Tips on Bin placement by pavelhoque


									                                 Tips on skip bin placement
It can be an unfortunate added cost to hiring a mini skip or skip bin, but these days most local council’s
now enforce the need for a ‘permit’ if a skip bin is to be placed on either the road or nature strip outside
of your property. While the price of a permit can add a significant amount to the overall price you were
hoping to pay for a bin, the only way around this is to have the bin placed on your property, either on
the front lawn or driveway, therefore eliminating the cost or need for a permit. Not taking out a permit
and placing it outside of your property is not an option, as council does police this and the fin is far
greater than the original permit.

Most people are reluctant to move their cars out onto the road for a night or two so a skip bin can be
placed there in its place, but it’s actually a good idea for a couple of reasons.

    1. You can save the cost of having to pay the local council anywhere at $30-$75 for a permit.
    2. Skip Bins which are left outside your property on either the road or nature strip are susceptible
       to people coming by and disposing of their waste in your bin, at your cost.
    3. Less distance to travel when loading the bin if it’s on your property.

It can be extremely disappointing to come out of your home in the morning, ready to start filling your
skip bin, only to find during the night or early morning someone has half filled your empty bin with their
own rubbish. As sad as it is, this does happen regularly. Even if the bin is full and ready to be taken away,
people seem to believe they have the right to dump more rubbish onto of an already full bin, even if the
skip bin hasn’t been hired by them. Unfortunately this then becomes your problem as the bin hire
company will not accept a skip bin which has been overfilled, and if you pull the excess rubbish off the
bin and leave it on your nature strip, council will fine you for littering. Not only will this cost you money
to either remove their waste and dispose of it, or get another bin to rid yourself of all the rubbish you
were looking to remove from your property.

It is extremely rare for someone to enter your property and place their rubbish into your bin, thankfully
it’s like an invisible barrier which stops them entering. So do think twice when telling the driver from a
bin hire company where you would like your mini skips or skip bins placed, as it could cost you extra
cash if placed in the wrong spot.

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