; The 50th president of Toyota Japan adventure
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The 50th president of Toyota Japan adventure


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									The 50th president of Toyota Japan adventure
1, 【why you want to participate in this Japanese president of Toyota adventure?】
● 2006 fiscal year, Toyota sales revenues of more than 1850 billion dollars,
equivalent to a medium-developed country's gross domestic product;
● 2007 fiscal year, Toyota's profits than the United States Ford, General
Motors, Chrysler Big Three auto companies combined profits of more than;
● these data indicate that: Toyota Motor Company not only as a famous, but because
it is the origin of lean manufacturing, global manufacturing in mind,
"world-class facility" and highly respected;
● Toyota is now the world's manufacturing elite performance excellence
has opened the door to visit Japan to learn lean production is known as the
"pilgrimage", South Korea, more than 20,000 people in Japan,
Toyota has felt the charm of Lean;
● Jiuding Chase (initials WM) "Toyota president of the Japanese
adventure" will take you to visit Japan, into the Toyota, through classroom
teaching, subject training, simulation factory practice, site visits, etc., to help you
master the lean production system Tips, Zero Experience world-class implementation
of lean factory status!
Second, the background】 【Course
In 2008, Chinese manufacturing enterprises are facing "economic
winter" severe test. Soaring prices of raw materials, rising labor costs, laws
and regulations has improved steadily, the survival of Chinese manufacturing
enterprises cost advantage gone. Global economic downturn, RMB appreciation,
export tax rebate rate down, bad environment for the Chinese manufacturing exports
worse. According to an authoritative survey, only the first half of 2008, the Pearl
River Delta, Yangtze River Delta have 20% of the manufacturing business failures,
there are 67,000 manufacturing firms closed down, hundreds of thousands of
manufacturing companies are struggling the edge of collapse. How kind of economic
winter "life", how to rise against the tide?
In the "economic winter", has a universal scale manufacturing
enterprises into value creation in transition mode, operation is no longer the main
problem is how to get market access, equipment, capital, technology and business
resources, but how to get the existing management resources to maximize the role of
"production", "organizational capacity",
"management." Toyota Production System (TPS) as an
outstanding and highly efficient business operation system, profoundly changing the
global manufacturing value chain and run the way and order, therefore, are in
transition and aggressive Chinese manufacturing companies have started
spontaneously learn from and promote the TPS.
WM training in the Chinese study tours at home and abroad, based on painstaking
research customer needs, continue to improve, well-cooked I melt this study, training,
practice and spirit of the exchange as one of the feast, to help you create a
"world-class Chinese Enterprise "!
3, Chase】 【About Jiuding
?Jiuding Chase (World Marshals Co., Limited) is the abbreviation for the overseas
Chinese enterprises WM to provide three-dimensional lean value chain professional
organization, the right training is the first brand of Chinese at home and abroad, is the
authority of Lean consulting brand.
WM Asia, based in Shenzhen, China, North America, headquartered in California
(47429 Fremont Blvd., Fremont, CA 94538), and consists of Central Region, North
China Region, South China Region, East Region, West Region, etc. 12 branches.
?WM As Lean consulting and training of the leading brands of Chinese at home and
abroad, WM has a peer unparalleled resources and technical advantages. WM brings
together China, Japan, Korea, the United States, Germany, Singapore and other
countries top experts in the manufacturing sector, and with Japan's Toyota,
Samsung, Siemens, Microsoft and other leading companies to establish a close
working relationship, also has been working with Overseas Union to establish friendly
exchange relations! WM is a leading Chinese enterprises and overseas Chinese to
provide from the books, audio-visual, public classes, house training to overseas
training, overseas Chinese and domestic training, and overseas Chinese associations,
certification, software, diagnosis, evaluation, improvement, integration of consulting
solutions The group!
   To date, WM has nearly 10,800 Chinese enterprises have provided training to
foreign trainees from China to overseas Chinese and a series of training to consulting
services, industry, covering construction, electronics, machinery, automobile,
chemical, printing, home appliances, daily necessities and so on.
   Introduction Jiuding, through the world, Jiuding Chase Around the globe, focusing
overseas Chinese enterprises in the world the highest level of expertise and services
based on constantly creating new value for customers, and strive to become the 21st
century, the most trusted overseas Chinese business strategy Partners! Jiuding Chase
study at home and abroad set the previous training of Chinese in essence, constantly
optimize the training process, upgrading courses for gold content, improve the
training quality, training your trip excellent value for money. WM looking forward
hand in hand 50 000 Chinese enterprises into world-class enterprises, learn success, to
ride out the development of difficulties, to achieve China's manufacturing
industry to take off!
