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					The easiest way to make money
Make money online without cost, easy to click, home monthly income of 2000 U.S.
Personal experiences (Please read and then decide you do not use!)
I am an office worker, after the broadband access at home, and found that the Internet
can not find things to do is a very depressing thing, the case of extreme boredom to
Baidu in the search, I can see there is no Internet access at the same time there can be
ways to make money The results test a bunch, really have to make some money,
originally I do not believe, but think about things on their own did not lose Why do
not try?
Do not laugh to see this, Is there a free lunch? ! No! ! This is the advertisers foot the
bill, which has long been popular abroad, What you do not do not pay labor, time,
electricity, computer consumption is ah! ! What is relatively simple to find more
part-time, and effort.
Then you also know, if you are not computer access to the Internet without a fixed
place, there is no monthly subscription package on the Internet, then do not read down.
After this money so you make it with these conditions.
I spent three good reputation, and I get the money to buy a digital camera to buy their
own has been, I feel self-evident, and that was great ....... you want to feel click on the
woven look down.
No intention to see a post that online as long as a E-MAIL and home address (you
used to send money) on it, do not do membership fee ID card, not credit cards, as long
as you can make money on the line. In fact, until then I do not believe this to make
money online methods, but anyway I do not think investment in the mood to try to
join the holding. I applied a month after the other, what money order? Not even a
shadow! However, one would like, does not matter, and anyway did not lose! On a
return when it is possessed! Can be up to the first three months ... ... Suddenly, the
money order arrived, more than 154 U.S. dollars? Is equivalent to not more than 1,200
yuan it? Dubious. To the bank, paid hundreds of dollars in fees, in exchange for more
than 1,200! Like a dream ... ... now I was convinced. The excitement, but also started
my publicity. The more than propaganda, the more you earn? Sure enough, three
months later, they come up with a list! - More than two hundred dollars! Incredible! !
Then, after three months rose to the more than 2,100 U.S. dollars this all possible is
true, of course, is also inseparable from my own De efforts: active De confidently
Fabiao article, Ren Zhen Cheng to teach how to join.
To say you may not believe, but if you can access your computer, they do not want to
waste time, you can try to find out:
I, on the Cashfiesta
Company Profile: The company is California, Berkeley, a city of emerging companies
in the Internet advertising business is strong with the strength and Explore
Technologies Inc, the merger, the service does not use a time limit, the International
users pay the minimum amount of 50 U.S. dollars, do not collection fee, 10 month
settlement. When the amount of settlement as long as you reach 50 dollars, the
company will automatically send letters address confirmation letter to you, the
company confirmed it will send the check. Credibility is absolutely reliable! It ranked
the top three online advertising company, the users have not complained!
As long as its registered members in the side of the Internet, the company sent over
the side to play the ad, you can get a certain length of their return online. The current
return rate is 0.6 U.S. dollars per hour, which will be paid over 50 dollars, and
replaced with the yuan about 5 yuan per hour than part-time at McDonald's
an hour more pay, but no limit to the length of time.
Registered Address: Do
not modify this site, because to join this site must have a on-line, meaning that even if
you change your points will be viewed as invalid, then the efforts of these days it
would have been in vain Do not modify. xmhs here is my user name, your registration
to another forum after the paste should use their own user name would otherwise be
my direct downline Do pay attention!!
Second, I suggest:
1, if we feel this may be false, you use the web search about Cashfiesta many sites
online to make money online make money out of Cashfiesta special software, but also
to make money for the preparation of network unattended Cashfiesta software that
allows you to leave machines and has 24-hour work Zhengdian Cashfiesta really save!
(I now use the gold mouse - Variety ghost automatically to point) before newspapers
and television stations have talked about making money online, there are prepared to
receive money, money for registration, as well as to run banner ads to make money
online, confirmed by the central station, cashfiesta advertising money is authentic
article, There are a lot of people have received their checks, so believe it or not Oh!
(View my save point situation that allows you to have no doubt)
2, the more time you are online the more money earned, and now if I open the
computer on the network to open its banner, earn several hundred dollars a month
already had. Moreover it does not account for even more memory, CPU, and only a
place on your desktop. Friends, let us calculate, cashfiesta every 2 minutes a group of
ads per hour 600points point, if you can line 10 hours a day, will have 6,000 points,
1,000 points each from 1.6 U.S. dollars you can can get 10 hours 9.6 dollars,
equivalent to 7.7 yuan by calculation, that is 73.92 yuan, so you can have a 2217.60
yuan per month (RMB) = 288 U.S. dollars. If you want to try it, do not mean that 10
minutes your time to slowly read the following "Cashfiesta
Guide", which you have successfully registered and more save points,
Uncle Sam's dollar helpful Oh!
