The groundbreaking of the Tangshan follow a madman

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					The groundbreaking of the Tangshan follow a madman
Indeed, as runner-up big sister to go, said it, not sad, I feel in fact, we never left. Do
not want to alone, so we work together for the possibility to set foot on the road more
than a passion. This time, this time, regardless of where we were mad with .---

   Hey, true to myself as a star, and also words of the righteous are not allowed candid!
I'll try as a member of the paparazzi plus fans right back. These two large
hand of a small hand or a very eye-catching close-Oh!
   This is beautiful will our Tangshan on the way to the bus.
Letting children sit semi-Road, tire burst, even the spare tire did not, How beautiful
will our further move on the roadside station hands, Ashen's finally went to
the nearby bus station, no matter on March 7, get off the ground first find out where to
eat children!
Satiate the only child to the ground advance tickets! They watched a bunch of people,
beautiful will our scalp has a bit numb, Hong Jun said Sister Do we have to squeeze
all the way with the migrant workers enjoy a variety of taste?
Whether the first, all three of us threw the package Uncle, he found his ticket with a
look at luggage, beautiful will our three go to the toilet to find a hotel, this urgent, and
can not wait!
Sure enough, by hotel security at the entrance to the bar, and Hong-Jun
Wang's sister, not, have to be entered, led to rushed to the beautiful will our
security too embarrassed hard bar, also sent a toilet door are constantly in the eye.
Look at the mirror, it is no wonder that, ah, like to wear with the Marines, a pair flee
from famine look like, how people can rest assured that ah? Came out, tactfully tell
beautiful will our security across the toilet not far from there then, Hong Jun sister
confidently said: "I know! Be that bad, here's good!"
People say?
Out and saw how people gone, not far, Uncle shoulder portable, infinitely
embarrassed to run it to the direction of a cart. How beautiful will our surprise to see
him in a living: "This is the luxury bus?! How to see how as the bus
ah?" Uncle Keng Keng how Baba could not say what happened, bought a
ticket on the train before it. Kenneth in the car for a long time so it clear that this be
car ferry to take us to the place before any luxury bus pulled it. This relax. Just do not
know why to sell tickets to children and the children divided the land by car so far ah?
Alive became tired of running around migrant workers look like!
   Until seated, only relieved to finally not kept on the run, you can take a break up.
Should sleep on the Tangshan was.
When in the car, Tianjin, Xiao-sister just called me, I told her we throughout other
Tangshan, a few of us are together, she is also excited ah that afternoon to go to
Beijing to do something, and then with A friend, also try to drive it rushed over to join
us. Haha, it took a Young Earth, ah! Our ranks grow, ah!
Car pit stop, a distance saw the uncle of the! Smoke movement, when we saw the
expression, as if seen yesterday. Just the image of the old long hair, no beard shaved,
wearing shorts and a large flower was not much better than the beautiful will our ah!
Anyhow, there are several beautiful will our girls ah, how it ran out? ! How beautiful
will our estimate, "Er Shen," I heard a female classmate,
deliberately let him out on it.
  ?Stay here, rest, exhausted me, and washed up on the Xian Shui.
  ?Half awake in Hong Jun sister was kind enough to hear where I do not know what
torment? Later I heard she was going to walk on the streets. Anyhow, is to figure out
the ah Beijing, Tangshan on the street have any good shopping in!
  ?Stumbled, and was another wake-up call uncle, and told everyone go around, then
eat. Uncle was in better spirits themselves a good head visit this weekend, and find a
Addy's shop, bought their own clothes, because the days beyond the
program's exhausted, only a few clothes to wear, nothing to change the a! It
is beautiful will our laugh about it, he said that regardless of good-looking or not, as
long as a clean forward, not like fried dough fritters of the into. In fact, Will our
mission is - whether he bought clothes Sha sawed vision to combat all laugh!
    Hey, good or ill is a division commander Colonel, ah, the good of our party cadres,
ah, Uncle brutally tortured into a sale to be beautiful will our cakes plus fleeing!
    La-di-tert beautiful will our first walk around the city, Tangshan is a smooth
vertical and horizontal city, the streets are relatively regular, but always felt a little
gray, not bright, do not know because the industrial city is probably the case.

 ?So come Xiaohong sister and her friend, another uncle of the Polytechnic
University in turn a full circle, visited the uncle of work where the fighting. Campus,
there is also an earthquake site,. Just finished in the library ah, not yet in use, it all
collapsed, all trapped underground layer simply can not find it! Starting from the
second floor of the scene, really makes dwellers! Strong shake of natural, human
vulnerable ah! But in the midst of the ruins, there are so many new high-rise since,
with a reinvigorated in Tangshan city, in the end the powerful should be who? I can
not explain my feelings, retained here, in the end is always alert people still always
shocking people uncomfortable? I am the ostrich can not see more than escape it.
  Campus have a big chessboard, and very interesting.

