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					Then the man
I was a senior next semester, and life is colorful.
I had in the last semester in December and a public institution to sign a six-year life
away, probably without their courage still young, although the phone was an interview
I did not go, then the course of employment very funny, the first step in my life, so it
was confusedly. The second term in March to prepare a special eight Youzaiyouzai of
the examination, and then test a bunch of certificates, will be ready to thesis defense.
Is Happy days then, and every day after dinner out with friends are related to dorm
stroll, Kun Yu River is frequented places, when we graduated likes talking life, are
some beautiful words, happy work, beautiful life.
Just before graduation, and have no pressure, and friends of friends to eat dinner,
bubble bars, busy and happy with every day. One evening the evening, I met a friend
of two friends, who as early as three years, we graduated, but still like the two
students, one wearing a big T-shirt, carrying a large bag, keep board-inch head; a
chubby, square housings great shirt, looks like two big kids. After dinner we went to
the white stone bridge in the evening at eight, because I first met them, it is stiff, my
friend had wanted to take a bad mood, do not know are related to what they talk, my
friends, sometimes sobbing and sometimes laugh, sometimes lofty sentiments and
aspirations of the talk about how to start again. Throughout the evening, I feel like an
outsider, staring eyes surprised all, occasional co-Wood to be another boy. 23:00,
we're a dormitory.
The next day, continued to call me fat and information, he said, has nothing, but just
want to speak to me, may be reserved the day before I gave him a deep impression,
for such is the passion I do not argue, then no attention to him. Intuition fat is glib,
sweet words of the boys, he has not had a girlfriend that is clearly false, such a person
who ignores not worth.
Then a friend told me, fat man in a high-tech marketing manager, Aoao money, big
bags that if I later with him, certainly will be very happy to get whatever. I smiled,
proud heart will not succumb to money.
Two days later, fat man said he had a friend pass to travel here in Wuhan, we know
what a meal, so many pieces of people think they readily agreed. It was a Saturday
morning, they first play at the Beijing University, I boarded a small 5 Road to the
south gate of Beijing University, in addition to fat, but adds the two, is a movement to
a tall, one is very quiet in the Tai Fook. Day, the sun is sufficient to April as the
weather was such a June heat, we went to a nearby Tsinghua Simon Korean barbecue
restaurant, many people, we wait in line for 10 minutes, during which I learned just
big tall admitted to the Dalian University of Technology MBA, by the end of April
will be subject to notice of, and a large Dr. Fu is the physics of Peking University,
before four of them are high school boys, big bags are great good fortune graduated
from Dalian University of Technology, large tall and Fat Man's University
in Nanjing, watching their brothers and Wife I am also very touched, much less the
psychological readiness.
Because the weather was very hot, some cold dishes and they have to noodles and
gobbled on the elimination of light, and I do not eat sweet and sour things, to deal
with the points on the casual. Fat and I always confused me to open some of the jokes,
I only know that strive to dodging him, that he is a greedy devil trap.
Noon hot weather people uneasy, and wanted to find a cool quiet place, then got into a
teahouse near the south gate of Beijing University, is the first time I walked into this
place, every move seems out of tune, they inadvertently joke make fairly harmonious
atmosphere, I was a no insight, not talkative girls, gradually feel the front of a few big
boys outspoken and friendly, in addition to the language of the eyes of the occasional
fat man let me uncomfortable.
Three of them throw a renew old friendships, talking, and many former high school
classmates, suddenly it was suggested that called the other girls, red is their high
school classmates, from the phone, I hear that they used to be very good friends.
Twenty minutes later the arrival of red makes me feel very relaxed and happy, they do
not last a few boys mouth to me.
Red is a typical northern girl, tall and a little fat, but it is cute, she is in Shanxi college,
then later became a postgraduate student there, and now looking for a Mechanical
Industry Press, a technical work, in It seems to me this is very good. Xiao
Hong's boyfriend after graduation to work in Beijing, and now have bought
the house in the South Second Ring. They chatted Naozhuo, I listened quietly.