Third, registered as follows:
1. Registered Address:
2. In accordance with the following fill. Note: The Chinese as the comments, please
type or print clearly all in English! Do not the Chinese yo you can fill:
Login: fill in the user name you want to register (for example, my user name
password: (fill in your password (at least 4 characters, case sensitive)
Verify password: (repeat password)
First name: (used to check the identity card to take the names of foreign habits former
surname. For example: Your name is Ye Jialiang ID card, complete with phonetic in
this column jialiang)
Last name: (your name on the ID card, for example: Your real name is Jia-Liang
Wang, filled with the alphabet in this bar wang)
Street Address: (your address, you can use the alphabet, used by foreigners, from
small to upper case clear, at least to understand the Chinese postman, such as
Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, Zhongshan Road No. 3, as the No.3, ZhongShan
Road, Guangzhou, GuangDong)
City: (living in cities, such as: BeiJing Beijing)
Zip / Postal Code: (Zip Code must be written correctly Oh! Example: 100001)
State: (living in U.S. states, the Chinese select [Not Selected])
Province: (Please fill in your province of residence)
Country: (Nationality)
E-Mail Address: (to receive the letter of the mailbox, to fill in the correct Oh! Because
of the need for e-mail confirmation to complete the registration!)
Verify E-Mail Address: (check mail, reloading once more)
Old e-mail address: (the blank)
Year of birth: (your birth year)
Gender: (Sex, Male Male, Female female)
Education: (level of education, can be arbitrarily chosen)
Annual household income: (your income)
Industry: (can choose either)
Title: (can choose either)
Please tell us why you use Internet check all that apply: (Please tell us the reason you
use the Internet, pick any number.)
What do you search for or buy online check all that apply: (you usually search for or
buy something online, pick any number.)
Please tell us what you search for or buy online and our partners will send ......:( can
Earn cash by subscribing ...:( you accept the cash and allow the company to send to
your mailbox statement about specials and company information. Tick in front, will
have read the letter to make money service.)
Preferred check size: (choose the number of dollars from the payments, that the
amount of the check, at least 50. See you like the general election ?.)
Referred by: (the agent's user name jiangmengchao, please do not modify,
a registered referee must be added, otherwise it will be considered invalid account
Sharing your opinion pays off! Fill .....:( can check on)
I have read and understand the Member Agreement: (this must be checked, said the
consent agreement.)
After the check filled out again (except the Name and Referrer, the other can be later
modified), click the "Submit Registration", to be registered.
ERROR if the error item check there is not that an erroneous or is not completed, and
then confirm.
Fourth, install banners (which is saving money instruments)
1, the ad interface:
2, the ad uses Description:
①, banners at the top left there are Home, can access the site home page, CashFiesta
POINTS, can display their collected points, Referrals, show the number of their
downline. Banner left corner of the villain in the move, it said in the billing, if the
villain stopped, use the cursor hits the villain, let it walk.
②, Note: When the advertising section is open, start the section on the lower right
corner of the computer screen will show a $ icon, when it is green, in the billing. - Are
earning ($ icon on the taskbar is green) every 15 minutes, $ icon will stop earning
red .- ($ icon on the taskbar is red) villain when you sit down on the banner Move the
mouse, then villain will stand up and clap your hands away, If not, please click on the
ads in the ad section after moving the mouse. If you run banner ads go bad people
would click on him and let him return to the left side of advertising, they will not
continue to place ads. Tip: When the villain arrived Advertising edges, the front of the
villain he would immediately go back and click the mouse, the time will not exceed 5
③, operation and installation of software is relatively simple, you can try to find their
own. And in fact there are many ways cashfiesta of earning, such as games earn, earn,
and many other methods of registration Oh! After you register, your Web site up to
dig it!
