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To the child I chose to immigrate to Canada


									To the child I chose to immigrate to Canada
             To the child I chose to immigrate to Canada
          ?(Photo source network, slightly modified)
             ?Wen / Chi Ma
           University of British Columbia in Vancouver

   ?Since his son in 2008 when the first grade, I moved abroad, the idea of
immigration, Internet search a bit, Canada became the first choice of our immigration,
then to pay the immigration data, it has N reason my heart.
    First, good living environment. Canada's sparsely populated, has the
world's most beautiful natural environment and human freedom and
peaceful environment, for many years been rated the most livable joint one of the
countries. Canada's natural resources, protection and growth of their wealth
put forward by making it in the United Nations Development Programme Human
Development Index (HDI) ranks No. 1 ranking.
  ?Second, a good education. Canada has a first-class higher education, recognition of
their qualifications in the United States the only country. Canada attaches great
importance to education and per capita funding for education beyond the G-7
countries in any other country. The kids will grow this variety of cultures, more
opportunities to enter the Dao Shijiezhuming of Da Xue Xue Xi Qu, Hui will have the
opportunity to become the Tounao Yong scientific thinking people, Jinhouhuankuai in
international communication more competitive.
Third, a good immigration policy. Canada's immigration policy is more
lenient than other countries apply more easily approved, the applicant has no
investment immigrants English and investment requirements, registration is free to
choose to live.
Fourth, good benefits. Canada has the world's most advanced welfare
system, including almost all aspects of social life such as their children enjoy 12 years
from primary to high school right to free education; universal publicly funded health
care; children from birth to 18 years of monthly milk subsidy ; in Canada for 10 years,
aged 65, retired persons, retirement pensions, etc. can enjoy.
Fifth, a good social atmosphere. Canada, honest, of all nationalities live in harmony,
good social order. The difference is that the United States, Canada, the use of strict
gun control in general does not allow private possession.
   ?Immigration information has been handed up a year and a half, and soon my son
have to complete a second year, but I still did not notice the door in recent domestic
things happen on campus bloodshed, let me be more concerned for the safety of
children, in fact, to put an end to the vicious incident on campus gate, had to start
from the root, not you and me But he? Canada, home of my dreams, I still far away
from you?

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