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The easiest place to immigrate to Canada


									The easiest place to immigrate to Canada
※ Fanxue De Man [Chicago]
   Friday 19:30 I want to preach in Winnipeg, which is six Chinese local Church
sermon will be held jointly. Winnipeg short warm city, in Central Canada, the Great
Plains, very cold, wind, water and oil resources are plentiful, many people, heard only
60 to 10 000.
   Around 6:30, take me to the pastor Wei Winnipeg University of Manitoba, the city,
he set a few students will be the evening's sermon. I heard the way, where
tuition is cheap, although prices have risen, but less expensive than other places in
Canada 1 / 3. Also heard that the university has more than 20,000 students, Chinese
students will be nearly two more than 1000. I hear that "ah" a
cry, my God, this is the total number of students in the 1 / 10, this has indeed a very
high percentage. I "ah" a long, a few Chinese on the street look
to see young people walking in the street, there are a few sitting in the chair upper
street car, her hand holding food. Last I heard is here to welcome immigrants.
   After the end of the evening sermon, several middle-aged man walked in front of
me, a couple told me that Van brother, we are also Changchun University of Reading.
Indeed! Which school? Norman Bethune Medical University. Ah, as we near
Chittagong, ah, I am always running around in front of your school's road
back to eight homes. Yes ah. We are very close the two schools. Hey, what level you
are? 79. Unlike, you are too young.
   Talking to a happy office, I felt that was too short. They asked me on Saturday
afternoon without any plan. I said, no. They said that we take you go around, the
evening dinner. Good. Then I learned that one gentleman surnamed Yu. I said, you the
name very few.
   Saturday 2:00 pm, Yu-Wei pastor whose brother wife to pick me up. I Yi Shangche
they asked me, think of where? I said, casually. Ten minutes later, they took me to a
place, a park, as if asking Forks. They said that a bridge is very interesting, on the
edge of the park. Really interesting, the bridge like a rocket, about to be vacated, but it
was a lot of rope leash. Anyway, my interpretation this way, people can freely
   Relying on the edge of the river called the Red River Park, water with the large,
some mixed, symmetrical with the clouds of heaven. An open-air theater
performances have been flooded. A white youth from the water off the bike, he looked
me in the camera, stopped, and said, if you want to make me, I do not care. Then I
even do not mind, and according to it.
   Not far away, but also a performance theater, Yu brother, this is where the Indian
performance, summer, often performed here for free. Theater around a few of mold
have a shelf against the sky like iron, I think what is modern art. Yu brother said, no,
this is the time measuring instruments Indians. To when and on what points, and very
   Group of children at play under these test timer, several mothers who appeared to
be chatting. Let us go, brother Yu said, to see that the tower can see the junction of
two rivers. Bi-blue tower is a building, inside the mall, shopping malls at the entrance,
while a young man plays the keyboard while singing back and forth in front of him.
On the second floor, a gentleman with a very colorful hats, others portraits, several
girls escorting a boy, the stop, old paintings. When I passed the old talent to draw a
girl, very simple lines.
   Take the elevator to the tower roof, standing on the balcony hanging on, knowing
that does not go away, but the heart is still a bit empty. Junction of two rivers where
ah? I asked. Yu brother said that there ah. Look carefully, it is really a bit like.
   Fundus, Red clearly. Middle of the river there is a red building is the lighthouse?
Says no, dozens of white bird fly flying around in it, I am sure, and is the seagull. A
group of young people in the river, jumping up and down the steps, they do ah? I am
   They went downstairs and walked in front of a look, turned somersaults.
Skyrocketed from below, to seize the shore of the stone, foot Yi Deng, ass one after
the fall, turn. Fun. Turned for a while, they began to climb, two feet with two hands,
all the way, climbing. From the climb to the top of the bottom step, then, and then
crawl back. Not content, then crawl backwards, backwards to climb and then climb
down backwards.
   Some of the pictures of their classmates, some laughing, some in the name.
   These young people, in this afternoon.
   Then back to the Indian theater, a small boy standing on a shelf under the big iron
to jump. Here is a large pier, where a little girl is slowly climbing down. Boys, girls
cry, quick, get out. Shouted a middle-aged man on the boy, son, down, and not to
jump, dangerous! Boys continue to call, get away, get off! Well, I jump it! My tension
has just begun, he had a firm basis on the middle pier.
   Day, a few raindrops fell. ■

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