4, 【Japanese president of Toyota adventure features】
▲ five modules
1. Classroom teaching: 40 years of experience in Toyota's lean experts to
personally resolve your Toyota Production of DNA;
2. Subject studies: the participants according to their business situation and select
training topics, under the guidance of Japanese experts in the Lean way with layers of
depth to solve the problem;
3. Site visits: visits for a typical plant, from different sides feel the charm of the
Toyota Production System, the highest level of understanding of lean manufacturing
and TPS in the Toyota way and steps forward;
4. Simulation on Internship: Internship in the Toyota factory system simulation to
enhance understanding of the essence of the lean;
5. Lean cultural depth of experience: visited Nagoya City National Culture and
Exhibition Center, Toyota Center and Toyota Industrial Science and Technology
Museum, so that you understand the history of Toyota, experience Japanese customs,
culture, and improve on the other side of the understanding of lean concepts.
▲ Four Features
1. China's first high-end lean experiential learning programs;
2. Classroom learning, simulation factory practice, training and factory visits subject
3. The whole Toyota from Japan, accompanied by senior lean manufacturing expert
4. Class enrollment limit of 20, after the full quota of applicants automatically
transferred to the next.
Fifth, income】 【Course
◆ Rapid innovation leadership team, business philosophy and management style;
◆ systems framework to understand Lean, lean production control series of methods
and tools;
e clear spot in the seven major waste companies to understand the essence of lean
e learning materials on time-based system and the implementation of technology,
production and control equilibrium mixed production technology;
e learn to use in the production process design, management and improvement of
methods, and improving profitability;
e pull with lean production systems, effective control of the process of inventory,
reduced manufacturing cycle time;
e quickly reduce the inventory, to significantly reduce the production cycle;
◆ experience Japanese culture, and thus deepen the understanding of the background
of the implementation of lean manufacturing;
◆ To Lean concrete implementation in Chinese enterprises laid a solid foundation;
◆ make China the industry elite, the establishment of a network of high-quality ring.
◆ eligible for free participation in the Great Hall of the Chase by the Jiuding World
Chinese get-together organized by the establishment of a network of quality circles at
home and abroad.
VI】 【Target
    ?Manufacturing enterprises, chairman, president, vice president, production
director, department managers, other senior and middle management. (The training
will be your in-depth study, field studies Lean / Toyota Production of the perfect
opportunity! Not to be missed!)
VII】 【how to get more
■ the proposed groups of 3-5 people to participate in the same company, better build
a common commitment to improve;
■ fill out the questionnaire before class and factory layout, we will transfer your
question to the Japanese experts in specific solution;
■ In the study period, the careful selection and complete the link with the factory in
case the subject of training.
8, Introduction】 【Lecturer
? Yamashita Hiro also
F Japanese Senior Lean Consultant, Lean, senior lecturer in Japan, Toyota
independently of all members.
F worked many long-term supplier of Toyota factory, a former Toyota Gifu body
spray Minister and other senior technical management positions. Good quality
improvement, with more than 20 years to prepare the body spray sector
manufacturing and manufacturing experience.
F in quality improvement, cost control and management system improvements, with
remarkable achievements, China and Japan who have provided a number of
manufacturing enterprises to improve and advisory services.
? Takagi Way Act
F Japanese lean consultants, TPS overseas promotion of senior consultants, senior
Japanese lean trainer, independent of all Toyota members.
F was the Toyota Production Management Division, Gifu body and long positions at
all levels of management. Factory reform, outsourcing guidance remarkable results,
good from 4 to 5 small businesses to large enterprises with over 2,000 of TPO
mentoring, high efficiency production systems.
F the last eight years, in Shanghai, Beijing, Tianjin, and active promotion of lean
production, and hundreds of manufacturing enterprises in China has provided
consulting project services, has a wealth of teaching and promotion of
TPS's consulting and training experience.
