The strength of weak ties

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					The strength of weak ties
马克格拉诺 Witte in a paper published in 1973, is considered a social network
research is very important documents.
Granovetter pointed out: In traditional society, each person is the most frequent
contact with their loved ones, classmates, friends, colleagues ... ... This is a very stable
social relations, however, limited in scope, this is a "strong relationship
"; the same time, there is another type of social relations relative to the
former shallow, but there is much more extensive social relations, Granovetter to the
latter as" weak relationship "
Found: in fact the cause of a person's work and social relations most
closely is not the "strong relationship", but often the
"weak         ties."      "Weak       relationship"
Although not as "strong relationship" as solid (pyramid), but
has extremely fast, may have low cost and high efficiency of transmission.
In fact, the proliferation of information dissemination, weak ties play the same role.
One's circle of friends and family who may know each other, therefore, in
such circles, the exchange of information provided by others is always redundant. For
example, I heard from this friend or relative, and may already have heard of another
friend, and they all talk to each other than between this topic. No shortage of daily life
such examples.
Weak ties in our communication with the outside world played a key role, in order to
get new information, we must give full play to the role of weak ties. These weak ties,
or acquaintances, are our bridge of communication with the outside world, in different
places through the weak ties can have different information. Closest circle of friends,
and you may live almost, your life is almost completely overlap. To meet those
long-suppressed people, who may have a lot of you do not understand the situation.
Only these "weak relationship" exists, the information can be
spread in different circles. Herein lies the power of weak ties.
Relationship is usually strong connections between actors that have a high degree of
interaction, the interaction of some type on the existence of more intimate, so strong
relations generated by the message is often repeated, self-contained closed system is
easy . As a member of the network have a similar attitude, high degree of interaction
frequency is usually the original understanding of the views will be Jiang Hua was
reduced and with the other point of view integration in the organization so that the
network is not a strong relationship can provide innovative opportunities in ways. .
Weak relationship is like an amplifier, to each person for others to enlarge the small
value of unlimited.
Do not know since when, all of the msn or qq signature became a platform for
information dissemination: a securities company's financial analyst job
vacancies occurred, someone had just returned to find the four returnees audit of a
person to find business school teacher, a Dong Building, set to sell the whole ... ...
This is the strength of weak ties is not a complete stranger on the release of
information, but you can not say with a soul mate, but also have an associated person
to push your career turning point. Might say, how widespread our weak ties,
determines how we stage.
"And we know better, but not close friends who provide us with new
里德霍夫曼 (reid hoffman) in relation to this topic on the very weak voice, he is
well-known U.S. professional people linkedln founder of social networking sites. This
site established business relationship between the professional network of people,
"people can create relationships to achieve a definite purpose, this
relationship is known as weak ties. For example 来 说 , bob is cindy and
fred's friend, fred understanding joe and michelle, michelle they know sara,
sara and then something on the help of the bob, this is the role of weak ties.
"he said.
In Hoffman seems, is that we recognize but not close friends with a "weak
relationship" provides us with more new opportunities.
In real life, one's social network decided that the person's
survival and development of this relationship in which the strong relationship between
network members in their personal character, family composition, educational
background, work situation, education information and details such as the situation
they have a relatively high level of understanding of social resources.
And on the relationship between the weak relationship between the network members
have a relatively low level of understanding of social resources. But the weak
relations theory tells us that a person's job, weddings, and other needs of
the behavior of members of the community to help get members to help the weak
relationship is very likely.
The works of sociologist Mark ? There is a link to play a role in reflecting the
wonderful example. In his excellent research work in 1974, "a
job" in the Boston suburb of Granovetter interviewed several hundred
professional workers, technical workers, details about their employment experience.
He found that 56% of those interviewed who were to have gained through personal
relationships work. Another 18.8% of the people is the use of formal channels -
recruitment advertising, executive search firm - find jobs, about 20% of the
interviewees are their own to apply for jobs directly. Best to pull strings is through
personal relationships, it is not surprising. However, Gelannuowei Patel surprise, he
found that the majority of people use personal relationships are 'weak
ties'. Those who use personal relationships among those looking for work,
only 16.7% of those seeking help with their own (if this person is your friend)
"often"            travel,     55.6%         of      people     only
"occasionally" to see the supplicants. There are 28%
"rarely" to see to pull strings to help their own people.
Moreover, by friends is usually a job, generally have 12 plane by the turn of the
people found new jobs.
Why? Granovetter that, in order to understand the situation a new job or the work of
the new information or new ideas, "weak relationship" is always
better than the role of a strong relationship more. After all, a friend and you know
about the situation. ... ... On the other hand, acquaintance, by definition, and a large
circle of your life not the same. They may know something you do not understand the
situation. This apparent contradiction to capture the exact meaning of Granovetter
coin a catchy: the power of the weak link. In short, the number of people met on
behalf of a person's social skills, met more of your social skills will