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The class teacher so cool


									The class teacher so cool
; Unforgettable cool teacher; to trade more than two years of secondary school,
students in our class have knowledge of the class teacher odd and strange bear teacher,
do not believe I said a few things to you; school day, a little past five-year-old child
The male teacher in the classroom, we saw, the bad, and an antique when the class
teacher, behold He began to attract us: students, look at me little volume, capacity is
not small. After we are friends, you know, the Chinese word
"person" mean? That you are a write, as I flick, we support each
other. Behind the students say, is high on. Strange ah.
   Bear school teachers also odd, stylish phones now, some teachers from time to time
classes are also busy to answer, can bear but never with the class teacher gadgets.
Time, class, the teacher suddenly came to office in our class, that teachers have an
emergency telephone Bear, Bear 1, none of even the writing on the blackboard stop,
never looking back, said: "class time, that is, I do not call the United
Nations Kofi Annan access. told him to leave number, I call him after class.
"Really, that lesson, we hear especially serious. He also appeared on the
podium, especially tall.
   Bear with a teacher, usually riding a broken bike, many students thought he was old
fashioned, I remember one day when his school, students are eager to go home,
classroom, noisy, and he held down, and cried out loudly: 881 , 882,883, the students
began to not react, what the classroom quiet, oh, the number of people together:
884,885,886 (network language, by friends of the harmonics). Class friends. We
laughed ran out of the classroom. My god, he actually understands computer ah, ah
know the language network. Later, we find him in the batch process, if the operation
for which the students well, he will from time to time, after playing a 100, plus
on-line language :-) smile. You say he's weird not to blame? The latter, we
computer class, he went to the computer room, we asked him to type, he sat down to
play five strokes, ten fingers flying on the keyboard, a look at the counter, god, played
more than 70 a minute , see dazzle us. He later heard that he is to keep up with the
times, adapt to the work of their students, to more than 40-year-old scholarship, or
from a 386 old school guy, and now, his computer good time to switch trucks, what to
do page do courseware, download, forum posts on the child, it also took two cards.
Really cool ah! ! From then on, we admire him.
   Bear teachers were not only good class, but also from time to time some small
tricks, once monthly tests did not test well in our class, class was silent the whole
class, a boring classroom. Strength to bear teacher's sense of humor, and
that it does not matter, next time work is, I was down on the Yuanjiang, over there
teaching, a student surnamed Zhu, participate in college entrance exam, eighth, and
finally won the university. We call him Zhu eighth ----- Pig, to put it all into laughter.
He then took out his pocket harmonica, suddenly, "at the same table for
you" beautiful song floating in the classroom. We actually have to sing
along tune up, and more cool class teacher, multi-class solidarity ah.
   Bear teacher really is a mystery, so they took him in the past for instance, he said he
had just graduated from Teachers assigned to a school and teach, learn from, life was
hard, teachers and students in the cafeteria with hundreds of people were suffering
hard times, winter vacation, the school killing pig, the teacher divided the meat, where
he actually went to school principals asked the students canteen is also why,
regardless of meat? ? ? ? ? . Ah, ah Bear teachers, students say he is too stubborn and
too cow, stupid. Too strange. Teaching and Research Group heard that he had also
been long, but also to the head of a business when the Education, publicity chief, no
wonder not climb, no money, fishing, and now is a bad cycle. However, he fell
happily every day. Some students have difficulties in rural areas, he is always trying
to help. Last year, victims of a student home, he took is 200 yuan. Also called Mission
Branch of the class donation. In recent years, he was twice named Outstanding
Teacher city does. Yesterday, he happily said to me: "Today I downloaded
and from a good teacher courseware to ensure that you will like lectures. Otherwise, I
treat !!!!!" teacher asking the students to get into good class passenger, you
said the teacher bears no odd odd, strange is not strange. Cool is not cool
ah! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

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