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									Toyota Lean Training Study Tour
Toyota Lean Training Study Tour
Date: March 2010 14-21 days (8 days)

Location: Nagoya, Japan
Meetings Organization: Chilean sea Jin Baidu Online Training Management
Consulting Co., Ltd.

Training Background
Toyota Group to create the Toyota Production System (TPS, Toyota Prod · ction
System) can be manufactured in the history of the world a great miracle.
Toyota production methods and business management, marked by the Japanese
manufacturing Zai "production", "organizational
ability" and "management" on the lead, change the
21 century global manufacturing the existence of different order. On the current
conditions of an enterprise in China in terms of manufacturing, quality and low cost to
achieve the greatest distress Gao, fundamentally Yuebingbushi equipment, funds,
materials, technology and personnel Jingyingziyuan itself; 而是 how these business
resources to Zui to function effectively in the "production"
"organizational capacity", "management."
To solve the above- mentioned factors that plagued the development of Chinese
enterprises, Chinese enterprises management personnel to improve the management
capacity, the company sponsored the [Toyota Lean journey to improve the training]
activities, through classroom teaching, subject training, TPS dojo practice internship,
field visits, etc., system essentials of lean production control, zero distance experience
the world-class status of the factory to implement lean!
Visit training content is built around themes of TPS. Management of Chinese
enterprises with clear objectives and issues to realize that Japan explore training, field
trips Lean Enterprise in Japan run on-site, personal experience of advanced lean
management, the scene is from the Japanese companies to get a strong perceptual
object, and then Through lectures and complete the form type of practice lean
management instructor face to face communication, so that the management of their
own ideology of the original impact, the impact of innovation management thinking,
for the return to the lean enterprise management innovation activities.
The training will be your in-depth study, field studies Lean / Toyota Production of the
perfect opportunity! Not to be missed! We firmly believe that [Toyota Lean journey to
improve the training] activities in the value and meaning!

Training Features
Four modules
1, special classes: Toyota body born senior mentoring training, a comprehensive
analysis of production methods of Toyota DNA.
2, theme studies: the participants made their actual problems, the lecturers training
guide, make recommendations for improvement, helping students to develop
improvement plans.
3 visits: visit the Toyota Series factories and other world-class facility, witness the
world-class factory standard, full visual experience its charm.
4, TPS origin cultural experience: Experience of Japan's folklore, culture,
and improve on the other side of the understanding of lean concepts.

Five features
1, several factories, super shock - Japanese factory visits, so you get the shock of a
world-class business experience, a clear gap.
2, site visits, interactive Q & A - lecturers and visiting business executives
accompanied, at any time to answer your questions in detail.
3, customized, and program improvement - to help enterprises solve practical
problems, to provide operational improvement.
4, small classes, high-end projects - specifically for the Chinese manufacturing
industry elite to build, all trainees will have individual counseling.
5, the elite gathering, intelligence sharing - the elite gathering and Japan, inspired
ideas, share wisdom and seek common development.
Training revenue
? Through a representative to visit a Toyota factory system, experience the highest
level of lean production and the latest developments.
* Clear the gap with world-class enterprises, establish improvement goals and
Know Toyota corporate culture and its core, access to the Toyota success Scriptures.
* Visit other outstanding manufacturing plants in Japan, in-depth experience TPS in
Toyota's use of outside enterprises, combined with those of the
company's actual training, case analysis and plan the next step to
implement lean production.
· TPS practice dojo production line using simulation, to work to improve the
experience, to improve the techniques mastered through practice.
* Toyota-site management to learn the essence of the scene to establish the right
mindset for Lean implementation in Chinese enterprises to lay a solid foundation.
* Experience the Japanese culture, to deepen understanding of the background of the
implementation of lean production.
* Toyota obtain authentic experience, broaden their horizons, breakthrough thinking.

