Ten Questions Life Insurance Marketing by fdjerue7eeu


									Ten Questions Life Insurance Marketing.

1 Q: What is Insurance?
A decade later asked that question, seemed a bit ridiculous, but it's really
about understanding the foundation. As a socio-economic system, insurance is a form
of social arrangement. Risk that the broad masses of people insured by insurance
companies to organize, insurance companies will concentrate on the risk of loss of
data management, statistical method to predict the risk of loss caused, and with all
those who paid where the risk of Zhuan Yi Jianli Qi Insurance Fund to focus on the
insured to bear the risk of accidents due to the economic loss.
Second Question: Do you know the new "Big Three" What is
Different stages of social development, people delight in talking about the
"Big Three" has different content and meaning. People at this
stage the new "Big Three" is defined as "auto,
housing and insurance." Do you have room a car, and can you buy insured?
3 Q: Do you take the insurance when the consumption or investment?
Because many insurance companies may be launched with the investment nature of
the insurance, so many people concerned about the insurance should first ask the
insurance return on investment. This really is entering a misunderstanding. Insurance
is essentially a consumer, is a worry for the exemption made to safeguards and
security services such as access to consumer behavior, concern about return on
investment can be a reason, but it might not be the determining factor.
4 Q: You look down on life insurance sales people?
Before 2000, had made socio-professional aspects of the media survey, the insurance
salesman came in the last 100 shows that life insurance salesmen at a low social status.
In recent years this situation has been significantly changed, which is leading
insurance company focused on creating "elite life" and the
enhanced awareness of the social insurance are the people who had rejected the
insurance market and insurance agents are now on the respect of the formation of
contrast, the insurer is to improve the social status of social civilization maturity.
5 Q: Do you buy insurance you are rational?
Confused many people were buying insurance. How to buy insurance? How to buy
insurance? They feel that this is not important, but in some marketing people visit
again and again introduce the service, he will feel embarrassed to buy, rather than true
understanding of the role of insurance. Rational purchase insurance is the right
6 Q: The claim is really difficult?
Many people always think that claim is difficult, in the end it is it difficult? It is
understood that the amount of claims in each of the major insurance companies are
very large, and more to several billion. Because the concept of insurance is to protect,
claims that security means, if the insurance company can not claim, not a good claim,
he lost the survival and development. Insurance practitioners have lamented:
"public understanding of insurance services, there are still some deviations
in the willingness to save long queues in banks, insurance companies are not willing
to sign a word."
7 Q: Who are you insured?
Many people buy insurance is not bought for themselves but for their children, for
their loved ones. Many insurance companies to promote children's
insurance, education, insurance and old age insurance, that is, as a social nucleus for
the present middle-aged, they have enough capacity to have sufficie nt reason to buy
insurance for his family. Another interesting phenomenon, insurance started and the
"gifts" to link up, friends birthday marriage, take the policy as a
gift. Populous country like China, insurance coverage or not enough, insurance and
more social phenomena should be connected.
8 Q: You will be the negative reports, it?
The insurance industry there is a consensus that the media in the process of
developing this industry plays an important role, and is "better tha n a ten
said that bad." Select media coverage often is a normal aspect of material
as the base to report unusual side, often to more negative coverage than positive
coverage and impact have news, but also more lethal.
9 Q: Would you like to do an insurance man?
Many people think that the threshold for insurance is very low, or even
"can not find work to do before the insurance" is in fact the
insurance marketing truly outstanding personal qualities who is very high. The total
success of the cause, especially in the difficult journey time. Broad prospects for
China's insurance industry, demand for high quality talent more and more.
10 Q: How do you buy insurance?
Any things have a complete understanding of the process through. Most ordinary
people with the life insurance market had more or less contact.

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