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The reconstruction of Afghanistan


									The reconstruction of Afghanistan


U.S. President George W. Bush participated in a video teleconference with
Afghanistan Provincial Reconstruction Team leaders and Brigade Combat
"Our strategy is in Afghanistan, one to provide adequate security to enable
civil society to move forward. Any anti - effective anti-strategy will need more than
just military action, it needs a civil-military interface. So If you look on the screen
you see the courage and bravery of the Americans in uniform and do not wear
uniforms, because they are a part of this strategy to help Afghans, one, understand the
blessings of good governance - in other words , folks are trying to fight against
corruption at the local level, so that local citizens can have a positive outlook on life,
their government. We also work to educate people, build roads, provide good health
care. and our compatriots, citizens in the ground, in some difficulties Di Qing Kuang,
all to help this young democracy survive and thrive. and there are difficulties, but
we're also making progress ".

Provincial Reconstruction Teams to provide security, democratic governance,
economic and reconstruction assistance to local and provincial governments across
On March 13, 2008, President Bush received the latest video teleconference from the
United States civilian and military leaders of provincial reconstruction teams in
Afghanistan Service (PRT) and a brigade combat team (bct) in Afghanistan. Dui
located throughout the country provide critical support to the Afghan government
Dinu Li, improve security and democratic Zhili, to provide the services Bi Yao and
Kuo Tai Jingjijikuai. President, with Vice President Dick Cheney, Defense Secretary
Robert Gates, Deputy Secretary of State John D. Negroponte, Deputy Chairman of
Joint Chiefs, General James Cartwright to the U.S. civilian and military personnel to
the United States US-led Provincial Reconstruction Team in Ghazni, Paktika, Farah
province, and in the provincial reconstruction team led by partners in
NATO's International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) in Bamian (New
Zealand) and Helmand (United Kingdom). President discussed the important progress,
the team decision-making in local communities around Afghanistan.

Provincial reconstruction teams is a key element of international efforts in

United States, the partner relationship, and the Afghan Zheng Fu, members of the
Afghan national security forces, the NATO alliance and other international partners, is
to help the Afghan Renmin the freedom to defend itself against the Taliban He
al-Qaeda al. Thanks for the courage, both military and civilian experts, a nation, it is a
safe haven for al-Qaeda is an increasingly democratic.
2006 Provincial Reconstruction Teams are operating in Afghanistan and working
partnerships with communities throughout the country. 12 of these provincial
reconstruction teams are led by the United States led to our 14 NATO allies and
coalition partners. Provincial Reconstruction Team to help ensure that improved
security is sustainable.

Provincial Reconstruction Team in today's video teleconference to
illustrate the different operating environment, challenges and successes that the U.S.
inter-agency and the international community faces in Afghanistan

1. Ghazni provincial reconstruction teams

Ghazni provincial reconstruction teams and the U.S. task force into a rage, located in
eastern Afghanistan, service members and civilians constitute the sector from the
national agriculture and the United States Agency for International Development.
With the support of provincial reconstruction teams, improved security in the region,
in the past year.

The provincial reconstruction teams are contributing to the development of
infrastructure and health care in several important ways.
The provincial reconstruction teams is to provide modern medical equipment to local
hospitals, the establishment of a new emergency services building, and providing 19
ambulances to improve care for citizens in rural areas. Today, approximately 90% of
Ghazni's population has access to basic health services - from about 9
percent, before the fall of the Taliban regime.
The provincial reconstruction teams is to provide small grants to small businesses,
enabling them to re-open by purchasing stock, the resumption of commercial
equipment, repairing damaged shops, and hiring staff.
The provincial reconstruction teams is to improve the roads to better link population
centers to markets and services.
The provincial reconstruction teams is a capacity-building and the province of
Ghazni's public administration to support rural development priorities.
 2. Lashkar-e-gah Provincial Reconstruction Team (Helmand Province)

?The Lashkar-e-gah provincial reconstruction teams and task forces in Helmand,
which is the United States led the United Kingdom, is composed of both civilian and
military representatives, representatives from the United Kingdom and civilian
personnel from the United States (Department of State and the United States Agency
for International Development), Estonia and Denmark. British opinion, this structure,
close military and civilian contacts, to ensure a "comprehensive
solution" to make progress and sustainable development.