Registered Address: 5,
maximum benefits:
1, as long as the line on the count, no matter what you do. (Ie use and log the
following article to introduce you to the ad)
2, support for 8 off the assembly line! Little effort, there will be points off the
assembly line contributions from points far beyond their own circumstances, not even
himself, will have a fixed monthly income revenue, would be mischievously
delightful? (On the offline analysis)
3, registered a designated site was 1000. This method is effective, but most friends as
patriotic feeling heavier, like me, a mess of broken English, but missed the
opportunity. Of course, you drag the standard of English was unable to say, when Sign
Up words, do not begrudge it a few minutes, simply fill out the form, you will find
yourself up over a thousand points about points! (Registration Translation Guide)
4, when you become a Gold member (the accumulation of gold point gold points to
133 points), your reward will be greatly increased. Here is how to accumulate points 7
Gold Member means: (How to become a Gold member?)
①, daily growth of adware more than 30 minutes a gold points.
②, every member from the offline partners We got more than 100 points up 1 point
gold points. (So to recommend to as many people as the same time, it is also good for
③, the first layer off the assembly line according to your number of partners, each at
the end of incentives to give you up to 15 points Gold Points.
④, according to the number of partners, all of your downline, you end of each month
up to 15 points awarded to the gold points.
⑤, new development this month, according to your first layer of number of partners
offline, you end up 15 points awarded to the gold points.
⑥, according to a new development this month you all off the assembly line the
number of partners, you end up 15 points awarded to the gold points.
⑦, according to the development of your new off the assembly line this month, the
rate of partner members, Cashfiesta will award or deduct points for your gold.
5, How to become a Gold Member
①, registered six or more per month special offers (including six registered complete
1 to 2 months, generated by the exchange ratio offer in your account on the reaction
only, please be patient).
②, the monthly total of 10,000 points or more special offers incentives (that is, when
each registered Special Offer incentives to your points).
③, accumulating more than 133 points (including 133 points) Gold Member of the
6, incentive mechanism
To encourage members to actively use the banner, cashfiesta recently introduced
incentives two different directions:
①, offline automatic growth measures: If the Member at any time villain of
continuous uninterrupted ran 300 points (the same red icon the U.S. dollar,
maintaining green) in a downline is to reward, (this award to achieve a certain degree
of difficulty and need some patience, I probably got more than 10 times a month, if
the patient's friends and good times to come in the network. you can try)
②, points directly to the reward, if the number of points every month and to a certain
number of the corresponding rewards:
2,000-4,999 barpoints 1,000 points 5,000-9,999 barpoints 2,000 points 10,000-19,999
barpoints 4,000 points
20,000-29,999 barpoints 6,000 points More than 30,000 barpoints 7,000 points
7, 1000 points per U.S. dollar exchange rate
Ordinary members (ie you do not have partners in the development of the case off the
assembly line) 1000 points per the exchange rate is $ 0.010, 1000 points each up to a
maximum exchange rate of $ 1.666),
Linear number of different partners in the exchange rate per 1000 points are as
0 --- ?.010 1 --- ?.040 2 --- ?.333 3 --- ?.500
4 --- ?.660 5 --- ?.830 6 --- ?.000 Gold Member --- ? .666
CashFiesta monthly payments, pay from 50 dollars, less than the to the next month.
6, no duty on software (Cashfiesta banner saving money to support tools) need not
guarded at the computer every day, you can go to sleep, the computer help you save
1, unattended software Description: Cashfiesta advertising companies save money in
order to prevent members of cheating, save money in the use Cashfiesta software, the
software on the villain's role as a worker. Banner on the left of the villain,
villain to sit down or walk if the ads go, will not total points, or cessation of saving
money, no duty is to serve as an automatic software CashFlash2.0.exe supervisory
role, it will from time to time Detection Cashfiesta banner of the villain, if suspension
would quickly simulate a mouse movement and clicks, so that bad people to work,
because this operation is completed in a very short time, it does not affect the
computer you are currently use, even better is that it would have been the villain into
the advertising area come back again to continue working. The software for
unattended when Cashfiesta supervision is effective, make you leave the machine and
24-hour work Zhengdian Cashfiesta is really comfortable!
