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I have in hand a large number of universities within the thesis, all the printed copies
of the final electronic documents.
Here are some of the dissertation:
Electro-mechanical network categories:
200MW Steam Turbine and Economic Analysis
ASP.NET in Dynamic IT Training Website Design and Implementation
delphi financial management system procedures
PLC-controlled vending machine design
PLC and frequency technology to pump Control
Controlled by automatic washing machines Thesis
Microprocessor controlled multi-function signal generator
Microcomputer control system design of the hardware interference
Battery capacity detection system
Electric smart car design
Electronic locks
Wind Power System Control System thesis
High power pulse generator for Research and Design
Higher Achievement Management
Personal Home Page Web Design
Water Supply System Design of PLC control
Infrared Remote Control Electronic Lock Design
Letter based on 8051 traffic
Digital clock design based on AT89C51
AT89C51-based automatic control system for solar water heater
AT89C51 Based Temperature Monitoring System
Time-based control system design AT89C52
AT89C52-based design of electronic calendar
AT89C2051-based temperature control system
AT89S52 based on the four-phase stepper motor drive design
Based on ICAI's test library management system
Signals and systems based on MATLAB GUI interface development
MSP430-based multi-rate multi-phase energy meter
PIC16F877A Microcontroller Based Temperature Control System
Microcontroller-based design of electronic locks
Microcontroller-based multi-channel temperature acquisition system
MCU-based high-precision digital signal generator
MCU-based design of digital barometer
Microcontroller-based storage tank liquid level detection system
Easy wireless power control system
PLC electrical control design mixer
Education MAN design
Ion mobility spectrometry signal digital filter algorithm and implementation
Safe use of electricity based on single chip protector of Graduation
Refrigerator control system based on single chip design
Constant temperature control based on single chip system design
Infrared remote control based on single chip servo control system design cars
Appliances based on single chip voltage control system
Microcontroller-based traffic light control system
Reactor based on a single chip temperature control system for online testing
Bit microcontroller based on a number of on-line liquid
Microcontroller based voice-activated system to control the computer
Resistance on-line test of Intelligent Design
Are based on single chip smart battery charging system
MCU-based design of medical intelligent Monitor
Based DC motor speed control design
Capacitance based on-line test of Intelligent Design
Based on microprocessor design of digital electronic scales
MCU-based design of the telephone recording system
Adjustable based on single chip digital power supply
Clock circuit design using microcontroller 8051
Fuzzy Cluster Analysis Methods and Applications
Fixed Assets Management System
Enterprise personnel management information system design and implementation
Crossroads traffic lights PLC electrical controls design
Real-time temperature measurement system
Indoor mobile communication network planning and construction
Servo system performance to improve the efficiency of the exploration of NC
machine tools
Online Shopping System
Temperature and Humidity Monitoring System
Property Management System procedures
Small room billing management system
Information management system computer complete set + paper + graduation in
English Summary
Student performance management system source code (with thesis)
Student Information Management System Paper + source
Logic Analyzer
RMS digital multimeter designed frequency
The IP core based SOPC design (I2C)
Water temperature control system based on AFS600
LM3S1138-based control system for solar water heater
ARM-based system to fight bell
LabVIEW based on sound card and audio signal acquisition and analysis system
Large-scale pig farm in Monitoring and Controlling
Frequency RMS Digital Multimeter
ARM-based two-color LED Display Screen
Spectral characteristics of silicon solar cell tester
FPGA-based digital frequency meter
Solar Mobile Charger
FPGA-based vending machine
FPGA Digital Function Generator
Minority carrier lifetime of solar cell materials testing method
Simple Microprocessor Design
FPGA-based design of taximeter
Based on AT89C51 Microcontroller Community Alarm System
0.5μm CMOS process based on the design of 200MHz VCO
CMOS technology based on eight Divider
CPLD-based gamma radiation Instrument
Design a simple calculator
Bus Site Monitor Design
FPGA-based Ethernet controller 10100M
LabVIEW environment based on the sound card's voltage signal
acquisition system
FPGA-based LCD driver circuit
Based on AT89C51 Microcontroller Community Alarm System
FPGA-based Universal peripheral circuit design
Bicycle mileage Thesis
Design of AT89C51 microcontroller based calculator
Process based on 0.18um CMOS Operational Amplifier
High-speed multi-frequency measurement system
Low-pass filter LPF and the Op-Amp Design
Bandgap reference based on 0.18um design and simulation
Logic Analyzer
Based on 0.18um bandgap reference circuit design of linear regulator
LM3S1138-based control system for solar water heater
Hall effect measurement instrument design
Liquid mixing device controlled by PLC programming
Hydraulic pump design
Bank Student Loan Management System
Accounts receivable risk management, design
Intelligent Network Community System
Intelligent charger design of power and display
Modern urban-based data network system solutions for emergency response
Practical business website design small and medium enterprises
Construction paper ASP Dynamic website
CDMA communication system access channel part of the simulation and analysis
