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					Toyota Production System - Standard Operating

Toyota Production System - Standard Operating
Taken      from     Taiichi     Ohno's        "Toyota       Production
● I live Marxism
I am a thorough on-site advocates. This is because since I was young in the
production site is constantly honed growing up. When the manager responsible for
business after the company also can not leave the main production site of the
intelligence sources. No, so to speak, but now when the business is responsible,
perhaps even more inseparable from the production site.
Vice President at room trying to think, rather to the production site every corner,
direct access to the production of information and experience first-hand direct
stimulation. As has been the reason at the scene, so there can better be met, on-site
doctrine is in line with my personality, which is the experience accumulated over the
This is from 1937 to 1938 in the past had. During his tenure at Toyota mill, once, for
the preparation of a boss I drafted the spinning of the standard operating table, I ate it
up suffering. At that time, I got pills buy some good standard operating bookstore
books written before submitting it summarizes the theory.
I am keenly aware of a good standard operating table in the desk is not written out to
many times to the first production site, to be repeatedly revised in order to personally
work out a perfect, so everyone Nengkanmingbai standard operating table years.
During World War II, when I transferred after the Toyota automotive company,
needless to say, the first thing is to call us to formulate standard operating table,
because it is very useful in practical work. At that time, skilled workers are pumped
from the factory up the battlefield. Production site becoming manipulated by lay men
and women workers place the machines. Thus, the production site of course, a greater
need for standard operating table. I think, from the production site based on the
formulation of standard operating scale applicable, Zhi Dao Xing Cheng Toyota
production methods, which the road passed Le 35 years, then experience served
Genben drive. Besides, my site is the starting point of doctrine from the beginning
Toyota automobile company in the factory, there is no doubt Toyota is keen to
collaborate in the production site to complete implementation of the
"visual management." Production site of the pillars are clearly
close to the standard operating table. In this way, anyone can clearly see the rise
known as the "process indicator" of the production line stop
publicity boards, failure situation can be clear.
Parts destined for the production line at the edge of box, attached to a symbol of the
so-called Toyota Production System, "kanban," which direction
should the one hand, what they need, the time needed to get the number of required
parts of the actual machining process to make prompt, On the other hand play
operation instruction function.
If you want to "visual management" as the Toyota Production
System management tools, we must first be familiar with standard operating table.
● personal development of standard operating table
People who are in the production site must be hands-on set of standard operating table.
Because we want people to understand that he must first be completely clear.
Toyota Production System, one of the important basis for standard operating table,
what must be included in the content? Which should run through the scene of some
idea of what it?
We have been through the configuration of devices equipped with the institutions, to
improve processing methods, planning automation, improved tools, methods and
reserve discussion of the rationalization of transportation, etc. to completely eliminate
the inefficiencies and waste. We install the "anti-failure device"
(which can naturally eliminate defects, operating mistakes, personal injury and other
devices) to prevent re-occurrence of negative phenomena, by the wisdom of giving
the workers on site facilities to maintain efficient production. The basis of all this is
standard operating table.
Standard operation of the key yes, how can the efficient production of various
conditions Gao Xia, Geng effective way Bawu, machinery and people's
role in combination together. Toyota auto industry will process this combination as
"a combination of operations", which combined together in the
crystal is "standard operating."
      On the development of standard operating table, the basic content, with 40 years
ago, I developed the same as in the textile factory, but now Toyota's
standard operating table is a complete implementation of the principle, and played in
the Toyota Production System, "Visual management, "an
important role.
      Of course, the Toyota automotive company's standard operating table
is also explicitly stated the standard operation of three elements: (1) cycle time; (2)
operating order; (3) standard survival capacity.
      Cycle time or unit of time, is the production of a workpiece, or a car takes quite
some time to run a few seconds. This is the demand and production machine starting
time to decide.
      The number of day needs to the needs of working hours than the number of
month able to figure out.
      Cycle time is the need for a day than the number of working hours results.
      Although the cycle time to be determined, but the difference maker will be
individual differences occur.
      People often say: "Time is the operation of the shadow."
Most of the "slow" is wrong because the operation and
procedures arising. How to correct, we should look at on-site supervisory staff (team
leader, squad leader) had the ability. As for how to deal with low proficiency for new
operations staff, I would say: "use three days to train them well."
This means that, pointing to a good operating procedures, points and tips, and a clear
sign to use guide them to shake off the rework or wrong to take such a class of valid
working parts.
     Therefore, we must teach hands, this will increase the operating staff of the
supervisory staff of the trust. Meanwhile, on the other hand, operations personnel and
operations to promote linkages between staff, to create to "mutual
aid" conditions. For people to live is dry, if a little bit of personal
differences or due physical condition caused by uneven, putting in the work of a
living human stem offset. This is the same as passing the baton relay. While these
methods can be completed within the standard operating cycle time, on the other hand
can develop, "and the spirit."
     Work order, the name suggests is the operator in the transportation of the
workpiece, the machine requires little as they waited for the next time, arranged in
chronological order workpiece. Must be noted that this is not the product moving
along the assembly line work order.
     Standard inventory number, is the operations, the necessary engineering in
products, and items remain in terms of machine.
     Standard stock number, in general, although the same layout with the machine,
but in accordance with processing procedures operations, attached to each machine
things, which is enough to use, works without inventory between; however, such as
the reverse engineering operations, in between the various processes, there is a need
for keeping a (if two processes, we should keep two home).
Toyota Production System, not only to the timely arrival of components each
production site, that is, the more stringent standard inventory is not set can not.