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To create a suitable insurance plan


									To create a suitable insurance plan
Family financial planning, insurance planning is a very important aspect, is the most
basic part of the core. Why? Because in the family financial pyramid, the insurance is
the foundation of the position, if unstable foundations, the superstructure can not be
stable, if no insurance planning, family financial planning as houses built on
quicksand, the possibility of dumping at any time.
In real life, that financial management, most people first thought is not insurance, but
the stock, a fund or buy a house, but only "open source" does
not work, you must first plug the loopholes before storage, insurance protection
function is the "loopholes", which is any other financial tools
are not unique features. Insurance obvious function of financial leverage, simply, is to
protect a lot of money with little money, for example, when the plane took more than
ten dollars to buy an air accident insurance, a judge can get several hundred thousand
passengers for compensation.
Core function of insurance is to protect, in addition, it also savings, investment, tax
avoidance function. Savings function is common, such as social security in old-age
insurance to fully reflect the characteristics of long-term savings insurance.
Investment function, common with investment-linked insurance, indirect investment
through insurance, stocks, funds, bonds and other equity investments. In addition,
universal insurance and participating insurance also has some investment function.
Avoidance function, currently used in China than less, because our country and have
had no inheritance tax, but there are many rich people in foreign countries to buy
insurance, insurance, tax avoidance is the fancy features.
Family financial management in the insurance fully reflected in the above-mentioned
functions, the insurance plan is very important, it can be said without the appropriate
insurance plan, the role of insurance is likely compromised. Different families, for
their insurance portfolios differ.
Insurance plan has three levels, first of all, a family of four need to determine the
function of insurance, or which make use of several features which, for this
Yuanyihuafei Duo Shao Qian, Ji Zhu Yao's security needs and determine
the end of the Bao Zhi Chu fee; Secondly, these requirements should be split into
different family members of the body, which was to determine the insured and the
insured; Finally, what is everyone to buy insurance, specifically, that determine the
types of insurance and payment periods of time. In daily life, most insurance agents
are ignored in the first level to determine the most critical needs areas, but direct
marketing insurance, and then determine the sum insured under the insurance
premium, the insured does not matter who the, anyway it was released on bail charges
on it, resulting in very bad consequences.
General economic conditions, if a family of three, a year can afford the premium, but
67 thousand dollars, more than age of the parents, only Social Security, nearly 30
years old only child, what kind of insurance do not, in fact most such families
required the use of insurance protection function. First of all, his son and accident
insurance coverage of medical insurance, but insurance agents directly to their
marketed for a 6000 yuan of 投资 linked insurance, the insured Haishi father, Jie
Guo Hai Zi was sick patient is not getting any compensation insurance,, home
increasingly deteriorating economic conditions, continuous premiums unsustainable.
Thus, the insurance to buy, must buy the perfect, the right insurance plan is very
The insurance plan or a time-sensitive, it is not easy, but a dynamic adjustment
process, each family's insurance plan should be with the family situation
changes, such as buy a house, get married, have children, or occupation, family
income, health conditions change, while the original plan to make corresponding
adjustments to add, such as reduced paid to increase the amount of such insurance.
The first level: to determine the cost of home insurance, utility and
Understanding insurance, the four functions, each family will need to be analyzed
according to their situation: is the need to protect the function of the balance between
protection and savings, or in addition to these two functions, the need to do some
investment. For ordinary people, the first thing to understand what the insurance can
do, and then consider the most in need of insurance for themselves what it is.
Doing the insurance plan, I will emphasize security function, because this is the core
part of the insurance. Recommended all my friends in particular, the economic pillar
of the family should first take full advantage of insurance protection features, well
prepared for their own medical reserve fund, accident disability reserve, adequate
pensions for the parents to prepare health care payments, prepare adequate support for
children educational expenses, to save their homes by security, so that the insurance to
help themselves in illness, disability, the behind can continue to reflect the
responsibilities of family and commitment.
In addition, compared with other financial instruments, insurance and savings features
are an advantage. Annual or monthly premiums by direct bank transfer from the
insurance company charged with some sort of mandatory, is paycheck to paycheck or
who have no plans to pay pensions to prepare the preferred way. And savings banks
are readily available are different, the insurance although it could be paid in advance,
but the procedure on more than the bank, paid in advance before, many people would
seriously consider. Although the look is not so easy, but if used for pensions,
education grant preparation, you will find in fact that way more in line with the needs
of family financial management. For example, parents prepare for their children
education money, he may have several options, installment savings, through banks,
can do the Fund will vote, but also education money can buy insurance, which have
advantages and disadvantages in several ways. The advantage of the insurance
program developed: When pay how much, due to how much money, they can all be
planned in advance. The funds will vote on the existence of unknown risks, a period
of time may lead to profits lose money. Installment savings, short duration, after the
expiration of funds could easily be diverted to other uses.