DB Insurance System Project
IBM PC and multi-MCU communication system to achieve high-speed parallel
PLC control of radial drilling machine electrical control system design
PLC control system of agricultural greenhouse
PLC and frequency technology to energy-saving technology fan
WEB database technology in intelligent network community system 2.0
Pendulum motion control system
Graduation Project (Thesis) OFDM baseband data communication system
Storage temperature and humidity monitoring system
Design of Ultrasonic Range Finder
Design of ultrasonic reversing alarm
Serial Motor Controller
Electronic alarm clock with temperature display design
Serial Communication transmitters
Single Chip Multifunction Clock Thesis
Controlled design of traffic lights
Microcomputer temperature controller
Environmental measurements in the infrared remote control MCU system
SCM measuring humidity in voice applications
Monolithic DC switching power supply design and development
Electric smart car
Current measurement and control system design
Elevator Voice Control System Design
Carriers Income Security System Design and Implementation
Electronic Scale System Design
Lattice design of electronic display
Mathematical model of wind farms and grid computing papers
Infrared remote control graphic LCD display
Automatic Fire Alarm System
Hall element and its application
51 Microcontroller based digital frequency meter
Based on the design of electronic scales AD7705
AT89C51-based intelligent alarm system for gas leak
AT89C51-based detection and intelligent temperature and humidity control system
AT89C2051 microcontroller based audio sound and light dual-control switch
AT89C2051-based display controller design water level
FPGA-based digital phase shifter DDS Design and Implementation
Module based on GSM SMS home alarm system
PLC-based PID in the design of central air conditioning system frequency
PT100 temperature measurement system based on the design of
Based on AT89C51 single-chip serial communication transmitter
Microcontroller based single-bus multi-point temperature control system
Multi-function electronic clocks based on single chip design
Multi-function electronic clocks based on single chip design hardware design
Design of traffic lights based on single chip
Microcontroller-based Intelligent Temperature Control System Design and
Web-based Virtual Instrument Test System
Remote sensing images based on land use and implementation of spatial database
Home Burglar Alarm
Simple Sweep Design
Design of simple digital controlled DC power supply
Combustible Gas Alarm
Use of technology to prevent the encoder interrupt jitter counting method
Train Monitoring and Recording Device
Mini Lantern Design
Full remote control digital volume control Class D power amplifier
The design of soft switch control
Biological signal detection device design
Video Surveillance System
Data acquisition and control system design and development
NC Voltage Regulator Design
NC DC Current Source
Design of Digital Thermometer
Automatic Water Supply System Water Tower
SCM control system tank
Paramagnetic properties and application of quality
MATLAB simulation of synchronous machine model
Web Information Architecture and Information Organization
Temperature and humidity test
Temperature Monitoring System
Wireless call system for hospital wards
Residential property management web site design and implementation
Credits under the new curriculum management system
Signal generator circuit and Literature Review
Property Management Information Design
Suspension Motion Control System
Web site design and implementation of school
School Administration Building Supply and Distribution Design
Hospital Management System
Remote temperature display using single chip
DC Motor Speed Control System
SME Business website design practical
Automatic feeding machine control system
Vending machine control system
Dynamic Web-based Internet component database application system design
Office Management Information System and the collaboration model, security model
Traffic Police Office Automation System Research and Implementation
Intelligent Community Information System
Network Security Defense System Design and Implementation
PLC-based medium density fiberboard production line Intelligent Monitoring System
Flood Control System Research and Implementation of WebGIS
Urban Underground Pipe Network Information Management System
Job Shop Management System Development Plan
36E electronic equipment as a whole testing system
Lonworks technology-based Intelligent Community Management System
Smart Client `Server-based mode of application of CAI System
Reliability of repairable systems
Embedded system software development environment debugger Design and
Online teaching system design and implementation
CORBA-based distributed hierarchical network of multiple data sources Billing
System (NBS) Research and Implementation
The WEB-based XML database information publishing system and design
WEB-based CAI courseware authoring system design and implementation
Online Admission System in Jiangsu Province and Improvement
Soil Mechanics network CAI System Design and Research
B `S structure based on medical student achievement management system Design and
Office Management Information System and the daily office, conference management,
query, etc. Module
Network Test System Design and Implementation
Computer-aided system for electrical safety assessment
Early assessment of construction quality and prediction systems
Equipment and modern enterprise management system implementation
Personnel Management Information System client-server application development
Industrial Ethernet Control System and Implementation
Auto Parts Franchise system design and its application
Auto Parts Distribution System Development Model
Water Resources and Hydropower Engineering Systems Analysis and Dynamic
Simulation of Construction
Water Quality Control and Information System
