Two suggestions: Cancel cadre ward

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					Two suggestions: Cancel cadre ward
Business from the "Heilongjiang Morning Post" 2007.3.8
Is representative of the East Red
Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, March 7 -: "There is also the ward cadres,
medical,       surgical,     is    simply       a      'hospital         in       the
hospital'." NPC is the Eastern red has a strong appeal to abolish
hospital ward cadres.
East is Red said. "At the Beginning, the reason for the establishment of
ward cadres, was because many of the leading cadres to build new China paid a heavy
price, in some cases a permanent disability, need special care or long-term care. In
this case, setting a cadre ward, beyond reproach. But now the situation is completely
different. "
East is Red said, cadres wards exist, consumer health resources, alienated masses
relations, contributing to the privileges style and breed corruption. Now the
hospital's physical facilities, service quality and service has shrunk to
remove the leadership cadres of the same ward for medical services will be well
I work in the hospital ward cadres, on seeing this phenomenon more deeply. See this
article, is with deep feeling. Ward said that cadres is corruption, not really a little fake,
the relatives of cadres: direct, non-immediate, and related to him, and can be to the
medical ward cadres, and even relationships with the medical cadres and I see the
doctor, so that they personally would save a huge amount of medical expenses, but
gave the State is a big loss. In addition, as some retired leading cadres, minor illness
support, and making a fuss, and one patient family medicine phenomenon is
everywhere ......
There is also a phenomenon, people do not know why never seen mentioned, that is:
Why cadres of medical care without spending a cent, but there are times patients have
to catch people's life savings then?
Medical insurance, the level of leading cadres and medical insurance, a great
proportion of the burden of the relationship between the higher level of spending less.
This is very unfair to the people, also participate in the insurance, why do people
spend 10 times or even hundred times the cost of it!
Links to auto insurance, property insurance, life insurance and other species, and both
are based on the size of the amount paid by the insured to claim. Doing nothing wrong,
but health insurance Why is not the case, but according to the size of the office too!
As other countries, I am afraid that no one country is like this, it would be of
'Chinese characteristics' it?

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