9, 【】 syllabus
`What is the TPS first unit
1, TPS objective 2, TPS The basic concept of 3, the composition of production costs
4,7 5 kinds of waste, how to understand the efficiency? - Single Efficiency -
Comprehensive efficiency 6, Jia fixed rate and fixed rate can be
`The second element of the two pillars of TPS JIT
1, Heijunka (levelized) precondition 2,4 M + information
3, to flow up the manufacturing process (basic principles) 4,1 produce a large project
5, process-oriented machine assembly 6, cycle times and cycle time
7, 8, pull systems, transmission
9, the type of delivery
`The third element of the two pillars of TPS from 働 of (the machine automatically
determine and control)
1, automation and self-働 of the difference between 2, to require suppliers to reduce
costs to help suppliers to eliminate waste before
3, artificial production line from 働 of 4, error proofing - an important tool of self
5, by improving the efficiency of self 働 6, by reducing the workload of self 働
`Fourth unit to improve efficiency of countermeasures
1, the connection process with the rhythm method 2, the rotation method
3, the aggregation of different methods of production line beat 4 beat generator
`Standard operating fifth element
1 What is the standard operating? 2, the three elements of standardization work
3, standardization of operating the three papers 4, to achieve improvements through
standardization work
`Sixth Kanban pull production unit outline and implementation
1, the nature of production kanban pull 2, 3 the role of Kanban, Kanban Types
   ?4, the basic principles of Kanban run 5, billboards set 6, the basic calculation of
the number of billboards Zhang
   ?7, distribution and maintenance of billboards
Seventh unit `balanced production line with the rapid change
1, the concept of balanced production and organization of two balanced production
compared with the advanced nature of mass production
   ?3, process 4 production and one-piece flow, flexible production unit set up
   ?5, fast change of theory and implementation
10, routing table】 【
Date City Accommodation schedule
December 20, Shanghai
Shanghai Pudong International Airport in Nagoya 7:20 collection
9:40 to 12:50 international flight from Shanghai to Nagoya
16:00 to reach the hotel Gifu City
Gifu City on December 21 AM: Opening ceremony (exchanging business cards,
photo), TPS base talks
PM: Plant tour 1, TPS base talks Gifu City
December 22 AM: TPS base talks
PM: factory tour 2, subject training to confirm Gifu City
December 23 AM: Factory tour 3, subject training guide
PM: Subject training guide Gifu City
December 24 AM: factory simulation practice, subject training guide
Afternoon: study concluded, published practice certificates, the celebration dinner
Gifu City
December 25, Gifu City
Nagoya-day activities: Toyota Industrial Science and Technology Museum tour,
factory tour 4, visit the Toyota Center in Nagoya
December 26-day Nagoya: Nagoya, Japan, experience the depth of Lean Culture
December 27 Nagoya
Shanghai Morning: Free
13:50 to 15:15 Nagoya to Shanghai Pudong International flights

Note: The above itinerary is intended to implement some adjustments when possible.

11,】 【Visit Factory
1. Suzaki Factory (a profit of only 1% of the factory!)
Suzaki, founded in 1953, covers an area of about 4500 square meters, is Toyota,
Honda, Mitsubishi cars parts suppliers. A smaller scale, but the implementation of the
TPS and the establishment of efficient production systems, have made rapid progress.
The company's president was the founder of the Toyota production system,
a disciple of Mr. Taiichi Ohno, Toyota has received Quality Management Award.
? see point
Kanban system, Poka Poka Yoke (Pokayoke) the extensive use, how to implement
quick die (SMED) Toyota vehicle plant
2. Toyota Auto Body Gifu (Gifu Body) Industrial Co., Ltd. (GBC) introduced
GBC is a vehicle under the Toyota Group, and parts factories, known as the Toyota
Group, one of the factories producing the most efficient
Main production station wagon, truck, ambulance and other special vehicles. In GBC,
Japan MIC consultants will lead you to visit the following three plants:
GBC agency vehicle factories (production van and other vehicle sea lions)
GBC Head Office Parts Factory
GBC Guardian parts to the factory (production of metal parts used in seats)
? see point
Between the supplier Kanban pull systems, water spiders feeding systems, on safety,
production and quality of visual management, security lighting systems, on-time
3. Toyota vehicle plant
Vehicle factory was established in 1959 with a total area of about 1.6 million square
meters, 4,000 employees, monthly output reached 13,000 units, this tour will visit
Toyota Toyota Toyota vehicle factory to let you know all the production lines and
processes including: forging and stamping, welding, painting, assembly and
commissioning and quality control.
? see point
How many varieties, small batch production, kanban management, error proofing
devices to improve the proposal, security lights, beat production, work- friendly
4. Denso Company
December 1949, Toyota Automotive Corporation as one of the Denso plant parts,
separated from the Toyota Group, set up an independent "Denso
Corporation of Japan." Today, DENSO has developed in Japan ranked first,
the world's top automotive suppliers group, in more than 30 countries and
regions with 188 affiliates, the Group employees reached 112,262.
The main products: automobile parts (electronics): ETC system, hot and cold boxes,
automatic air conditioning, convenient barcode terminals, bar code scanners to
facilitate, QR scanner, engine control systems.
? see point
A typical modular production cells, 1 house desktop production, and more able to
work the industry, flexible equipment utilization.