Course Outline
The first pre-order
If not, how will Toyota Production System
7 Explanation of major waste
The ideal state of the Toyota Production System
The birth of the Toyota production
Second explanation of Toyota Production System
Theoretical system and the practical system
Prosperity Museum * (the essence of the Toyota Production System)
Introduction of Toyota Production System Part III
Universality and particularity Import Import
Import method
Import Case
Part IV Practical Dojo content summary of TPS
Definition of TPS
Management monitors the conditions of
The importance of reducing production costs
Business objectives of the operation, the importance of reducing costs
Business environment faced by the enterprises, the development of manufacturing
methods alone
The basic point of view TPS
The purpose of TPS, management supervisor of the problem spots and improve
To improve the way of thinking
Distinction between waste, improve productivity and business efficiency
Steps to improve
Stage 1 was found to improve the essential points
Phase 2 of the present method
Stage 3 ideas
Stage 4 to improve the program's settings
Stage 5 to improve the implementation of the program
6 to improve the implementation of the assessment phase
Operating standards
Standard operating conditions
The three elements of the standard operating
3 types of standard operating
Standard operating in the various tables
Determination of the time
Tips and methods for measuring the time
Field observations
Tips and methods of field observation
Summary of observations
Standards-based work management operations
Standard operating and management supervisor
Standard operating and quality management
Standard operating and safety management

First day
International flights arrive in the morning to sit Nagoya Japan; by private bus to stay
at the hotel check
The next day
Morning: opening ceremony, the Japanese management expert training TPS
Afternoon: Visit the Toyota automobile assembly plant site
Third day
AM: TPS dojo training practice
Afternoon: Site Visit Toyota Denso Corporation
Fourth day
Day: TPS dojo training practice
Fifth day
AM: Japanese management expert training TPS
PM: Takagi Manufacturing (Toyota one supplier) site visits
Sixth day
Morning: Field visit Mitsubishi Electric
PM: TOYOTA BOSHOK · factory or Japan Electric (Hitachi Group companies) site
Evening: Training results reporting, training dinner, training certificates issued
Seventh day
Day: Japanese Folk Culture Experience Tour (Fuji Oshino Hakkai outside the
Imperial Palace, Asakusa Temple Court Akihabara appliances Street shopping)
Eighth day
AM: Students Free, shopping
PM: Take the international flight back to Shanghai

Tour companies
Takagi Manufacturing (Toyota- level suppliers)
Takagi Manufacturing is the production of iron stamp ing automotive parts
manufacturers, whose products are mainly for Toyota, but also supply power
equipment company, Daihatsu, Hino Motors, Toyota looms and other famous
enterprises in Japan.
Takagi Manufacturing 110 years of pioneering spirit of "customer first,
people-oriented" principle. Founder president of the Toyota Production
System Taiichi Ohno disciples of the Queen of Mr., in addition to The ever
developing new technologies, new products to meet increasing customer demands;
For each employee can work comfortably, into TPS production, improve the working
methods, to provide staff with a good working environment.
As Toyota's first-tier suppliers, Toyota, TPS has been carried out under the
support of experts in a series of improvement activities. In Takagi Manufacturing, feel
the improvement of operations through the TPS production site, in a fixed rate of
employees and increase productivity [double benefit] of modern business
management methods. Site a large number of Kanban systems, Poka Poka Yoke (Poka
Yoke) devices widely used, quick die (SMED), etc. The establishment of TPS method
to make high efficient production system, and achieved rapid development.

Fortune 500 company, is Toyota's world- famous auto parts manufacturers,
car seats and interiors dedicated to the research, development and manufacturing; with
world-class seat, frame, adjuster and internal functional parts such as trim design and
production capacity of integrated development.
View Point:
On safety, production and quality of visual management, cell-type production, JIT,
Kanban system, Poka Poka Yoke, friendly working environment.

