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					The United States out of the number of Ivy League presidents
Barack Obama the 56th President of the United States in 1983, graduated from
famous universities in the United States, one of the Ivy League Columbia University.
In 1988, Obama entered the same world-class universities are Ivy League - Harvard
University studies, and in 1991 received his JD from Harvard University.
Looking at U.S. history, we can easily find, Columbia University, Harvard, and Yale
University, are rich in the cradle of the U.S. President.
Harvard University: train, including John - Adams (second president), John - Quincy -
Adams, Rutherford - Hayes, Theodore - Roosevelt Franklin - Roosevelt (his fourth
consecutive term), and John - Kennedy 6 President, U.S. President George W. Bush in
1975 by Harvard Business School MBA.

Columbia University: The 15th President of the United States, Theodore - Roosevelt
and the 32nd President of the Franklin-D-Roosevelt, together with Obama, Columbia
University, has already produced three presidents.

(Note: Theodore - Roosevelt has studied at Harvard University and Columbia
Yale University: has already produced five presidents - William Howard - Taft, Gerald
- Rudolf - Ford, George - Bush, Bill - Clinton and current President George-W-Bush.

United States, these elite schools, with outstanding teaching, create a another political
miracle. Apart from training the President, these schools also train a large number of
Nobel, Pulitzer Prize winner, the politicians, business leaders and active in all areas of
the elite.
Similarly, these elite schools have also been more and more outstanding Chinese
students admire, and many Chinese students to enter the United States regarded
among elite academic career, his most desirable goal.
So, how Ivy League is the name of it? Include several schools that? What these
schools have a reputation? What all school admission standards?
& Source of Ivy League schools

General, an Ivy League university does not Tezhi university, but to an eight
universities including the University Union. They are located in the eastern United
States, north to the new Hanbusheer state, south to Pennsylvania. While these
universities have antique buildings, the walls covered with ivy, but the Ivy League
university is not a first come by this plant.
The first Ivy League university is actually formed of four inter-school sports leagues.
The four universities are Harvard, Massachusetts, Connecticut State, Yale University,
Columbia University and Princeton University in New Jersey. Four of the Roman
numerals written as IV, and then ending with Y, has become IVY, was also known as
the Ivy League. Inter-school sports competition due to inevitably lead to competition
for school students to master sports, while ignoring other aspects of academic
achievement and admission requirements, the Ivy League school enrollment between
the jointly developed the principle that sports can not because and according to family
financial circumstances scholarships. Later, the four universities in the alliance has
expanded to eight, joined Brown University in Rhode Island, New York, Cornell
University, New Hanbusheer Dartmouth College and the State of Pennsylvania
University of Pennsylvania.
The eight universities are recognized as leading universities, their long history,
rigorous scholarship, high level professors, student quality, the Ivy
League's top elite schools often have as a synonym. In fact, in the eight
elite, the United States there are many very good universities such as MIT,
Massachusetts, California, Stanford University, the University of Chicago, Illinois,
etc., but they are not often Ivy League university members.
In addition, there are three University of Arts is also sometimes known as the small
Ivy League school, they are Massachusetts, Amherst College and Williams College
and the Connecticut State Wesleyan College. However, recent Wesleyan College
student protests, the school hung a small ivy do not agree with the name, the school
also had to compromise.
Introduction & Ivy League

Ivy League from the seven universities in the northeastern United States and
composed of a college. Them to Brown (Brown), Colombia (Columbia), Cornell
(Cornell), Yale (Yale), Harvard (Harvard), Pennsylvania (Pennsylvania), Princeton
University (Princeton), and Dartmouth College ( Dartmouth). In addition to Cornell
University, other schools are created in the United States before the revolution, and
each of the schools are very strict entry criteria. The school record of social and
competitive sport began in the late nineteenth century. League schools idea was
conceived in 1956, prestigious setting of sports competition rules, but will surely set
the Ivy League regulations. Elected president of Ivy League schools, sports director
and other executives to enable them to meet regularly to discuss common among
schools about enrollment, financial, aid, and administrative problems.
& Ivy League reputation

Many schools also have special areas of high academic reputation, for example:
- Columbia University Law School, Business School, School of Medicine and School
of Journalism;
- Cornell University School of Hotel Management and Engineering;
- Dartmouth College's Tuck School of Business (Tuck School of Business);
- Harvard Business School, School of Law, Medicine, Institute of Education and
Kennedy School of Management;
- University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School of Business, Medicine,
Nursing, Law and Education;
- Princeton University's Woodrow Wilson School of Public and
International Affairs;
- Yale University School of Law, Arts, Music and Medicine;
Because of its long history and the train of elite talent, Ivy League schools is the
world's largest university donations. All eight schools have received
donations worth more than 1 billion U.S. dollars, while outside of Brown University
in addition to other seven schools have received billions of dollars in donations. The
Harvard endowment, which totaled 19.3 billion U.S. dollars, is the world's
richest university; Yale University, the second and the total contributions have reached
11 billion U.S. dollars. Harvard in the Boston area has a total area of 1.8 square
kilometers of land, and Columbia University in New York City, the second large
landowners, the value of its land may be the highest in the world universities.
& Ivy League schools, admission criteria

What kind of students were above schools? Course is to learn good, strong spirit of
independence, expertise in the students. In general, these schools have long to each
high school to identify suitable candidates, there are many outstanding students
received the National Award for outstanding or SAT scores, high school taught
strength of the top ten were in school, and students a variety of expertise the object is
recruiting. However, the academic performance of students enrolled in these schools
is not the only factor. Whether the students the spirit of independence and ability to
adapt to stress and stressful school freshmen living is an important factor in their
considerations. High school teacher recommendation letters are of course very
These schools have adopted a "merit only, not with family
income" principle, that is, admissions office candidates to be entirely under
the circumstances, I accepted, and completely without regard to the families of
students on ability to pay. Schools, financial strength, since to fill the shortage of parts,
many poor children and thus benefit from outstanding people. Children of the rich,
even in the extremely rich family and can not therefore be admitted. It is accepted that
the principle of strict to ensure that these elite schools for hundreds of years eternity.
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