Despite the security challenges, in Helmand province, provincial reconstruction teams
and the team members focus on governance, development and combating the drug
Provincial reconstruction team leaders in Helmand province, helping to establish the
Civil Service Training Centre, to increase the skills of local government leaders.
The leaders of provincial reconstruction teams to help restore high school that
reopened last month to 600 students.
Most provinces do not get electricity, but the team members of the provincial
reconstruction teams work to improve the equipment to the Kajaki dam project, which
will help to expand access to national power in southern Afghanistan.
Hundreds of Helmand province, farmers are now growing crops under the laws of
contract farming as part of USAID's alternative development plans, and
thousands more farmers to join the set in 2008 and 2009 .
  3. Farah Provincial Reconstruction Team

?Farah provincial reconstruction teams - based in western Afghanistan - consisting of
soldiers, sailors, pilots, and civilian U.S. government departments and from the
National Agricultural and the United States Agency for International Development.
The project's provincial reconstruction teams work closely with the
Regional Command - West (command, from Italy) and also with the U.S. Army team,
who mentor the Afghan police and army.

?The provincial reconstruction teams in efforts to improve conditions in the province
in several key ways, with local government and local tribal assemblies.
Provincial reconstruction teams and security forces dug wells, built schools,
distributed wheat seed, and re-establish a market, the Taliban were forced to leave the
city shewan.
The provincial reconstruction team has invested in critical infrastructure such as
bridges and roads, and trained local engineers to compete for construction contracts.
This increases employment and local investment in new facilities.
4. Paktika provincial reconstruction teams (sharana)

?The Paktika provincial reconstruction teams, located in eastern Afghanistan, furious
with the U.S. Task Force, members from the sea, land, Arizona National Guard, U.S.
State Department, USAID, and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

?The provincial reconstruction teams, to help link local and national governments in
this regard province bordering Pakistan.
The provincial reconstruction teams for the first meeting of all five tribes, in the
Province, promised to support the Government.
The team established two centers of educational excellence - enabling students to
receive quality education in the province and not in Pakistan or other provinces. In
2004, the literacy rate of about 2%;, now it is about 30%. School enrollment of about
9%; now 50-60%.
The provincial reconstruction team began building the first paved road in the province,
which will connect to major population and economic center.
?Participants at today's meeting

?Participants joined from Afghanistan via video teleconference included:

Ambassador William Wood, Kabul embassy
Colonel Madingshiwei Wenzel, 4th Brigade Combat Team, 82nd Airborne, the anger
of the Task Force, Regional Command (RC) of the East
Command sergeant major, Richard Flowers, 4th Brigade Combat Team, 82nd
Airborne, the anger of the Task Force, reinforced concrete - East
Dennis hearne, State Department political adviser to the Task Force into a rage,
reinforced concrete - East
Susan decamp, the United States Agency for International Development (USAID)
Task Force on rage, reinforced concrete - East
Commander (Captain Select) 斯科特库利奇, U.S. Navy, the Ghazni Provincial
Reconstruction Team Leader
Trail Blazers harkenrider Department of State Foreign Service Officer, Ghazni
provincial reconstruction teams
Rachel Grant, USAID Development Officer, Ghazni provincial reconstruction teams
Commander Frank hughlett, U.S. Navy, the Farah provincial reconstruction team
Karen Chandler, State Department Foreign Service officers, Farah provincial
reconstruction teams
Gary domian, director of the agricultural sector, Farah provincial reconstruction teams
Players Donohue, the United States Agency for International Development
Development Officer, Helmand provincial reconstruction teams
?In addition, the provincial reconstruction team leaders from Paktika and Bamian
participate in the discussion with President Bush at the White House. These leaders
Paul porcelain, USAID Development Officer, Paktika Provincial Reconstruction
Craig Bryant, State Department Foreign Service officers, provincial reconstruction
team in Bamiyan

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