Network-based Intelligent Community Alarm System
Thermal power plant DCS system design and self-tuning PID controller parameters of
Water Resources and Hydropower Research and Development Project Cost System
Based on the student record management system BS Design and Implementation
Office automation systems management technology of e-mail communication
Office Automation Test System Design and Implementation
Construction of Linux-based SNMP network management system of small and
medium enterprises
SNMP based network monitoring system software
Chemical Equipment Engineering Graphics Computer Aided Design System
DSP-based digital MSK modulation and demodulation system
DSP-based MSK system
Automated Fingerprint Identification System and Design
Online Bookstore Application System Design and Implementation
Circulating IC card transceiver and Highway Toll System Related Technology
CORBA-based component technology in the distributed information system study
District Management Information System on the design and implementation
IP Network Accounting System Development
Based on Lotus DominoNotes of Research and Implementation of Office Automation
Component-based operating system framework of Telecom Research and
Network-based IC Computer Lab Management Control System and Implementation
Based on B-S and C-S Test System Online
Intelligent fire alarm system Burglar
Assessment of Higher Education Evaluation System for the Paper
Commercial enterprise data exchange system design and implementation
Rotary Parts intelligent CAPP system design and implementation
Digital TV User Management System Design and Development
Network Security Emergency Response Linkage System
Appliance Sales Management Information System Design and Development
Smart Meter Reading Residential Alarm Monitoring System -1-77
FPGA-based Spread Spectrum Communication System
Campus-based campus network planning and development of MIS system
Developed using DELPHI attendance system based on database software
Of e-commerce online payment system
Fixed-point MP3 decoder DSP-based system design and implementation
Vehicle Performance Testing System Reliability Data Collection
Wheel braking force based on vehicle brake performance measurement system
Engine performance test and fault diagnosis expert system
PLC control VVVF Elevator System
Management Papers:
Analysis of the contemporary concept of knowledge management
Information technology era of tourism human resources management
China's rural cooperative financial institutions, Marketing Management
Ideological and Political Education Network vector, management and operation
School management and prevention of short-term performance
Highway Maintenance Management Market Research.
At this stage of our socialist spiritual civilization construction management research
On City Commercial Bank Credit Risk Management
China's new property management of residential quarters
Legal System of China's export management
Property management company's growth and development of
On the state-owned transport enterprises to establish modern enterprise system and
strengthen management
Private enterprise management mechanism and Countermeasures
Knowledge Management Theory
Sport Management Teaching and the Development Model of Reform
Financial management theory practice in Enterprise Application Management
On Quality of Education Management
Risk Management of Commercial Banks
New Model of Cost Management in China
State-owned enterprises management personnel Selection
A Comparative Study of Chinese and foreign industry and commerce administration
On the status of property management, Problems and Solutions
Management and implementation of the ISO9000 Quality Standard
Modern Management of Urban Residential Property and Mode Choice
Agricultural Development Bank of Purchasing Funds Closed
Business management theory and operation of early warning mechanism
Interest Rate Risk Management of Commercial Banks
Improvement of Enterprise Cost Management Study
China's consumer credit business of commercial banking risk management
Financial Management of Enterprise Group
Information and modern administration
The New Economy Innovation of Financial Management
Of high-technology enterprise brand management system established
Development of Contemporary Chinese administrative model Orientation
Modern Cost Management
Advertisement Management
Small Business Enterprise Information Management System (MIS) Software Design
and Implementation
Knowledge Economy and Innovation of Financial Management
Finance Company's development orientation and risk management
Chinese-funded enterprises Cross-cultural human resource management model long68
Target of Financial Management
Advantages of enterprise groups, economies of scale and financial management
Modern enterprise e-business competitive strategy and operational management
Some of the administrative costs of the audit
Audit behavior: model, specification and management
Integrated Relationship Marketing - Commercial Banks in the new trend
Risk Management of Securities Companies
Pension Fund raising and investment management
View of the main ideological education of the school management
China Management Consulting Marketing Strategy
Enterprise Financial Management Target Selection and Calculation Model
Network Environment Educational Administration Information System Design and
Management Accounting Application and Development of Enterprises
Annuity Risk Identification and Management
Construction Project Quality Management and Control
Application of Management Accounting Research Environment Optimization
Supply Chain Management and Enterprise Information
Promote the use of quality cost management
On the modern enterprise management philosophy of human thinking
Construction with Chinese characteristics, management science and philosophy of
Human Thought
Tube modern enterprise management philosophy and the strategic management of