7, on the offline analysis:
Linear is a positive development and to open their own online ads more important as
the events section! ! Provide an example, suppose you are developing a three off the
assembly line, each off the assembly line has developed a three off the assembly line,
you and all your downline 1 hour per day online, then your monthly income? ... ... 321
U.S. dollars . Of course this is only theoretical data, really not so much totally your
own efforts. Want to build a huge downline network is needed for your time and
perseverance. Development off the assembly line is very simple and effective in your
registration complete, the system will automatically give you the ability to develop
offline, you only pay attention to the prerequisite to develop off the assembly line is a
person of your own downline, if you register when Referred by: a column fill in the
blank, or blind filling together, then sorry, you are unable to develop off the assembly
line, the revolutionary left to themselves a good hard :(... Yeah. So I remind you once
again, Referred by: a column should be careful not to modify. and then recommend
you      take     this      piece   of     article    in    the    registered     address fill their registered name
and then on to the big day forum to post this thing, too, would like to share something
good, you think so? Besides this will bring you double the dollar!!!. a little effort,
there will be a monthly income of revenue, Yoshiya it not?
Specifically, each member can develop 8-layer off the assembly line, you can get 15%
from the first layer of points, obtained from the second floor of 7% points, from the
third floor to the fifth floor was 5% points, obtained from the sixth floor of 3% points,
obtained from the eighth floor of 1% points. Suppose you developed a three off the
assembly line, each off the assembly line has developed a three off the assembly line,
you and all your downline every days of the Internet 1 hour, then you have monthly
income of 2321 U.S. dollars. Remember that famous quote of a person's
power is limited, the power of the people is endless! ! Let's
Fabric's strength for us now! !
Registered Address:
8, Chinese Address Translation principles:
Chinese is the descending order of addresses, such as: X States X X Province, City,
Region X Road, X, X, and the English address is exactly the opposite, is from small to
big. As cases of written English is: X number, X Road, X District, X City, X Province,
X country. Grasp this principle, translation up much easier! Address translation
principles: first, after the big small. Chinese people like to start with small, said after
the large, such as road ** ** ** District No., and foreigners like to first say that after
the great small, such as the number ** ** ** Road area, so you translation should be
written after the first to write a small large. For example: Central Road, Shenzhen,
Guangdong, China 1023 5 401 rooms, you should from the room began to write,
Room 401, Buliding 5, No.1023, HuaZhong Road, ShenZhen, GuangDong Prov.,
China (comma space behind ). Note that including road names, company names,
village names Dengjun do not agree with the English translation, as long as the
spelling on the line according to write. Because your check is sent over the Chinese
postman, the key is to understand them. Technology Building your written
Technology Building, then they may be more confused. Now every city of China Post
mail sorting centers have dedicated staff to address the foreign letter translated into
Chinese address and write the following in an envelope handed postman gets here.
Important: Be sure your postcode is correct, because the middle of a few foreign
letters Road Post links are delivered by postal code region, of course, if you do not
care an erroneous registration, address and zip code do not worry, later modified, as
long as changes in the application before the check right on the line.
1, commonly used words in English Address:
X Room: Room X X number: No. X X units: Unit XX Building: Building No. X X
Street: X Street X Road: X Road X Zone: X District
X County: X County X Town: X Town X City: X City X Province: X Province 201
Office: Room 201 12 号: No.12 2 units: Unit 2
3 Building: Building No.3 Chang'an Avenue: Chang An Street, Nanjing
Road: Nanjing Road Chang'an Company: Chang An Company, Baoshan
District: BaoShan District
Zhao Hotel: ZhaoJia hotel money Gardens: Qianjia Garden Chia-County: Sunjia
County Lee township: Lijia Town, Guangzhou City: Guangzhou city
Guangdong Province: Guangdong Province of China: China
Please note: translation names, street names, street names, etc., preferably with
2, Chinese Address Translation example:
Model Village, Baoshan District, Room 403, No. 37: Room 403, No. 37, SiFan
Residential Quarter, BaoShan District
Xikang Road, Hongkou District, Room 201, 34 125: Room 201, No. 34, Lane 125,
XiKang Road (South), HongKou District
Nanyang City, Henan Central Plains Road, No. 42, Li has Choi: Li Youcai, Room 42,
Zhongzhou Road, Nanyang City, Henan Prov.
Jingzhou City, Hubei Province, China, Hong Yuan Hotel, Lee is wealth: Li Youcai,
Hongyuan Hotel, Jingzhou city, Hubei Prov. China
Nanyang City, Henan, China Special Steel Corporation No. 272 Bayi Road, Lee is
wealth: Li Youcai, Special Steel Corp. No. 272, Bayi Road, Nanyang City Henan Prov.
