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									The advantages of a baby in Hong Kong
The advantages of a baby in Hong Kong
   Household advantage of several large cities compared to Beijing, Shanghai is now
an account value of 600 000, Guangzhou, an account value of 30 million, you only
spend 88,000 yuan (all costs) will be able to let your baby have a Hong Kong account
to acquire Hong Kong permanent identity card .
1, free entry and exit management
Hong Kong SAR passport holders visa- free access to 150 countries and regions,
including Britain, Canada, Italy, France and other European countries, easy access to
Europe and the United States and other countries study and do business; Hong Kong
citizens are very easy to a third country migrants. Hong Kong residents holding Hong
Kong passports if they want to emigrate to a third country would be very easy to do.
Canada, New Zealand and other Commonwealth member states to provide a very
liberal immigration conditions.
2, high-quality and world-recognized qualification
   Hong Kong's schools have adopted the Western mode of education and
the implementation of bilingual education in schools, students have started learning
English from kindergarten. One University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong Polytechnic
University, Chinese University of Hong Kong universities the quality of education are
recognized by the world. Hong Kong has a years free and compulsory education in
English, students pay each semester book charges will be attended only primary and
secondary schools in Hong Kong, the Mainland can enjoy the nine-year compulsory
3, the domestic brand-name schools, schools without examination
   Hong Kong nationals in the Mainland are exempted from taking the baby into the
best primary, secondary, university. Hong Ji baby into the cities in the mainla nd can
be exempted from taking the best brand of primary, secondary classes for the best
international bilingual education. Low score so you can enter the famous Tsinghua
University, Peking University, University of Hong Kong can also choose to attend,
you can also directly test the United States and other foreign universities.
4, excellent social welfare
   Hong Kong's health care system and social security system is perfect,
open to the general public in public hospitals, outpatient and hospital free of charge. -
"You Sha Do not sick." Hong Kong permanent resident, eligible
for unemployment benefits, pensions and the elderly and other social welfare
payments. For example: parents of children before the age of 15 is not a source o f
income may apply for monthly benefits of living close to the million. - "No
other money ah"
5, liberal population policies
   Hong Kong Government had never been enacted birth limitation policy, as long as
the legal residence, pregnant women in Hong Kong, fertility, child immediately after
birth were Hong Kong permanent identity, and enjoy our children's welfare.
Prepare students for more than two babies of the mothers, maternity leave will be no
worries in Hong Kong.
The employment rate of 6,100%
   100% employment rate in Hong Kong college students, the average monthly salary
to 12,000 Hong Kong dollars. 2005, Hong Kong has 3.4 million job opportunities,
labor force employment rate of 95%. In 2005 the average monthly wage in Hong
Kong 11,400 Hong Kong dollars, Hong Kong University graduates in 2005 was 100%,
the average monthly salary to 12,000 Hong Kong dollars, and after graduating more
than 15% annual pay increase.
7, baby bring the benefits of parents
(1) baby take a Hong Kong permanent identity, the parents can apply for permits to
visit relatives, you can live and work in Hong Kong a long time. After six- year-old
whose parents moved to Hong Kong can enjoy all the benefits of Hong Kong.
(2) the immediate savings of 6.5 million investment immigration, child birth or have
permanent resident status in Hong Kong and enjoy all the benefits of Hong Kong.
(3) excellent medical care in Hong Kong, to Hong Kong for the production of
mother's obstetricians will be able to enjoy professional care.
Your little one decision to change your baby's life. This is your life, give
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