Tired of life by fdjerue7eeu


									Tired of life
   I was on the 1st with the lead member to take leave to attend his sister's
wedding. To tell the truth, sister's wedding is very simple, because her
boyfriend at home in the rural areas, and a civilized level of civilization, in my view
very low in rural areas. Wedding, not the legendary Audi, BMW, only four dirty black
Xiali, no white wedding dress, only the traditional red cheongsam dresses, no
elaborate new house, only a simple gloss over the village homes. . . . .
Sister's wedding is not too much, but I have not seen a trace of her unhappy,
because he saw in that man. Sister and I grew up with, primary junior high school has
been very hard to learn, 2007, graduated from Changchun Normal University Chinese
Department, working hard to find when she came to one person alone is only one
student in Shanghai, from a logistics company to the staff, go step by step now, it is
difficult, but felt she was very happy. He must be happier now because he has family,
what is the unhappy things, it was shared with her. Their wedding is on the 4th,
according to local customs, from the 3rd or the next of kin have a ceremony on the 4th
and then weddings, it is troublesome. Sister stayed on the 5th on that day, the 6th on
the plane back to Shanghai to Shenyang to work. Her life continues, and this really
gives me a lot of thoughts and feelings, during which I have been thinking about the
question: Is there must be marriage? When we chat, family, let me hasten to find the
object, and then graduated to get married. Heard to say, I really have little fear, and
thought I was a child, but I am no longer, but I feel I have not had enough of life now,
not to mention I did not point in the marriage interest, because the. . . . . . In fact,
before this year and a half ago, my aunt fake one and the same age my sister got
married, me and her childhood with the most time, she graduated junior high school
after working out, and now his son have been for months. Facing a one married, my
heart really panicked, afraid. If I said what they were afraid to say I really do not
know, is uneasy. Seriously consider the time.
   On the 3rd evening, I received a travel agency manager's phone, let me
take a tour on the 5th, but nothing new, still Dandong - Phoenix Mountains - dalu dao.
This is a great opportunity, because the agency which issued a total of three cars, a
unit of the group, very good band, but also the other two of a tour together, so that I
am alone on the. But I still do ah Chifeng, Inner Mongolia, how do? Make a prompt
decision, on the 4th morning to go Changchun. But I go to the mother and sister,
sister's aunt, would go with me, because they are older, have personally
looked after the way they are. Although the sister got away, but no way. Only until
noon on the 4th to Shenyang from their passenger car that has done about six hours of
bus to Shenyang, and then a taxi directly to Changchun, Shenyang North Railway
Station to buy train tickets. I would say to me directly with the conductor 3 to
Changchun K or T at the beginning of the beginning of the votes, who knows --- he
gave me Shenyang Changchun votes, to have to stop when it is found to Shenyang,
Changchun, Shenyang, north is not Changchun. Mad at me, I can only refund re-buy,
buy is the 2209, the slowest car trip, no seats. On the bus can not let the older people
have little standing Yeah, I spent a bit of money to buy food inside the dining car,
dining car and then sat down at the past ten years, then went out and did not allow
cars inside to find seats very lucky, I found two seats, they both settled down months
later, I like to say. 13:00 only to Changchun, and then a taxi to send them back to aunt
house, and then I went to my hotel and other students, the students I told him to wait
for me in advance, and bring me a pair of hiking shoes, my guide pin. Sleep after a
bath, all morning, more than 2 points, and set a 4:50 the alarm in the morning to get
up on time to Meet the group that plans to Jietuan.
   All the way to the Phoenix Mountain, seven hours, I did not eat, but also free of
charge to local, buy a small traffic tickets, contact reversing station car, then climb
again with the guests. Tired me is dying, had dinner and went to Dandong
accommodation to the guests housing allocation, and income ID, contact the next
morning's breakfast. 11:00 sleep over it, called up earlier 5:30 am, an
identity card. After breakfast to the Yalu River cruise, this time I was finally able to
break 2 hours, and then go to dalu dao, buy tickets, ask the time of dispatch, on the
island after having housing allocation, and Dining. Yesterday, back toward the 22
o'clock a lot more all over, took a taxi to the students live in dormitories, an
afternoon not to eat, go to a nearby Internet cafe to buy a bucket of instant noodles in
the bedroom, casually eating a little, to be honest, I do not have enough to eat Think
about most of the night's still a problem, then it will bother people to buy
the students dormitory, and start sleeping early this morning went on inside the
reimbursement agency. Back to school, I was almost exhausted, reached the brink of
collapse. But seriously think about their own life should be busy about, otherwise it
will fall in the comfort of. Today saw the Dragon Boat Festival in the community
which I have a group plan, it is gratifying to prepare properly next time, a tired, take
yourself to look cool, haha, happy lot, actually

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