The Way of Chinese OEM OEM

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					The Way of Chinese OEM OEM
Original Equipment Manufacturer OEM is the abbreviation for the English may be
directly translated into "Original Equipment Manufacturer"
means a company under another company's request for production of
products, we are familiar with the "OEM" also belongs to OEM.
Recently and the first financial litigation, "Foxconn" is a typical
OEM manufacturer, their OEM customers are world-class brands such as Dell, Nokia,
HP and Apple ipod and so on. Taiwan has already become the world's
largest OEM PC-base, India is also the OEM of the way through to become the
world's largest software exporter. With the trend of economic globalization
to further accelerate, OEM Buyer may select a larger range of OEM suppliers, in
particular to low cost manufacturing countries and regions of the transfer.
OEM has three categories:
?One is proactive OEM, commissioning and processing are all very pro-active type.
Some well-known brand manufacturers, often because of a number of conditions and
the costs of restrictions can not achieve large volume production requirements, or
need some Teding parts, so take the initiative to others for help, Zhexie helping hand
of the maker is known as OEM. Another instance, if such brands as Nike shoes
enterprise itself and no factories, only focus on research, Sheji and marketing,
products are all 采用 OEM mode.
The second type is helpless type OEM. Many companies do not own technology and
brand, but there is equipment, factory and workers, this time only the OEM to survive.
For example, OEM China's household electrical appliance enterprises
digest excess capacity and idle resources to meet the needs of enterprise short-term
interests. In addition, through its own initiative to do OEM, help Chinese enterprises
to learn advanced foreign technology and management experience, improve enterprise
The last category is take the vehicle OEM, such as hotels Mid selling many name
brands from their moon cake, these "OEM" in the moon cake to
take home from the factory changed hands after the price nearly doubled up often.
Today, more and more Chinese companies and retailers, has joined the
OEM's race. In the home appliance market, a number of global OEM
demand and supply companies to cooperate in the process, Bianchang the sweetness
of the Chinese market; and quite a number of processing enterprises in OEM
professional manufacture of even the basic strategy for future development, simply to
give up their own brand, the OEM had to make people become willing to do for her
wedding gown, or even wanted to become a China or the world's best
professional OEM manufacturer, and in accordance with this orientation specific to
adjust their management system, workflow.
Another example is the Chinese garment enterprises, OEM is the main exit of large
enterprises, OEM give them the best value, no doubt with the international supply
chain and value chain integration. Cheap labor is the OEM's core
competitiveness: According to the Wall Street Telecommunications in June 2006
survey, the Chinese apparel industry's average monthly wage of skilled
workers is 75 dollars, Indonesia (80 dollars), the Dominican Republic (109 U.S.
dollars), Honduras (300 dollars) of these relatively backward regions to be much
lower. The large population provides a large number of alternative low-cost labor
force, is the start of the initial impetus for OEM companies.
While economic globalization, the globalization of education began. Business School
is a leader in the globalization of education, because all elements of business schools
(such as school brand, education funding, Professor of the market, students and
scientific research) most likely to globalization. With the auto OEM, toy OEM,
apparel OEM, OEM and other home appliance manufacturers in China have joined
the OEM camp, China's education market is going to fully enter the OEM
era. Sino-foreign cooperative schools approved by the Ministry of Education is OEM,
that enrollment in the country, domestic education, but the foreign university
diplomas issued. In particular, China's business schools are generally
working in a foreign business schools are doing an OEM: OEM 300 executive
training programs, EMBA degree of OEM projects in more than 40, that the Mainland
and overseas business school business school co-enrollment participation
"bonus", but added value throughout the value chain the highest
brand value of overseas business schools almost entirely taken away.
China Business School does have a condition as OEM. For example, hardware
environment: large-scale campus and classrooms; advanced teaching facilities and a
good number of books. Software Environment: a certain number of professors, some
received Western education, though not world class, but do assistant professor of
foreign big or qualified; basic strict quality control system of teaching. So was the
question: When do OEM business school is also the case, how to train with Chinese
characteristics, economic managers? When the Chinese people on behalf of the
Business School as a growing number of processing elements, thus diminishing its
own brand, that China's business school, it faces a severe test. However, do
not do OEM right? I do not, because they can not survive: the same study costs
(tuition and living expenses) of the two schools, such as Peking University and an
MBA TOP20-30 U.S. business school MBA compared to 99% of students would
choose the latter. Why? Because the latter's brand, especially the latter
MBA graduates is much higher than the market price of the former. U.S. TOP50
Business School MBA graduates have 80,000 dollars in salary, North then? Tsinghua

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