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- Ma is not everything -
1 When you succeed, you say all the words are the truth. -
2 good things are often difficult to describe. -
3 men's looks and his talent are often inversely proportional. -
4 Son have the same view with me, a program is first-class third-Idea plus
implementation; another program, first-class implementation, third-Idea, Which is
Better? We both choose the same time the implementation class, third-Idea. -
5 business cooperation must have three premises: F irst, there must be cooperation
between the two sides benefit, and second, there must be willingness to cooperate,
third parties must have the intention of sharing prosperity. The three are indispensable.
6 When you have a fool, you will be very painful; you have a 50 fool is happy, eating,
sleeping, lined up to go to the toilet; you have a very interesting when smart people,
you have 50 smart people is actually the most painful, and no one who disagrees. -
7 "In fact, sometimes people's biggest problem is that he said is
right." -
8 private advice that we, that we were wrong, real friends. -
9 I am most happy life, that I promised to help people do things themselves not only
completed, but better than their requirements,
  When completed these CIGNA, the kind of excitement is indescribable ... ...
10 to focus on their reputation, hard work, with people, keep their promises, so the
cause of you very helpful. -
11 I must throw firecrackers, throwing bombs again. Throwing firec rackers to attract
attention, confuse the enemy; throwing bombs is my real purpose. However, I can not
tell you when I threw firecrackers, throwing bombs at any time. The game is to
falsehoods, so as happy. If you feel pain in the game, that shows you how to play the
wrong. -
12 service is the world's most expensive, so the best service is not to
service, the best service is no need for service.
13 I have no relationship, no money, I was a little bit up, I believe that relationship is
not particularly reliable, with no business relationship with a small business can not
be intelligent, business is most important is you understand what customers need, and
create real value, stick to it. This is the world's most unreliable thing
relations. "-
Never more than 14 lucky with other people, I never thought I fortunate than others, I
might be more than their perseverance in the most difficult times, they are unable to
go on, I can boil a second, two seconds. -
15 Beijing University speech today to the heart especially excited. I have been to
Beijing University students as my idol, has been test but not into the test, so I think if
one day I will go to Beijing University as a teacher. -
16 saw 10 rabbits, which arrested in the end you only? Some people while grasping
the rabbit, while grasping the rabbit, may finally have a grip. CEO's main
task is not to look for opportunities but a chance to say NO. Opportunities for many,
can only grasp one. I can only grasp a rabbit, focus more, what will be lost.
Our company is half- yearly evaluation, assessment down, although you work hard,
and very good, but you're the last one, very sorry, you have to leave. -
17-meter sprint in the first, no one not rivals because three-km run, run. You
Paozhaopaozhao, ran 45 meters before the distance. -
18 We spent two years laying the foundations, what we have to build buildings, the
drawings have not been announced, but some people have been commenting on how
bad our house. Some companies house looks good, but the foundation instability,
there are strong winds on the back of one. -
19 of our competitors, the biggest difference is we know what they want to do, but
they do not know what we want. We want to do, there is no need to let everyone kno w.
20 network above the word, which always afraid of shoes for barefoot. -
21 I think that Internet companies will make mistakes, and must make mistakes, the
network's biggest mistake is to stop fixed in place, the biggest mistake is to
not make mistakes. The key is that we reflect on a variety of errors summary for
better race tomorrow, have to commit mistakes, the key is not to make the same
mistake. -
22, e-commerce in China who have to stand up and walk, and not always hand in
hand, always hand in hand to be finished. -
Alibaba 23 I said the discovery of gold, then we definitely do not dig their own, and
we want others to dig, he dug a piece of gold to me on it. -
24 I am confident that our model will make money, Amazon is the world's
longest river, 8848 is the world's highest mountain, is the
world's richest treasures. A good business is a living near by blood
transfusion, the key is their blood. -
25 The Internet is affecting the future of humanity living in 30 of the 3,000 m run, you
have to run as fast as rabbits, but also as the turtle resistant run. -
26 Why did I survive? The first is because I have no money, the second point I do not
know of the INTERNET, the third is the same as I would like a fool. -
27 starting gun sounds, you do not have time to see how your opponent is running.
Tomorrow is our only competitor. -
28 If the bird does not get up early to eat worms, that will be eaten by other birds. -
29 heard of rich lobster, never heard of the rich whaling. -
30 I will always believe that never give up, we still have a chance. Finally, we still
firmly believe that as long as this world dreams of, as long as the continuous efforts,
as long as continuous learning, no matter how you look, whether it was as
men's looks and his talent are often inversely proportional. Today was
brutal, more brutal tomorrow, the day after tomorrow is good, but certainly most of
the dead tomorrow night, so everyone not to give up today. -
31 In my view there are three kinds of people, businessmen: the creation of money;
merchants: Dos and Don'ts. Entrepreneur: for social responsibility.