Toyota assembly plant
As a medium-sized car production plant, located at Toyota headquarte rs in Toyota
City, was founded in 1970, the total area of about 1.14 million square meters, number
of employees 6300, production models: Camry, Prius, Lexus (Lexus ), Caramel,
WISH, PREMIO, ALLION, etc. The monthly output 34,000. Tsutsumi plant is
Toyota's vehicle assembly plants in the process of all the most complex,
this visit will observe the Toyota assembly plant, so that you understand the careful
management of the Toyota site, reached after years of accumulation of fine waste-free
TPS Toyota recognized as role models within the plant, pole plant, Taiichi Ohno had
worked over the local, on-site lean everywhere embodies the shock, you can beat the
time zero distance learning operations by a single piece flow assembly line, Kanban
pull systems, water spiders feeding systems to improve the proposal and its effects,
visual management, security lights, the logistics system in time, error proofing,
standard work and so on.
View Point:
A large number of visual field management, Kanban pull systems
Poka Poka Yoke (Pokayoke) the extensive use of
How to achieve rapid change mode (SMED)
Water spiders feeding systems, security lighting system, multi-skills
Mitsubishi Electric
Mitsubishi Electric is the production of engine and axle parts of the cell factory,
established in Japan in the first automobile production line operation.
In the factory floor, nuances tend to create better reflect the charm. Workshop logistics
supply system, manufacturing quality control system and the optimal allocation of the
manufacturing process, has become a global as well as other car manufacturers
Mitsubishi benchmark. Its production efficiency, manufacturing standards and quality
standards, has reached the pinnacle of the current level of automobile production.
View Point:
Kanban, error proofing devices to improve the proposals, CELL production, abnormal
stop line, the team work method, "is to present things" work,
standard operating, beat production, work-friendly environment.
Toyota Denso Corporation Denso
December 1949, Toyota Automotive Corporation as one of the Denso plant parts,
separated from the Toyota Group, set up an independent "Denso
Corporation of Japan." Today, DENSO has developed in Japan ranked first,
the world's top automotive suppliers group, in more than 30 countries and
regions with 188 affiliates, the Group employees reached 112,262.
Mainly produces auto parts (electronics): ETC system, hot and cold boxes, automatic
air conditioning, convenient barcode terminals, bar code scanners to facilitate, QR
scanner, engine control systems.
View Point:
Modular production cells, 1 house desktop production, and more able to work the
industry, flexible equipment, use of Kanban system, Single-piece flow operation unit,
visual management, standard operating so.
Japanese Motors
Main products: aircraft engines, agricultural engines, motorcycle engines
Aspect: 1, JIT production
2, a flow line setting method
3, provincial people of production
4,5 S management, billboard management, standardization management

Instructor Introduction
Lin Tien-ray
Japan's top expert guidance TPS, Taiichi Ohno's immediate
subordinates. Former Toyota headquarters in Toyota factory welding department head,
production technology minister, director of the Toyota Tahara plant, Toyota Motor
Group, Horie Metal Industries president. Toyota was responsible for establishing new
plants in Argentina and imported TPS, in Thailand and Indonesia to establish a new
factory Horie metal industry and import TPS, TPS had also experience in the Russian

Minegishi into
Served in the Toyota assembly plant Toyota Division Head Office, TPS expertise
instructor (on their own and suppliers to implement the education and guidance),
Toyota embankment work Changfuchangchang. TPS has been appointed curator of
practice dojo, the training of the Toyota production more than 100 coaches. In
addition, positive for the South Korea's Samsung Electronics, Hyundai
Heavy Industries, China South Locomotive Group, Germany's Volkswagen
and other corporate training to improve the personnel up to more than 6,000.
Fujii Man
Work and has been assisting in the Toyota TPS founder Taiichi Ohno, the
implementation of improved guidance to suppliers. Former Minister of Toyota Part
assembly, Toyota Tsutsumi plant manager, and went to the Toyota factory in Malaysia
to overseas to support the implementation of improved guidance. Dojo training
practice as coach of TPS has been famous in Japan and overseas to improve corporate
training more than 5,000 personnel.

Visit the Toyota impressed. Control, I feel that the domestic staff for the downstream
processes of service need to be strengthened, while the positive and eliminating waste.
Zhejiang Supor Co., Ltd.

Combination of theory and case explaining, teaching and field communication
integrated curricular learning and extra-curricular visits combined, a worthwhile trip.

With unexpected results. Sort out the lean production ideas, training course in the
subject, starting from scratch through the continuous improvement of ideas, ideas for
future improvements to inspire. Very satisfied! Thank you Gap.
Shanghai Electric Group

Organization of this event better! Let's see many new things to learn and
with some Toyota Toyota generally supporting the work of production enterprises. Is a
more successful training activities.
Jiangxi Jiangling Gear Co., Ltd.

The Toyota lean to Japan to attend the training, time is short, great benefits,
Toyota's practical implementation, there is an intuitive feeling, I am very
satisfied. On Lean more in-depth understanding and knowledge, vigorously promote
the future to meet the company's lean production as well.
Philips Electronics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Although Japan's culture and Chinese culture is very different, and not
simply copy the success of TPS, but still a lot of reference! Toyota human
management worth considering!
China Resources Snow Breweries (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd.

This program is very good arrangement, we also touched on a great, understanding
the essence of TPS, see the visual field, Toyota is indeed the object of our study of
Chinese enterprises.
Shanghai Baosteel International Trading Co., Ltd.

Am grateful to the organizers so we have a good learning opportunity, the whole
process a visa from the country, approached Japan's meals, lodging, and
training student, are very good, very human, thank you!
Shanghai Michelin Warrior Tyre Co.



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