   Walking along the street, it began to rain. Feel much better about the air, when in
crossing a traffic jam! We are going to look at the hotel in front of stunned that make
life difficult! Blocking blocking ah ah long time, almost cooing of the stomach are,
then the rain stopped, and uncle could not stand it, found a gap, and Xiao-stop orgy
sister car, the beautiful will our little trips to the brigade troops point of water and
walk passed.
  ?Hu drink the sea is eating ah! Xiao-sister, but a drink with friends hand! The first
piece, the tall mighty ah! A look that can hold a lot of! Uncle has Mideng the little
eyes on it! How beautiful will our as if they returned to Beijing.
   Are returned to the hotel, Hong Jun sister a bit sad to go around, I also laid down
his life to accompany the big night, and Anliang in Tangshan, strolling back and forth
on the streets. How was suddenly want to sing, sitting in the door till the steps, I do
not pull back Liao, Scream Uncle, Uncle also can not drink that do not move down. I
had no choice but to sit most of the day my sister accompanied Hong-jun, a further
one's car parked in front of us, people come from our eyes, under the bright
lights of nodding, as if suddenly found Wolia special job to do, and so middle of the
night, and both woman, squatting Cabaret door, count how matter Son! Live or dead
drag drag, the back of the room, sleep! Tomorrow also play go! Not maintain physical
    Early in the morning, uncle came over, accompanied us to eat breakfast, then go to
Tanglin play. How beautiful will our further Shijin eat a lot, convenient to eat along
the way that 10000 does not maintain a physical able to do!
    The way up to the Zunhua, as is taking a new path, uncle of the GPS has not yet
had time to change the new, is again driving the speed limit defense. TB on the road
and the uncle, then the charming beauty of the female than pull its weight!
"I'm sorry, you have deviated from the line."
"You do not understand!" "Sorry, you have deviated
from the line." "I know, you do not know!"
"Sorry, you have deviated from the line." "Do not
you care!" "I'm sorry , you have deviated from the
line. "" are you tired ah?! "" Sorry, you
have deviated from the line. "" You give me shut up!
"... ... people do not shut up of course! How beautiful will our children a
clear burst of child confused a while, and there she was with di-tert-drive, all the way
over security ah.
    High-speed on Xiaohong sister's car I do not know how, and with the old
fall back, we catch up with the opening 80,90, di surprised No no, anxious eyes, and
said: "how's going on ah? Two men yesterday is not to the car
tired?! "How beautiful will our three Kuangyun, would like to install pure
it can be directly rolling on!
    Under the high-speed, street view is true, both sides of a long long way to sell a
large peach is pretty nice, beautiful will our wish together, and parking, eating
peaches, but also add strength to bring the two packages. Xiaohong even know her
sister picked up all the way at high speed on the phone, no wonder, that speed can up
In a small town or small village to see a studio head and a big door signs: Vancouver
photo! Think we are about to go to Canada, feel at home.
    When approaching Tanglin, a bit not clear the entrance, in front of a woman
shouting: "in front of road, can not be!" Uncle had to stop the
car, ran up in the results that woman on and we can talk about revenue give us some
money into Tanglin, this child is not very dropping hand, do not talk! How beautiful
will our car go, did not expect the head of children engaged in this line is still much!
The Ins and Outs of the laps beautiful will our turn, or found their own way to the
   Eastern Qing Tombs large, hilly area north to south and 125 km, 20 km wide,
surrounded by mountains, not into it, feeling really is magnificent. After doing
Changrui north by mountains, such as account Jinping Tsui, south toward the
mountain, such as Venus fluorene towards military's hold, the middle of
screen wall to do the book mountain coin case to follow, such as east eagle dragon
plate lying down Yangshan, west White Tiger commandeered the yellow mountain
like, something like two rivers flow around the two jade belt clip. Back when the belt
line around Shunzhi to hunt and was shocked by this one Lingshan Silk, edicts have
come immediately, "the Mountain King Gas lush life for I
Palace." From here there was an enormous undertaking Eastern Qing
   Listening to the guides explain, imagine there are so many legends and buried
secrets that are worth a visit or. Fortunately, many people, we visit the calm. I think
now is the off-season, may di-tert-that in fact it is even more busy season, and visitors
have been here not fire. A good thing or bad? Many people would not go so far away
a lonely child to attractions, do not see that many of the stories and the Royal
desolation. Can also give here, after experiencing the indiscriminate bombing and
maintain a tourist destination with many others are not so different that little peace
and quiet and natural. Clean, no spam, no selling stuff and so many places to eat
children. Also, cemeteries ah, how and the Forbidden City as it kind of hot topic?
Even the National Palace here, and it looks like, after all, is the yin and yang, the two
children across the boundary.
  ?Long-en also saw a royal house of worship in the show, more than an hour, ah,
exhausted, and all comrades who exercise the basic process is looked indifferent
skilled, estimated to have acted in N times. That play the emperor, solemnly, and
pacing a small step, really is the way it happened. Agreed that the whole process of
watching the beautiful will our emperor has no say! Pampered Empress Dowager
Princess have also not easy to ah! One of these tedious process and have in mind for a
while, it is quite the test of IQ drops! Re wearing vase bottom □ knees up and down
the heel up under the sun, they have better stamina too! No wonder Princess less
stringent selection too! This work is generally not well qualified.
To a very fine stone palace, gloomy, cold, the emperor's also mildly,
Empress, and Xiang Fei's Tomb more severe water seepage, ground is wet,
as if a heavy rain outside, over the same. By the way, Xiang Fei did not die suddenly
turned into a butterfly but did not enjoy the emperor's love had come to an
end later. Junji's Tomb not only been stolen, said that because Kongguan
not buried, they hope that the countless treasures of beauty that accompanied his
Empress, Izumishita have to know, to see their corpses dragged to pieces even
ordinary people can do to the preservation of dead bodies can not do any emotion, that
he was with the mouth of the Night Pearl Kai-shek took it not knowing what was
Royal hope that their country is generations can look back to past lives, which
dynasty does not change, even if this meant people over, but also of how Nai! Where
to get through another reference!
Out of Tanglin, beautiful will our decision to go to another temporary Qinhuangdao it,
contact a good Yanshan University, Jia teacher, uncle sent it all the way to the
beautiful will our past, intends to pass the baton to the next. How beautiful will our
escape this absurd, nor too stream of consciousness of it!

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