Toyota recall on the door to the incident analysis and reference

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					Toyota recall on the door to the incident analysis and reference
Since the October 2008 date, Toyota has experienced many different sizes of vehicle
recalls. But dozens of recalls in the past but not so "strong" into
the consumer's attention. But since early 2010, from the North American
market, "Prius" the door began to recall, Toyota's
recall of tug of war started, and continued to be staged so far. The following is the
second half of 2009 has several major recalls:
Location recall recall recall the time range and number of vehicles recalled because
January 28, 2010 China's March 19, 2009 to January 25, 2010 production
of RAV48 10000 block when the accelerator pedal, may affect the vehicle's
acceleration and deceleration, impact driving safety.
January 27, 2010 the United States and the 2008-2010 models of the Highlander,
paragraph 2009 and 2010 Corolla, Venza, Matrix and Pontiac Vibe110 million pad is
too long, there are pads stuck accelerator pedal
January 21, 2010 the United States 2009-2010 models RAV4 ,2009-2010, paragraph
Corolla ,2009-2010 Matrix ,2005-2010, paragraph Avalon ,2007-2010 Camry, a 2010
Highlander ,2007-2010 models and 2008-2010 Tundra section Sequoia230 million
can not step on the accelerator after the slow return or return
December 30, 2009 China's import of Highlander, Puruiweiya, Lexus
vehicles 40,000 RX350/ES350 sulfur fuel contains ingredients that may cause the
engine's VVT-i engine oil hose wall cracks
November 25, 2009 edition of the United States 2007-10 Camry ,2005-10-year
version of the Toyota Avalon 2004-2009 version of Prius ,2005-10-year version of the
Toyota Tacoma ,2007-10-year version of the Toyota Tundra ,2007-10 edition of the
Lexus ES350, and the 2006-10 edition of the Lexus IS250/350. 426 万 may occur
off the front foot pad, prevent accidents caused throttle operation
September 29, 2009 the United States from 2007 to 2010 Camry, 2005-2010 models
Avalons cars, from 2004 to 2009 Prius models, 2005-2010 models Tacomas pickup,
pickup Tundras from 2007 to 2010 models, as well as Lexus, 2007 2010 shall ES350s
cars, from 2006 to 2010 and the 350s section IS250s Feet 3.8 million cars are unsafe,

Events staged so far, people are understanding the recall doors are also constantly
changing. Why America's motives? Rights or trade protectionism? Toyota,
the fate of the future, how? Depressed or weight forward? The current events in China
under the market economy, what effect? Crowd or draw? Following discussion on
these three aspects.
United States, what exactly playing cards?
Recall the original Prius, many people interpreted as the U.S. government to maintain
effective consumer interests. With Toyoda M by heralds to the United States Congress
hearings and shed tears, we seem to gradually see the United States is false Rights in
the name of the real trade protectionism. Rights seemingly simple rose to the height of
the national strategy.
2009 financial crisis has worsened, the U.S. Big Three auto makers close to
bankruptcy. Now the slow economic recovery, so common and so the old giants are
ready to make trouble, they want to regain their share in the key U.S. market. The
Japanese cars with high-quality, fuel efficient, lightweight advantages have gradually
won the United States and the world consumers. The recall will be the U.S. auto
companies to snatch market share of a breakthrough. The Democratic Party has
always been moderate, so high-profile deal with the recall of the door, the media is
hyped boycott of Japanese goods such as speech, all of us once again that the U.S.
trade protectionism.
PS: For the U.S. card, members of the Liu Weifang propose a new view: Obama to
make the Democratic Party in November's congressional mid-term election
win in urgent need of people Jie Zhu shift attention from external events, while
winning the support of automotive interest groups. Toyota to keep the market will also
increase the administrative lobbying the Democratic Party election. Therefore, Obama
is playing politics by the Toyota brand event, would like this to save the Democratic
Toyota, crashed after?
Toyota quality myth has been well known worldwide, saying the advertising slogan
"car to the front there is a road, a road there Toyota." Toyota is
showing the quality and the huge market share. Today, the "Prius recall
door" triggered a series of recalls, Toyota has completely broken the myth.
Shattered, Toyota do?
The latest poll from the United States, most Americans still believe that the reputation
of Toyota vehicles, Toyota will continue to follow. In China, Toyota's
reputation loss is also minimal, which is no doubt Toyota is the largest in terms of
good news. Although the myth shattered, but Toyota has not lost a lot of the market.
However, Toyota should be a lot of reflection.
Have this by the creation of Toyota's Taiichi Ohno's lean
production, now the Toyota has clearly be discarded. Competition for the throne of the
world, Toyota is not only blind to the global expansion, also had to use every means
to save costs. Globalization of production and the profits space is big, but it brings the
"lean production" is an unprecedented challenge. Toyota said
the recall could be the door today, and its expansion strategy to implement the essence
of the association.
China, how to act?
Toyota to recall the door has played a growing number of people that we must learn
lessons from the Toyota case. Today's highly developed international trade,
in China in a steady stream of sold around the world. With China's peaceful
rise in recent years, Europe and the United States to implement a variety of names in
China pressure and restrictions. To some extent, Toyota events and in China face the
same challenge, that is power of trade protectionism. Therefore, in China should
improve the quality, not just the pursuit of cost savings. Press the era of cheap labor of
migrant workers are quietly in the past, Chinese manufacturers have to seek new
Toyota is another big event is the Revelation, we must also learn to make the
defenders time to become a national strategy. In China, until 2004 the implementation
of auto recall system, and the U.S. as early as 1966, the relevant bill has been
introduced. Of course, under the guise of fighting for the Rights of trade
protectionism license card, political cards to play than any country can easily try, this
approach is limited by state power, but today China has a strength it is necessary to
study and timely plays this card. Among these, the Chinese consumer rights protection
awareness of Chinese activists into national strategy will have an important driving
PS: members of the Ma Chunlong such doubts, to sell U.S. cars have so many quality
problems, not to mention China? Because Japan has declared unworthy of China has
an excellent car. In recent years Japan has attached great importance to the Chinese
market, but Japan is clearly pro-American, relations with China have been very subtle.
Therefore, we have reason to doubt that peace in the Chinese market Toyota recall,
there lie some hidden secret.
Meanwhile, members of the Zhao Yilin and so on, To Win in China's
automobile industry, to seize the international market and rely solely on traditional car
model, may always be further followed the United States and Japan, only the
development of new energy vehicles, on the same starting line, the Chinese
automobile European automotive industry can only par. BYD has set an example for
Members of the Qu Xinxian from the bottom of Qingdao

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