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U.S. Chubb Insurance


									U.S. Chubb Insurance
Qiu Bo Insurance
   Chubb Insurance was founded in 1882 in New York. To date, the Chubb Insurance
Group already has 135 branches by the global common form throughout the Americas,
Europe, Asia and the Pacific Rim's global service network. Group total
assets of 44.8 billion U.S. dollars, 13,300 employees worldwide, annual sales of more
than 13.2 billion net income. Financial stability, product innovation and service
excellence principles and high-quality employees are the main pillars of our company.
Our goal is to exceed customer expectations by mentioning the coverage and services
to become the world's leading professional property and liability insurance.
  ?Chubb Insurance is a prestigious U.S. and global property and liability insurance
companies, Fortune 500 companies. In 1984 the New York market, Stock Exchange
code: CB, is one of the S & P 500 Index. By the U.S. ?Business Week? S
& P 500 Index as the performance of one of the best 50 companies, while a
comprehensive stock of the 50 investment risk in the lowest three strength of the
column (Business Weekly, 2005.4). Since its establishment, the Chubb Insurance
Group has been committed to providing customers with the highest quality service,
we ranked the ten largest U.S. property and liability insurance listed on the list, and
customers and the industry has always been recognized as eminent creative services
and products guide, the "risk control" of the precursor. Chubb
insurance, maritime transport insurance, the first from the beginning of a century of
transportation insurance experience Chubb insurance policy in the highly competitive
shipping market.
   In the U.S. Goldman Sachs (Goldman Sachs) on the global property and liability
insurance companies list on the quality of service, Chubb Insurance Group to continue
topped the list (Goldman Sachs, 2007.2). This is the Chubb Insurance Group was the
tenth consecutive year ranked as the world authority for the best insurance companies.
   Because of strong financial capacity and quality of service medals, the
world's top financial rating agencies are given the highest rating, Chubb
Insurance Group (AM Best: A + + grade, Standard & Poor's: AA
+ grade, and Moody's: Aaa level)
- Chubb Insurance Group was ?Fortune? magazine as one of America's
Most Admired Companies (Fortune, 2005.2);
- As the world's largest non-life insurance companies, Chubb Insurance
Group in 2005 in the U.S. Fortune 500 ranked 161, was the
"Fortune" magazine as America's "100
most popular" one of the companies (Fortune, 2005.2).
- Chubb Insurance Group in its financial stability and claims payment ability are
given the highest rating.
- Chubb Insurance Group is the U.S. "Business Week" as the
performance of S & P 500 Index, one of the best 50 and 50 in a consolidated
equity investments, one of the three lowest risk (Business Week, 2005.4).
- Over the past 50 years, Chubb Insurance Group's three insurance
companies, including the U.S. Federal Insurance Company as the world in 3300 was
only 15 successive authority of the world's major financial institutions, the
highest credit rating given to property and liability insurance (Best Review, 2005).
- Chubb Insurance Group over the past decade has been Goldman Sachs (Goldman
Sachs) as the best insurance claims services.
- Chubb Insurance Group by "Forbes" magazine as
America's best insurance companies.

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