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									UF U9 Product Information
1. Product Overview
Continued growth in customer demand, changing market and the increasingly fierce
global competition, companies are now eco-environment, companies must
continuously upgrade their IT and business management system, agility and
adaptability; now, every business needs to grasp the development of business process
change, forecast change in the business environment in order to make a quick
response competitors to ensure the company's survival, development and
rapid growth.
The development trend of the face of global competition, companies need in the
global supply chain find its own place to meet the international operation rules and
requirements; 全球化 of market globalization, Ke Hu, global operation, there are
only Jubei world level management and collaboration capabilities to react to these
more complex challenges. Meanwhile, the different enterprises must fully consider
the individual needs of their own development, according to their own business
strategies, capabilities, organizational structure, business models and other features,
fast, dynamic planning, design, development, deployment, and meet their own needs
to improve IT and enterprise management systems.
In the years of enterprise software for knowledge management applications and the
experience accumulated based on precipitation, UF launched a UFIDA U9
commercial applications Tao Jian, Quanmianzhichi SOA Jia Gou and Zuixin
technology innovation, realization of the business management of Ge Xing Ji Tong
scale of delivery, so that " Demand and change "real-time
enterprise and the global business enterprise information values.
The fat version of the product as "UF U9 business applications suite
V1.0" version, including the following: financial accounting, supply chain
management, manufacturing, human resources management, quality management,
cost management, collaborative software, basic settings and system management. In
addition, the integrated suite of products also includes the unified application platform
UAP, based on UAP, U9 to achieve a complete SOA architecture; UAP Tongshi
application system is running for the U9 to provide support when the technology
platform, and personal development and deployment support tools.
2. Product Features
2.1 Characteristics of critical applications
UFIDA U9 business applications suite V1.0 products include financial, manufacturing,
supply chain, human resources, the areas of collaborative applications based on
modules, mainly on how to meet a group enterprise engaged in research and
development offices around the world, procurement, operations, logistics, sub-
marketing, accounting and manufacturing business behavior. U9 design is the core
concept of "global business, real-time enterprise."
U9 overall critical applications features include:
ü Best complete ERP business model-driven software: U9 is a business-based trigger
the development, production, procurement, financial synchronized logistical support.
ü mix of centralization and decentralization of environmental steps of: a subsidiary in
the management of both companies to take on the centralized or decentralized, U9
will be the best management assistant.
ü more books and multi-national accounting principles: Whether you are a local
enterprise, international business or global enterprise, U9 will provide you meet the
standards of many countries books IAS application.
ü multi-group, multi-company, multi-point distribution, multi-factory domestic or
international business environment: U9 will help customers easily extend the
operation of their organizations diversify and enhance the competitiveness of
ü SOA framework, in line with the future development of enterprise IT found: U9 is
to have a whole SOA architecture, giving customers easy development with the
organization or enterprise ERP application.
ü Integration with Office software, to improve the user's application
efficiency: U9 fully accept the technology transfer company, the user is more likely to
use excel, word, or email to make personalized on erp application.
Among them, the manufacturing-critical applications features include:
ü multi-organization / multi-facility / multi-dimensional program, and its integration
with supply chain planning
ü supports multi-organization supply / multi-plant collaborative / multi-vendor
outsourcing production of various collaborative
ü Full / part / association / run out of other alternatives in the planning and execution
control of the entire process of
Among the key features of the supply chain areas, including:
ü changes required to meet customer orders
ü focus on decentralized production orders
ü centralized procurement centralized or decentralized receiving
ü on-demand logistics
ü reduce inventory by purchasing from
ü affiliates and procurement orders
Among the key features of the financial areas, including:
ü multinational accounting principles and theory
ü more books, multi-currency financial accounting and cost calculation
ü multidimensional cost accounting
2.2 The key technical characteristics
UFIDA U9 V1.0 is a mature enterprise-class business applications suite of SOA
Full support for SOA based application development platform UAP, to full SOA
Enterprise service bus (Enterprise Service Bus, ESB), the flexibility to add new
service components "into" ESB in, and updates to users through
the Portal to facilitate dynamic service management enterprises.
Support the Business Process Management (Business Process Management, BPM),
enterprise users can visualize the dynamic business process modeling, definition,
extension, and transparent tracking and control, support for business process
improvement and business innovation.
Rich, powerful reporting tools to support technology and can use any data source,
create a simple, intuitive, real-time user reports, and can drill down any.
Support Enterprise Search (Enterprise Search), to provide users with enterprise-class
business information search capabilities, similar to the Internet (Internet) search
operations experience, to achieve cross-cutting, integrated business information
distributed search; to provide real-time access to support structured, unstructured
information integration, enhanced auto-clustering information, inheritance, and to
ensure the established enterprise data security access rights and attributes.
And personal office system integration, so that the data pushed to the desktop: the
user can, through their own personal office system familiar ways, such as document
editor, spreadsheets, e-mail, easy access and operation of enterprise business data;
UFIDA U9 offers with Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Outlook) and other mature
personal office suite products, seamless integration so that users of the corporate
wealth of business data access and manipulate the new experience.
Provide intelligent support: critical information for enterprise applications and data,
such as the key early warning messages, processing tasks can be defined in
accordance with pre-mode real-time news channel by passing to the relevant
responsible officer.
Wireless handheld devices (PDA, PocketPC, etc.), business leaders, agents can make
these hand-held mobile devices, enterprise business processing.
Full support for centralized, distributed, mixed-mode application deployment.
Fully support the business model library, service components asset base to support
feature-based model library service component management, customization, assembly,
deployment and upgrade support.
3. Product Range
Including 10 areas of 26 products.
Finance: general ledger, accounts receivable management, deal management, fixed
assets, financial statements, tax invoices
Supply chain: marketing and distribution, purchasing management, inventory
Manufacturing: engineering data, small capacity, engineering changes, production
orders, shop floor management, demand planning
Cost: cost accounting, material goods cost
Quality: Quality Management
Human resources: personnel management, payroll management, benefits insurance
Basic settings: Basic settings
System Management: System Management
Collaborative Portal: Collaborative Portal
UAP platform: UAP platform
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