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					Tianjin IELTS
[Tianjin IELTS] Rieter Tianjin IELTS Training was founded in 1997, Rieter set up in
2001 in Tianjin IELTS Training School, established in overseas consulting company
up to the elite migrants, five in the lake, as the study, Inc. (Rieter Study Service
Centre), Australia and Canada Studying the national franchise consulting firm three
qualification units and 20 cities of Tianjin Rieter subsidiary IELTS training study
service branch, a thousand stand up to reach the international preparatory school, in
books published in the Chelsea teaching excellence in corporate, research and
development in teaching stand up to dozens of Teaching Committee GTRC and other
professional institutions. [Tianjin IELTS] stand up training more than 200,000
students every year, with nearly 2,000 faculty members, hundreds of millions in
annual revenue, a truly leading educational training group in China.
[Tianjin IELTS] as the largest chain of foreign language training institution, was
named the top ten well-known schools for many years was named the most influential
training group title, China's private education make a significant
contribution to innovation. [Tianjin IELTS] in September 2005 by the Minister of
Education and the UNESCO Award in recognition Anna Chennault. 2007-2008 Top
Ten consecutive excellent franchise brand, first passed ISO9001 certification of
educational institutions. [Tianjin IELTS] 10 years with well-known unique
"stand up to the unique teaching model examination", quickly
developed into a national IELTS, TOEFL, GRE, SAT, BEC Business English, TOEIC,
LCCI, International Foundation Programme, 46, title English speaking foreign
teachers, the teaching I heard, the new concept of English, Young Learners English,
vocabulary grammar pronunciation, practical English, Summer Camps, France,
Germany, Japan and South Korea multilingual, study instruments, writing centers,
vocational education, School, the English School, the government and enterprises
Group training, scholarships for American public school, the University conferred to
other items of a comprehensive international curriculum of schools and School, the
[Tianjin IELTS] to become the first flagship of China's education industry
chain, known as the "Chinese learning English power." Tianjin