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University of Wisconsin System Introduction


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									University of Wisconsin System Introduction
  University of Wisconsin System is the second largest giant American system of state
universities by 13 at Wisconsin State University and the UWC 13 under the State
College and other components. 13 State University, belong to a university. University
system has 32,000 faculty members each year to serve more than 173,000 students.
The city of Madison in Madison main campus is the birthplace of the University of
Wisconsin System, the university system's flagship, the world number 15.
University of Wisconsin system, students between the major campus transformation,
as well as transfer credits more easily.
Wisconsin State University (River Falls)
University of Wisconsin (River Falls) was established in 1874, located in northern
Wisconsin's St. Croix river valley, to the beautiful banks of the river with
waterfall, while building a harmonious and beautiful campus is known, from the
Minnesota Twins about 30 urban areas
Minutes. Wisconsin State University (River Falls) University of Wisconsin System is
one of public universities. As a historic first-class universities, the University selected
US News in 2008, the Midwest's top public universities offer
master's degrees, one in 2009, it was Princeton Review named the Midwest
is one of 158 best universities
Campus services and facilities
University has four faculties: Arts and Sciences; Business Economics; Education
Institute; Agriculture and Food and Environmental Sciences. A total of more than 40
undergraduate and graduate disciplines, to study business and management science
reputation. Campus area of 90 hectares the total area of more than 270 hectares
School (2.7 square kilometers). Campus has 26 major academic buildings and a large
shopping mall in schools, and has two large experimental farm. The two oldest
buildings, the North School was built in 1914, the South Centre was built in 1898, a
state historic building. School District has 10 school buildings, meet the requirements
the students stay in school. School district has more than 40 professionals and
managed more than 300 students and staff to manage the after school for students
living and learning. More than 130 schools offer a variety of student groups, activities
and life. Schools also pay attention to sports, support up to
18 of the sporting arena
State University of Wisconsin (River Falls) detailed qualification,
Please refer to:
Chinese Ministry of Education approval:
Federation of International Business Certificate:
2008 US News rankings:
2009 Princeton Review:
School of the University of Wisconsin System Integration
UWC was established in 1922, located in Madison, Madison, is a member of the
University of Wisconsin System, with 13 statewide distribution of State College,
providing more than 250 professionals, more than 12,000 students in the school.
While the University of Wisconsin System and other universities in close cooperation
and exchange, the establishment of the Bachelor and master courses.
UWC's degree and credits directly recognize the other four-year
universities, including University of Wisconsin-Madison master system
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Wisconsin - English as Wisconsin (abbreviated WI), in the fifty states, the
comprehensive strength ranks the 16th place
Wisconsin,      the    name     comes     from   Indian     words      meaning    the
"grass" Grassy Place. Located in the northern United States,
another name for the badger state. Northwest near Lake Superior, east of Lake
Michigan. An area of 145,300 square kilometers. Population 4,906,700 (1990), urban
population accounted for about 65%. Capital of Madison. Average annual rainfall of
760 mm, spring and more. 45% forest cover, mainly in the north. 1643 French
explorer for Nike Lai became the first Europeans arrived here. 1763 by the British.
1783 ownership of the United States. 1836 built border. Joined the Union in 1848,
became the 30th state. 45% in state forest areas, fertile land, is the main origin of
American Ginseng. Agriculture to dairy-based, dairy farms known as the United
States. Manufacturing to mining machinery, X-ray equipment, lifting machines mainly.
State residents are descendants of immigrants from Northern Europe, Scandinavian
culture has great influence

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