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Universal insurance coverage to be cautious


									Universal insurance coverage to be cautious
Currently, there are a lot of friends in insurance markets are particularly good, like
when to keep on when to keep, like when to take on when to take, but the sum insured
can be adjustable, like how to guarantee security number, and the pay low, to protect
high. I have been engaged in life insurance sales time is not long, but understand this
argument with the insurance, investment principles Xianran contrary, the thin find out
until after that, the original 又 is industry risk Lai 忽悠 universal human Yong Ren,
can not help Xiangqi a Qianbei talk about universal insurance, said the word,
universal insurance is not 忽悠 not sell it!
Universal Insurance Glossary
Universal insurance refers to any payment of insurance premiums, and payments can
adjust the amount of death benefit of life insurance. In other words, in addition to
payment of a certain minimum amount of insurance premiums after the first phase,
the applicant may at any time, any amount of premium paid, and any increase or
decrease the amount of death benefit, as long as the policy's cash value
accumulated enough to pay for subsequent of the costs and expenses on it. Moreover,
the calculation of universal life insurance cash values have a minimum guaranteed
interest rate, guaranteed minimum rate of return. Simply put, that is, payment free, the
amount of free adjustment of life insurance products.
Who is important to protect and investment
It is understood that the insurance coverage, universal insurance products available in
the market usually provides death protection with a total disability up to the
responsibility, but the death of the insurance claim payment amount can be divided
into two general requirements. One is the amount of death claims for the insurance
money was the death of their policy when a certain percentage of the value of the
basic insurance amount, whichever is the greater; the other is the amount of death
claims for the insurance money value of his death when the policy was and the basic
insurance amount.
Thus, starting from the selection of products, consumers should in fact in the
"layers           of     protection"         or      "heavy
investment" made a choice between. Overall, consumers according to their
physical condition, to choose between two types of products. General physical
condition or vocational higher risk may consider biased towards the universal
insurance; and better physical health and occupational risks to consumers is not, you
can consider "heavy investment" type of universal insurance,
low cost per year to protect can "compound interest" long-term
accumulate more cash value.
Tibetan settlement which "trick"
Although the same investment-oriented insurance and investment link insurance,
compared to earnings volatility of universal insurance is not, however, from the
current situation, individual insurance universal insurance products difference
between the settlement rate is very poor. Released from the insurance companies in
recent settlement of interest rate perspective of universal insurance, the British variety
of universal life insurance products in December 2007 for the month billing rates
were 5.6%, in January 2008 and February were 5.65%, 6.1 % in March to 6.0%; Ping
Individual universal life insurance settlement in December 2007 of 5% per annum,
while the way this year rose from about 5.25% to about 5.5% in March. Meanwhile,
in order to highlight the advantages of universal insurance benefits, there are still
clearing the way insurance companies make a fuss, now on the market have been a
"double billing" model of universal insurance products. General
insurance products on the market most of the Almighty to take the monthly settlement.
Monthly settlement under the universal insurance products in time to reflect changes
in market interest rates, interest, upon distribution, which may guarantee account
compound interest accumulated. The dual-mode universal insurance settlement
products, its clearing interest rates are 2, first monthly settlement of interest, one end
of the settlement of interest, which corresponds to the monthly settlement of interest
treasury bonds, financial bonds, bond repurchase, lending and other investment
channels for sound interest rate reflecting the market trend, the monthly accounts
included universal value, compound interest growth; the end of the corresponding
balance sheet interest stocks, funds, active investment channels, reflecting floating
profit and revenue sharing in the capital market.
The yield on the pursuit of sound, value of compound interest effect of policy holders,
the traditional monthly billing model may be more secure; while the more radical,
value insurance expert capacity, hope to take the initiative to win high-yield capital
markets, policy holders, double billing model is more flexible products.
The first year of account funds will become less
Because universal insurance premiums paid divided into two parts, the
"pure premium", the other is financial account, a
"high income" refers to the financial capital account earnings.
Insurance Regulatory Bureau, "Insurance Tips" that: universal
insurance for the minimum guarantee settlement of interest rate products, premiums
paid should be deducted the "risk" and "management
fees" after basis.
It is understood that as many members of the customer avoid the insurance,
"the two accounts" problem. Investment in the first 5 years of
universal insurance, deductible charges more, if surrender here, can not recover the
full premium. 10 years from the start, account funds will pay the premium with the
flat, and gradually showed a high income, so it is necessary for long-term investment
Three types of people do not buy universal insurance for
Universal insurance payback period is longer, usually more than 20 years, so, ① is
not suitable for the elderly to buy universal insurance. Similarly, ② not suitable for
short-term investors. Moreover, ③ those who want universal education, insurance
payments to save their children will be disappointed their parents, because not only
buy the best program of universal insurance, health insurance and other additional
insurance need to be more comprehensive.
Traditional life insurance and term life insurance compared to universal insurance into
more security but not too strong, low cost. In addition, the expected risk everything to
bring a higher return for those who do not buy, because its insurance proceeds above
the end of the yield is uncertain.
Experts suggest that only have a sufficient basis of traditional life insurance, if there
are remaining funds, you can consider buying a universal insurance.
The best universal insurance buyers have a few conditions:
First of all, a stable sustainable income;
Second, there is a wealth of funds and no other long term investment intentions;
The third is to have a certain sense of investment and risk tolerance, but no time and
energy for other investments;
The fourth is a universal insurance pays for a long preparation, the so-called
long-term at least 5 years.
In summary, a more appropriate group, including: a fixed income who rent, private
entrepreneurs, civil servants, heirs, have funds in the rich high-income groups.
So, 50 years old or older as far as possible not to buy universal insurance, short-term
investments as rare to see benefits, so people are buying other varieties of such
insurance would be more appropriate. "In the time of purchase, consumers
can not be universal insurance products and bank deposits, bonds and other simple
comparison, but can not be universal insurance products as a substitute for bank
Experts say, universal insurance product or insurance interests of the calculation
specifications book, over and above the minimum guaranteed interest rate figure is
calculated on the assumption of future earnings, can not serve as a guarantee of future
real earnings.

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