Entrepreneurs should create an environment for the community. Entrepreneurs must
have the spirit of innovation. -
32 years ago I sent a colleague to read MBA, I said to him, if you forget after
graduation have learned that you have graduated. If you think everyday also learned
something, then you have not yet graduated. Learning MBA knowledge, but to get out
of the limitations of MBA -
33 ebay is a sea of sharks, Taobao is the Yangtze River alligator, crocodile and a shark
in the sea battle, the results can imagine, we want to sharks diverted to the Yangtze
River. -
34 In both cases, a company most likely to make mistakes, there is too much money
the first time in the face of too many second opportunities, a CEO should not be a
chance to see, as is everywhere, A CEO should see the disaster and to disaster
strangled in the cradle. -
- Niu Gensheng classical quotations -
1. Small victory with wisdom, victory by Germany. -
2. Motivated, you will shed sweat; have the knowledge, you have given wisdom; the
two do not have, please give me the job. -
3. City drink a glass of milk, the rural rich family. -
4. Financial scattered people together, people loose money together. -
5. A product, focus on eyes, pulling ears, not as warm at heart. -
6. A person with mental problems, is defective; a human soul there is a problem that is
dangerous goods. Business people are running a business. -
7. Well have a good state of mind. -
8. To help others, but does not injure others. -
9. To know, one should reverse. -
10. From scratch, is a delight to do. But to nothing, same kind of pleasure. -
11. Products market is hundreds of millions of citizens, the capital market is the
millions of investors, raw materials market is millions of farmers. -
12. Let people know you benefit, it can not be good; so do not know you also benefit
from, that would be nice. -
13. Suffer no longer eat do not eat into the time, not a disadvantage. More bitter,
sweet on the big. -
14. Want to win a three back two back, three to five years, little intelligence on the
line; want to be a hundred years old, would like to win a lifetime, there is no German
companies never do. -
15. Learn hard, doing comfortable; learn comfortable, doing hard work. -
16. Product is equal to character, quality is life. -
17. See other people do not pleasing to the eye, above all, their own lack of moral
cultivation. -
18. From the most dissatisfied customers, learned the most. -
19. Management is serious love. -
Of 20. Business is business people business. -
21. People can not put money into the grave, but the money they can bring people to
the grave. -
22. A person is not happy because he has much more, but because less fuss. -
23. A business can not succeed, the key by system design. -
24. People from scratch, and I start from the negative. -
25. Heard flattery is a lucky person, who can not hear criticism is a dange r. -
26. Treat each cow, because they are mothers. -
27. Layout decide the outcome. -
28. In the world there are a lot of things, as long as you do it thoroughly, made of
experts, you will be able to create their own chances of success. -
29.'s Products sell fast talking, dumb product slow you down. -
30. If you take a fifth of the power of rivalry with others, others will come up with the
power-twelfth of rivalry with you. -
- Shi Yuzhu Classic Quotes: -
1.90% of the problems you do not want to think, you do not know it was difficult. -
2. Core members of the team was to resign, do not retain, since it was raised, he is to
go sooner or later. -
3. If there is no price advantage and absolute advantage in technology, do not enter
the Red Sea market, or you will to lose! -
4. Chain do business, and do a stupid version of the marketing manual and
management manual, the only way to achieve long-distance management. -
5. After the success of a shop to do from the success you will not be too large, so you
first of all that is down to earth and concentrate to make a first, is to abandon this
chain, do not what to do in the future chain has done a lot of dreams first to make the
first down to earth. -
6. Work of a national market, we must do first a trial sale market to be a little bit, not
fast; made, and really to make the national market, half a step faster, not slower! -
7. Meisha junior post-doctoral level with distinction. Able on the line as long as
I've been to this point, do not care about education, as long as able to
contribute on the line. -
8. As we have failed in the past, at least those who have failed before, should always
learn a lot from the inside. Successful people often learn something, and people in
times of prosperity, when successful, Shen heart to no less than to sum up what nature
is something imaginary. Only fail, summing up the lessons is profound, is a fact. -
9. On past experience and then learn from the successful conclusion, especially for the
lessons of failure, late at night when you think about the dead of night. Anyway, want
to sleep, think you have a great harvest actually read more than you use. Because
some books are far away from you, that is to look at his past writing. -
10. The most painful time, the most stressful time, only one thing inside my mind
when I hire hills at the foot of the national branch manager of the northern gate of that
place, guest houses inside, and then in that place behind closed doors will open
criticism. We criticize me, criticize the three days and three nights, I think that is
useful. -
11. To change inherent in the idea of consumers, the sun than the board harder; but not
impossible. -
12. The present era, after the details of the determinants of the right strategy, there are
many details handled properly, your strategy right, they would fail. -
13. Do not just look at the apex, second and third tier markets larger than the line. -
14. Management ruthless, people love. -
15. The so-called talent, that you give him one thing, he made up; you then give him
one thing, he made up. -
16. If melatonin is invalid, please tell around 100 individuals. -
- Shong classical quotations -
1, the biggest bet in life is your own, you want to bet your future better than today,
this is a belief, is also a way of life;
2, VC what most concerns: market size is large enough, and entrepreneurs to focus on;
project originality, how short can share; team quality;
3, venture capital prefer to worry much risk in one respect, is not willing to risk in
many ways;
4, technology-based companies, the key is sales;
5, CEO of the most important job is sales and marketing is the key;
6, free medical care is not the value of expression; -
7 is another good project to compete to give you money; -
8, relations are not core competencies; -
9, should focus on their products and services;
10, specifically its business model; -
11, easier to copy the business model; -
12, continue to reflect and sum up can reduce future errors;
13, projects and people are important; -