Competitive Advantage and Human Resource Development and Management
Information Technology in Enterprise Application Management
Senior management of listed companies in China pay and firm performance, the study
Dongfeng Motor Corporation of raw materials, logistics management
Operation and management of Insurance Companies
Internal Human Resource Management Strategy
Network of the Enterprise Management
Marketing Management of Commercial Banks
On the management of China's Internet Media
Mortgage Securitization in China: Design and Risk Management
"Case": China Ping An Insurance (Life) - Services Marketing
Management Analysis
Strategic Management of Modern Telecommunication
Under the conditions of economic globalization, strengthening the Strategic
Management of China
Financial Risk Management
China's civil service management mechanism
On the New Administration System Reform in China
Hotel Human Resources: Management Accounting Research
On Human Resource Management in Knowledge Economy
Human Resource Management Incentives
Modern Enterprise System Financial Management
Management of Current Accounting Problems and Countermeasures
"Case": Water engineering plastics factory - the implementation
of 6Sigma quality management, improve enterprise management level
Psychological Analysis of miners and Coal Mine Safety Safety Management
Support the construction of enterprise information integration management of
information systems
Freeway Management System in China
Financial Management Information Research
Study of Chinese Family Business Management
China's state-owned commercial bank credit risk management system
International Project Contract Management and Claim
Service Quality Management
Environmental Construction Quality Management
Application of quality management and insurance services
On the risk management audit
Establish a "personality"-based human resource management
Supply Chain Management Purchasing and Inventory Management
Study of Road Transport Administration System
Management of construction project goals
Multinational financial risk management
American Basketball Teams in College Comparative Study
Strengthening Financial Management of Private Enterprises Research
Senior management of the labor contract - Reference _1-54
Cost Management of Business Logistics
Corporate Governance Structure on Financial Management
Hotel professional management system and human thought
College of evaluation system for teachers
On the Electronic Commerce Business Management
On Enterprise Management
How to manage Chinese Culture
Human resource management system on Some Problems
Jianlibao Group's Strategic Management and Marketing Strategy
Enterprises in the 21st century knowledge-based management of
Management Problems of Private Enterprises in Guangdong
E-commerce-based logistics management of
Modern enterprise management mechanisms of financial
Radio Express Company in senior management performance evaluation and incentive
Key factors in the process of performance management research
Concept of Modern Enterprise Cost Management
Commercial Bank Credit Risk Management
Logistics Cost Management

Education Papers:
Education under the Vocational School Mathematics Teaching Reform
On the emotional teaching junior high school biology
Three kinds of Cognition and Language and Foreign Language Teaching
Implementing innovative mathematics teaching understanding and practice of
On consultation and dialogue-based teaching of reading
Child Language Teaching and Research Acquisition Lexical Approach
On the trend of quality education in primary and secondary school teaching
Interactive teaching activities for improving the interest of students learning English
Football Teaching cooperative learning teaching model and application of the theory
Physics Teaching and Creative Thinking
Construction of High School English Learning Teaching Model
The plight of teaching writing and Countermeasures
Laws of the composition teaching
In physics teaching students to conduct research study to explore
English Teaching Strategy
School "Sports and Health" (Curriculum) multimedia teaching
and learning
British culture and the unequal nature of language and English Teaching
Task-based teaching in high school English teaching
High school biology teaching model of open
Innovative Learning in high school biology teaching application of
Multiple intelligences theory in high school biology teaching
English Teaching in China Teaching Problems and Strategies of cultural
In English effectively use of network resources
On the high school English Vocabulary
Middle School English Teaching Culture Teaching english
Games in English Teaching children 5
Reflections on Communicative Language Teaching Middle School English and
practice eng
University of interactive classroom teaching of English
Teaching Writing in College English Studies
Non-English students study English and Chinese College English Teaching
College English Teaching in the cultural differences and student cross-cultural
awareness training -1-55
Of cooperative learning in secondary English teaching in practice
Perspective from the semantics of foreign teaching English
Secondary Vocational School English Teaching Culture Teaching
College English Teaching and Cultural Study of Cognitive
Instruction in reading skills in students a comprehensive
English Teaching Strategy
Cooperative Learning Approach in College English Teaching
On the Teaching of Creative Writing Education
Twentieth century piano music in a wonderful work - Gershwin "Rhapsody
in Blue" Piano Teaching Analysis and Research
College English Teaching Culture Teaching
Sport Management Teaching and the Development Model of Reform
Teachers in medical colleges and teaching evaluation index system
There are other categories of advertising and economics, biology, architectural design
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