The golden rule of stock investment

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					The golden rule of stock investment
   ?Peter Lynch was born in 1944, 1968, graduated from the University of
Pennsylvania Wharton School, to obtain MBA degree; today the United States, and
even the world's most highly paid portfolio manager Peter Lynch employed,
is the founder of Magellan mutual fund , is an outstanding professional stock investors,
Wall Street stock market giant accumulated wealth, the investment rate of return once
the magic as much as 2500 percent, his book, "Walk Down Wall
Street", "beat Wall Street", "learning to
get rich", come out has become a best-seller.
   ?In people's eyes, he is the embodiment of wealth, he said that if all the
shareholders of the insurance code, the funds in his hand is the most profitable ever.
Here are his 25 golden rules of equity investments:
   ?1. Investment is very interesting, very exciting, but if you do not make efforts to
study the fundamentals, then it will be very dangerous.
2. As an amateur investor, if you give full play to the unique advantages to invest in
their companies and industries to fully understand, then you will certainly beat those
investment experts.
3. Amateur investors do can ignore these professional institutional investors, still beat
the market.
4. In fact, the back of each stock is a company, you have to figure out how this
company in the end run.
5. Long term positive performance of a company and its stock price performance is
completely relevant. Clear short-and long-term performance and stock price
performance difference between the correlation is the key to making money
investment. Patient will eventually return possession.
6. Figure out what you held company fundamentals, how, you have to hold the stock
out to understand what the reason.
7. Think about when making a big bet will win, the result will be a big lose.
8. The stock as is your child, but children can not raise too much, I suggest that
amateur investors do not at any time while the stock holders of more than five.
9. How, if you can not find a worthwhile investment in shares of listed companies,
then stay away from the stock market.
10. Never invest in their financial situation you do not understand shares. Before
buying the stock, be sure to check the company's balance sheet to see
whether the company has sufficient liquidity, there is no risk of insolvency.
11. To avoid those hot stock. Popular business and no growth of the
industry's outstanding shares often become the most profitable large
12. For a small company stocks, you're better to wait until the beginning of
these small companies to achieve a profit, then consider investing too late.
13. If you intend to invest in an industry is in a dilemma, we must invest in those
companies able to weather the storm, and must wait until the signal recovery industry.
14. If you invest in a stock 1,000 yuan, even if the loss of light, but also 1,000 yuan,
but if the patient holding may earn 1,000 yuan or 50,000 yuan. Just find a few big
Ushimata, concentrated investments, amateur investors spent much time and energy
on value for money.
15. In any industry, usually carefully observe the amateur investors will find that
excellent high-growth companies, but found time far earlier than those professional
16. Stock price plummeted often occur, for prepared investors, but is a great
opportunity to buy low.
17. Everyone needs to make money investing in stocks of knowledge, but not
everyone has the money needed to invest in stocks courage, insight and courage to
make big money in the stock investment.
18. Always something worrying. Rest assured that heaven will not fall. Unless the
company's fundamentals deteriorate, or else do not panic throw good
strong stock.
19. Do not ignore any future interest rates, macroeconomic and stock market
prediction, concentrating on the companies you invest in what changes are taking
20. In the stock market there is always surprised to discover that a good performance
of professional institutional investors ignore been a good stock.
21. Do not buy stocks on the fundamentals of the company, does not look like the
same card to play cards.
22. When you hold a good stock, the holders of the longer, the greater the chance to
make money.
23. If you have the courage of investing in stocks, but not the time nor the interest in
the fundamentals of doing homework, then your best option is to invest in stock funds,
good to firm long-term holders of the Fund.
24. You can buy those investing in overseas stock markets and good fund performance,
which share the high-growth markets in other countries.
25. In the long run, investment in a carefully selected stock or equity portfolio
investment funds, performance will certainly be far better than a bond or bond
fund's portfolio composition, but a random selection of the stock
investment portfolio composition, but also better put the money under the bed more