-Madison, Madison, in Wisconsin's capital, is the
banner of the University of Wisconsin System schools. In the United States has a
national reputation in political science and economics are also famous. University of
Wisconsin-Madison is Wisconsin's largest state university. It is
America's most famous public research universities, schools here are also
called public Ivy is well-known Midwest founding member of the Big Ten
University of Wisconsin, is the most famous public universities in the United States is
the world's leading research universities. In the U.S., it is regarded as one
of the public in the Ivy League. It has a very good education, geography, history,
business and the Department of Sociology, University of Wisconsin, Department of
Food Science has disdain for the nation, often the first place. In a recent ranking, it
ranked seventh in the nation's public universities. In Gourman report on
undergraduate education, which are listed in the University of California, Berkeley
and University of Michigan, the University ranked third in the public. In addition, it
also set out in the quality of undergraduate education at the American University of
the eighth. According to the U.S. National Research Council (National Research
Council) research results, University of Wisconsin, 70 subjects ranked the top ten in
the nation. Jiaotong University in Shanghai ranking, it ranked No. 16 world
universities. University of Wisconsin Association of American University, one of 60
Schools with more than 100 undergraduate, master's degree may be
granted more than half, Ph.D., in which journalism, biochemistry, botany, chemical
engineering, chemistry, civil engineering, computer science, earth science, English,
geography, physics, Economics, German, history, linguistics, mathematics, business
administration (MBA), microbiology, molecular biology, mechanical engineering,
philosophy, Spanish, psychology, political science, statistics, sociology, zoology, and
many subjects with very strong research and teaching strength.
On the school's ranking:
Accounting American University ranked 12
The United States ranked a Sociology
Economics of American society ranked 4
U.S. industrial manufacturing professional ranks 12
U.S. Marketing professional ranks 15
Marketing major U.S. business schools ranked 19
Related costs:
Fee: $ 23, 063
Living expenses: $ 11, 970
Total: $ 35, 033
Admission requirements:
Undergraduate: TOEFL 80, IELTS 6.0, SAT1830-1980, class rank 86% -96%
Graduate: TOEFL 92, IELTS 7.0, lower than the scores, but if achieved TOEFL 80,
IELTS 6.0, schools can arrange admission tests, test results can be arranged according
to language courses.
Success Stories:
Mr Chan, Senior Middle School in the province focus on reading, average 93, IELTS
7.0, SAT1980, successful application in electrical engineering undergraduate course.