Through insurance, investment, protection and investment can often be both realized
that we just need according to their risk tolerance and affordability, choice of
investment-linked insurance, or universal, participating insurance. Universal, dividend
investment income insurance is not high, but stable, and not a loss, and investment
linked life insurance proceeds and the relationship between the stock market more
closely, may have been volatile, but investors can also vote with insurance within
adjustment of the ratio of different accounts to avoid investing in high-risk.
In general, there is a sequence of insurance. First, some type of insurance protection,
such as heavy illness insurance, accident insurance, life insurance is the primary
consideration. When these needs met before it starts to consider retirement, education,
insurance, and finally consider the investment function of insurance.
After understanding the basic functions of insurance, insurance agents for us to go and
full communication. In general, good insurance agent will take the initiative to
introduce insurance knowledge and understanding of the basic circumstances of the
family, provided the insurance needs of a general recommendation. Policyholders
need to combine the economic conditions of the family to determine the annual
premium payment, the payment generally control the household income expenditure
of 10% to 20%.
The second level: Insurance in the distribution among family members
Specific insurance needs and affordability, the only relate to the insurance
plan's second level, that is, to whom family members considered to buy,
buy the types of insurance issues. If the most common family of three, we should
analyze in this family who is breadwinner, who has no social security, who is the
greatest risk of exposure, such as who is the worst physical condition, according to the
scale of the family premium, decided everyone Buy or would let someone buy. If an
ordinary-income families, limited annual premium expenses, the father is the main
economic source of the family should buy heavy illness insurance, accident insurance
and life insurance; mother should buy heavy illness insurance, accident insurance, life
insurance has no need to buy separately; child if already has a "one old and
one       small"         social     security,      you      can      temporarily
"abstention", and other economic conditions more comfortable,
and give the child to buy heavy illness insurance, accident insurance, as well balances,
consider education insurance; grandparents because of age or physical The reason to
buy re-insurance and life insurance very limited disease or not cost-effective, and just
bought accident insurance on it.
Many people purchase insurance there are some errors, such as we all love children,
so they would let their children buy insurance, followed by the adults, it is clear that
this is wrong. Some people believe that Social Security has had no need to buy or
purchase a small commercial insurance, which is the most common errors. As we all
know, social security is the scope of reimbursement of medical expenses, there are
limits, some at their own expense, over the ceiling requires full payment of their own,
from this perspective, social security is not the whole tube, is simply part of the
natural need to add commercial insurance.
Also, some cases are the scope of social security deductible, such as medical expenses
due to traffic accidents, a traffic accident case, or the responsible party to escape the
situation without compensation capability, it can only rely on their own to bear these
costs. In fact, a very cheap purchase accident medical insurance, you can substantially
reduce the risks in this regard. There are all familiar with the social security
unemployment insurance, to collect the amount is relatively small, mostly only a few
hundred a month, 1000 to dollars. If a pillar of the family health illness or accident,
the compensation when the family income can be achieved through commercial
insurance. Therefore, from this perspective, many features of commercial insurance is
not a substitute for social security, they should complement each other and jointly
play a role.
Identified the insured, then further define the insurance amount, in addition to the
above-mentioned factors to be considered a specific analysis can be found in Articles
in July 2007 article, "Heavy illness insurance, how much is enough to
buy", January 2008 article, "General 3 home insurance plan.
The third level: select insurance products and other factors to consider
Market, insurance companies, insurance products is very large, the insured can not
bring all the products of each insurance company are aware of it again, then take out a
policy on how to choose?
Many people buy insurance, will be compared to rates as the first factor, choose cheap
or cost-effective products, in fact, this comparison is not much sense. Because
everyone did not know when to escape from danger, whether in the purchase of
insurance, cost-effective pre-estimate is meaningless. Second, every insurance
company in the development of product prices, based on the basis of actuarial data,
such as the Chinese people's life expectancy, the probability of different
ages of onset, are uniform, the price only because of the level of the
company's administrative expenses slightly difference. If you carefully
compare also found that few premium products, insurance coverage may be relatively
small, or when the amount of claims is relatively low. Therefore, purchase insurance
products, the first thing to consider is that this product meets their needs, without
having to rate the level of special care.
As for the payment of choice, first of all as far as possible to take care of the sum
insured and premium match, which was to determine the insured amount and annual
premium pay after the push down payment period, payment of long points, it does not
matter, until it can reflect the insurance leverage. If the expansion space of ability to
pay large premiums can also choose to pay premiums before retirement End.
More important is to choose insurance, you can consider a number of integrated
factors such as the strength is strong, claims convenience, can remote claim, the
policy can achieve national barrier migration, addition, the company should also
examine the level of the previous dividend and the level of investment income, the
longer the time period investigated whether the level of average earnings advantage so.
When choosing an insurance agent, you can have more contact with some agents,
from conversations with them to determine whether professional, reliable and so it.
Tong Qiaoling
Certified public accountants, certified tax agents, registered valuer, has worked at
listed companies, accounting firms, the National Audit Office, is currently
China's Ping financial planners.

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