Eastern District, Zhongshan City, Guangdong Hengda Garden 7 702 Li is wealth: Li
Youcai, Room 702, 7th Building, Hengda Garden, East District, Zhongshan City,
Guangdong Prov.
Registered Address:
9, answers to frequently asked questions:
1 point per hour, how much? A: cashfiesta a group of ads every 2 minutes, 6 seconds,
accurate to one point, 600 points per hour.
2, at the end of how to apply for payment? A: When the account balance sufficient to
pay there payments on the payment button.
3, How to completely remove cashfiesta? A: In addition to remove the documents
needed to remove in the registry: Start - run-regedit-Edit - Find cashfiesta, then you
can delete.
4, why open the banner ads often have to download half a day? A: Actually cashfiesta
installation file is only a first file will be downloaded after the implementation of the
four other supporting documentation. When the upgrade will be re-downloaded. Also,
if the previous re-download will not download complete. For download,
recommended when fast download speeds.
5, I need to point cashfiesta on the ads? A: cashfiesta and Cashsurfers click on the ads
does not require the same. However, advertisers are based on hits to pay for them, so
your clicks generate revenue for their companies, will also increase revenue for
ourselves. So do not point to see your point of conscience, and you do not how much
less money will not be the point of nature more money.
6, how can I check my income, and change my registration information? A: In the
opening section ad here, right click select settings> account> profile
to enter registration information modified leaf, look at the income account details
click settings> account> balance
7, I shall not display ads villain (or banners transparent) how do? A: cashfiesta first
execution will download the other four supporting documents. Because the larger
problem when the wire speed is too slow or will not download completely, but can
still run, there will be all the above information, please entirely remove the cashfiesta
re-run can be resolved.
8, the so-called off-line also how Canada is going on? A: cashfiesta advertising has a
great feature article is the way it's total points, not the same as other
companies banners. Most of the company's article is 10 - 20 seconds send a
signal to the server, but cashfiesta is 14 - 15
9, why do I suddenly become 0 points? A: The points show only the numerical month,
last month at the balance points inside access!
10, when I open the banner "Cashfiesta cannot detect your default
browser" mean? A: It did not find your default browser (requires Ie4.0 or
above). But not prevent your use of banner ads plus point, but when clicking on
banner ads can not open a new window.
11, why or when I open the login banner that I account password error? Do I have to
be closed the account? A: Do not worry, when cashfiesta server when it will break the
case. After the server will resume normal.
12, if I forget my password how do? A: Enter your account number and the mailbox,
you will receive your account number and password that contains letters.
10, Cashfiesta advertising site visits Description:
Member Login Website:
Menu         [Edit       profile]:       (click     on       menu       Edit       Profile)
Menu       [My Account]:           (click     on  menu      to    view    my account)
Menu [Referral Center]: (Click on the menu to see your recommended list of
registered users and successful)
Menu [Referral Tips]: (This is the Cashfiesta advertising companies to provide you
with the web site for more save points)
Menu [Webmasters]: (WEB site administrator)
11, registration is completed Tip:
Finally, if you want to develop your downline save more dollars to take, first of all in
this article into your string replacement with cjfsky successful registration of [your
username], then please bring this article, published in the online .
The            registration            website         to           make           money: you like me to publish
articles perseverance, you will one day have tens of thousands of downline members,
so that We all come together to it!
12?】 【Troubleshooting
1, received the check is gratifying thing, but how to replace cash? Here is the check
(1), how to apply for collection?
After receiving a check on how to turn it into cash: First of all, you have to bring your
ID card to the Bank of China (at the county level or above) or the China Merchants
Bank to the check collection. Note: You like to endorse the check, that is, you have to
sign back of the check (Chinese name can be), collection time is normally 20 days to
a month or so. You need 10 to 30 dollars to pay collection fees! Collection is complete,
you can choose to directly take deposits banks or foreign exchange cash.
(2), checks have an expiration date?
Yes, usually about 6 months. If the check is marked according to their dated, such as
"valid after 90 days" is counting from the date of issue within
90 days of the effective collection. In short, the receipt of the check collection process
as soon as possible.
(3), I received a check after the account was deleted, it can collection and received
Can, in most cases have also received money. Unless he requires banks refund, but
this rarely occurs.
(4), and now domestic Bank of China and China Merchants Bank, all collection
Registered Address:

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