One afternoon, so they say laughter come the evening, to dinner time, my friend and a
big bag of it, all they gathered the old and new friends. In fact, we do not know for
what purpose, I just think living in a foreign country, need more support in good faith
to the hearts floating in the vast crowd making friends really difficult. Compatibility
can be met several really difficult, so treasure. I also enjoyed the friendship of my
friends brought.
A restaurant in Beijing, we were happy to enjoy so many people shared this dinner
Dayton, and later tells us that getting more and more sad, and everyone drank a lot of
beer, in addition to red, she was going to attend the next day medical units, we took
turns to have to go to the toilet care of each other.
My friend is Xingqingzhongren, drink drink a lot of tears, is helping to chair a large
bag, and she cried a lot. The boys finished the bottle and also the 30 draft beer, in
addition to Tai Fook addition, some of them are drunk.
Big tall fat man and I sat down in the middle, separating the fat on my language
harassment, but also asked to be my brother, I was surprised, but to have a brother in
the side look better than fat indiscriminately. But the sensitive fat pride was hurt, I
went to the toilet while she was on his way to me: you too unfeeling, but should not,
and my good friends. Look as if a true feelings, but I always felt he was not serious,
just fooling. He said it was not!
Little Red says physical examination the next day, get to go home early and take the
big tall when suddenly seized her and let her help the night train back, and he did not
want back to Dalian, red readily agreed, was more angry fat man , they are not going
to understand the reasons for big tall, man of dialogue between children more than
once a lot of gunpowder, after all, pay all the money they fat, it is his money up. I
think he is guilty.
23:00, and we stumbled in out of the restaurant, after all, came to the campus of
Peking University, Tai Fook finally tried a host, bought some fruit and drinks, we sat
on the lawn in silence silent. My friend and big bags like the older two children
resumed as happy, and I always feel like doing something wrong, silently suffer heart
The next afternoon, fat taxi to pick me and my friends play way more pictures, I do
not agree with him too much of a picture, everybody having fun seems to be very
awkward embarrassment, unlike previous occasions, as chatter, said more is silence.
Large tall to be back to Dalian later work, and 18 o'clock train, his best
friend not to send him fat, I took him with the bus, a big blessing to accompany him to
the train station. I do not know how, and that moment in thinking about heart.
Loose end of one song, and everyone is still busy with their own. My friend also often
chat with the big bags, complain, like a brother and sister. After the fat has been to our
school several times, invited me to dinner, but I never say things can not adapt to his
way, he was confused and told me how he so disdains, yes, he has room, cause a
money, and I a little girl on what basis the film so unreasonable. Later, as fat as before,
and he regarded me as a little sister, he said I am a good girl.
Later I learned that fat is not a fair in love and rebel, he has a little college girlfriend,
his third, have always been in love, know me when he is busy with his girlfriend
broke up, I think then he will appreciate my share of indifferent and cold. Because last
year I learned that from the tall, fat man got married, the bride is his girlfriend fell in
love for many years, and sold the previous house, the company bought a set of around
100 million, to Beijing after his wife, and work is fairly comfortable. He also loves to
go out like before, do not travel frequently, and will be very early to go home after
work, that fat has now become very tall, and is a typical new man, I wish fat and his
wife always happy.
Tall and was also occasionally contact me about, SMS chat, he soon graduated last
summer, said a unit of internship in Beijing, Beijing, after all, a few of his buddies out
of children outside the totally unfamiliar, I'm one of a known friends, he
came to see me unit than the previous old. I am fond of chatting with him, always
thought he knew everything, give me some suggestions work. But then for some
reason do not often come. However, we believe that what is called a kind of pure
friendship, people trust!
Now I will always think of those friends that time, a touch of the wind of memory, do
not know if they will. My friend said, buy a house in Beijing, large bags, and also
promoted his director of the Space Research Institute; fat man who should be happy in
his family business, and strive to work with; Tai Fook, Dr. North is long overdue
graduated it, do not know Where; red it should be married, she must be very happy,
there is room in Beijing have taken a good work car; tall as also in Dalian, it should
have graduated, he was in Beijing when the old practice complained that Beijing is
too large to work by bus takes so long, could not get, that Beijing does not own roots,
so reluctant to development in Beijing, do not know how kind he was.

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