12, 【Previous customers warrior
? previous well-known enterprises to participate in:
Hua Jian Shoes City (Ganzhou base), AO Smith water heater, gold Lun shares or de l
e, Mona Holding Group, Fairchild Semiconductor, Ingersoll Rand Tools, Kone
Elevator, Schindler Elevator, Ming Hing Cable, Sapa aluminum heat transfer,
Whirlpool appliances, Danfoss, Ericsson, Little Swan General Electric, Philips and
Yaming Lighting, American Tianjin SmithKline, Thermo King Container Temperature
Control, Wison, Manitowoc lifting equipment, Qian Yuan Hao Biological Group, the
Yangtze River Electric Group, Shanghai Shida precision, day Hong Suzhou, Foxconn
Precision, Sulzer, Iraq Commodities Group and subsidiary of biological engineering,
Hao Kai shares, Guangzhou Baiyun Group, Great Wall Real Estate Group, Dongfeng
Motor and Guangzhou Toshiba, Asahi Precision, GE Hydro Equipment Asia, the Voith
Siemens Hydro Power Generation, Delphi Shanghai Dynamic propulsion system,
Beijing Delphi Wan Yuan Engine Management Systems, Cummins, Far Eastern
industry, Guangzhou Shipyard International, Great Wall Computer, Maxim Group,
Melaleuca cleaning products, Bosch, Midea Group, Nokia, a long established
? customer sentiment
Jiuding Chase executives in a public hearing after school, held to determine the
corresponding in-house training courses. Wang Vice President said: This class
addresses the basic puzzle we have two years of construction management to the
problem, I will invite the next president and general manager, executives ha ve to
listen to the whole company to full recognition to the program, and immediately
determine the lean six- month construction project team as the beginning of
                                   ?- Iraq Commodities Group
Japan trip, benefit! We not only see first-hand Toyota advanced management mode,
and feel the spirit of Japanese life and work. Thank you, as a bridge connecting China
and Japan, let us feel how a man in the Toyota, how to do world-class products! Nine
more companies willing to service you, so that higher level of enterprise management
in China!
                            - Changsha Broad Air Conditioning Co., Ltd.
Shanghai Long Feng software Huang, (MBA): "teach the teachers Jiuding
Chase clear, specific, general feeling I have understood why; sometimes almost
hands-on teaching, how to do every action, every word can be passed in place how to
say ... ... "
- Shanghai Long Feng software
TPS moved to Japan to study local production site is really a creation! Hopes to heavy
machining industry in strengthening the implementation of TPS! I believe domestic
manufacturing enterprises in the Toyota lean concepts will be done under the
guidance of more more!
   - Changsha Zoomlion Heavy Industry Technology Development Co., Ltd.
"The 50th president of Toyota Japan adventure" Course
Registration Form
★         Course Title: "The 50th president of Toyota Japan
★ Registration: to participate in this overseas business trip, please fill out the
training registration form, fill in with block letters stamped with company seal
complete and fax to 0755-26530927 (Learning Adviser: Hu Mandarin Duck) within
three days through a bank, shall to the participants after the completion of registration.
(Now the application is active, 2 months advance booking seats!!)
★ Speaker Teacher: Yamashita Hiro also
         Takagi Road Law
★ Course Location: Nagoya, Japan, Gifu City
★ Duration: 20-27 days in December 2009 (8 days 7 nights)
★ Course Investment: ① team Package: 388 thousand yuan (10 places)
② team Package: 189 thousand yuan (5 places)
         ③ team Package: 116,400 yuan (3 places)
         ④ in personal vote: 39,800 yuan (a quota)
Include: Shanghai - Nagoya Round trip economy class air ticket, 7 nights hotel
accommodation (single room), training fees, visit fees, ground transportation during
the training, meals, invitations, etc..
Visa fees are not included in this fee. Applicants must have valid travel documents
(passport in China with at least 6 months validity), and their own applications for
Japan business visa. Japan Jiuding Chase will provide invitation letters and other
supporting documentation. Jiuding Chase does not undertake any refusal or identity
issues as the consequences. The tour is Shanghai - Nagoya - Shanghai from. If the
participants choose different reasons due to their own line, please notify at least three
weeks before the date of departure Jiuding Chase. Participants must take due notice or
delay changes in its emergency any loss. If a special trip to buy tickets for the Jiuding
Chase, Jiuding Chase has the right to visit each of the special charge to the
participants the difference. Jiuding Chase has a final interpretation of the activities
(Learning Adviser: Hu Mandarin Duck, effective copy of this form and fax to
Our ______ people participate in the "50th president of Toyota Japan
Name :_______________________________________________________________
Participants :_______________,________________,________________,__________
Contact      :_______________           job  handling      phone     ________________
______________ Phone _____________
Payment Amount :________________ select the date of payment by bank wire
transfer :_________________(. Thank you!)
★ Account Name: Shenzhen Kingstone Chase Business Management Consultants
★ Bank: China Postal Savings Bank of China Shenzhen Branch of the South Head
★ Username: 1001,3325,9610,0100,01
★ Tel :0755-26702927 +01-323-653-8088 (USA)

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